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Posted Thursday December 27, 2012, About: Wade fires back at Barkley
Barkley was overweight in college but got away with it because of his athleticism at ~ 300 pounds. While with the 76ers, he trimmed down and absolutely dominated other power forwards not named Karl Malone, while at 6'4" and around 250-260 lbs. The man maxed his talent and brought it every game. D Wade could do a lot worse than mimic CB in the area of 'potential talent.'
Posted Sunday June 24, 2012, About: Teams interested in Iguodala
The reason this guy is on the block every year is because he is a #1 defensive option and would be on almost every NBA team. His scoring this past year was in the flow of the offense and within the team system. He is a stat sheet filler as well, adding boards, assists, and steals as well as lots of highlight moments. So, who cares if he is 3rd, 4th, 5th in scoring on your team? He brings a lot to the table and is definitely not overrated. Overpaid? Maybe, but look at others above him. There are not a lot of them I would trade even up except the obvious stars.
Posted Sunday May 20, 2012, About: Heat strapped with unproductive bench
Bench??? Who needs a bench? Not when you got the "Big Three." Oh wait, Bosh is hurt..."Big Two?"...Oh wait, Wade has stunk..."Big One?"...yeah Bron is the Big One till the end of the 4th. Seriously what kind of bench can you expect when paying near max money for the Three?
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Why the Heat are in trouble
Not really, Pacers missed a bunch too. If your team is average or below average, apart from 3 great players, then you better have those 3 against a good team. Pacers are a good team and could take this series without Bosh.
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: Vikes to acquire McNabb if deal reworked
Vikes O-line will not be an issue this year regardless of who is the QB. Last year Hutchinson and Herrera battled injuries and the zone blocking scheme used did not fit the strengths of McKinney and Loadholt, two 6'8" 340+ pound behemoths. This season both will be different. McNabb will be fine for a season or two, remember he will have the best RB in the NFL. Losing Rice would be a big blow though

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