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Posted Monday February 04, 2013, About: Northwestern to schedule more Wrigley Field games
The football field doesn't fit in the baseball park.
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: Big East basketball changed for the worst
SDSU is in University Hieghts. Black's Beach is up the coast by Torrey Pines
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: Big East basketball changed for the worst
The inclusion of Boise State will assure AQ status for the Big East after 2013. AQ status is determined by the sliding 4-year window and the past performances ('09 to '12) of all four of these new schools will count for the Big East and not their former conferences.

Beyond this point however, the "sea to shining sea" football conference cannot be financial viable going forward for the league. None of the five new football programs currently generates football revenues greater than leftovers Rutgers, Louisville, UConn or Cincy. This new conference would be a financial step down for all four of these programs.

As for basketball: Does anyone thinks that replacing WVU, Pitt and Syracuse with Houston, SMU and UCF is not a huge downgrade? If not... you need to put down the crack pipe.

There is more to this expansion than is currently visiable.
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: SEC ready to provide stipends?
If the Big 10, the SEC or any group of Division I institutions wants to provide stipends for their athletes the measure must be approved by the entire body of 347 Division I schools. Currently, most of these schools don't generate enough revenue to support their existing athletic departments and those that do rely on extensive outside support. This is never going to be approved under the NCAA's current membership.
Posted Monday May 30, 2011, About: On hot seat at WVU? Luck
No matter how one feels or felt about the Bowden-to-Fisher transition both men were part of the FSU family and in particular, Fisher had a long history with the Bowden family.

On the other hand, Holgorsen is a "new arrival" at WVU chosen (by Olie) for the explicit purpose of replacing Stewart, a long standing family member.
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Members freezing Villanova out of Big East
Many believe that Villanova is a Manchurian Candidate supported by the basketball-only playing schools for the purpose of subverting the league's football=first interest from within.
Posted Wednesday May 25, 2011, About: Members freezing Villanova out of Big East
They were thrown out, before the lost of Miami, BC, and Va Tech, supposedly because they would not upgrade their football facilities. They were to be replaced by UConn. The true story is....

The Big East football schools (lead by Miami and Syracuse) wanted full sports membership for all the football playing schools (including Temple) for the purpose of balancing the voting-power when dealing with issues that would put basketball and football interest (i.e.TV contracts) into conflict. Villanova, unwilling to share Philadelphia with Temple, laid down the law, called in favors from the other Catholic schools and the request was voted down by the BE presidents and chancellors.

This angered Miami and Syracuse and led them to rebel in secret, court the ACC for membership and ended with configurations found in the Big East and ACC today.

For Villanova it seems that [i]what goes around comes around.[/i]
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: Wannstedt wallowing in recent past?
The Big East is 2-11 against BCS OOC competition and 13-15 overall against FBS competition. Most of this is due to the poor play of inexperienced offensive lines and quarterbacks. This condition stretches across the entire conference and Pitt's starting guards, center and QB are perfect examples of the problem.

Wannstedt's coaching may be open to criticism, but this year's team (and the Big East in general) wasn't going anywhere. One of the teams with 4 conference homes games will improve enough win the conference.
Posted Monday August 23, 2010, About: Hit on Rutgers QB ignites mini-brawl
Isn't Rutgers ranked #1 nationally in APR? You'd think their football players would be smart enough to know no to injure their quarterback in August.
Posted Thursday August 19, 2010, About: Wisconsin seeking nearly $100M stadium upgrade
Last year the state of Wisconsin ran a deficit of $2.71 billion, up 8.4 % from the year before. This $100 million proposal is a nice jolt for getting next year's figures to run even higher.
Posted Monday July 26, 2010, About: ACC poised for national success
I think they got the conference wrong. I say this IS the SUN BELT'S year ... really. Many Sun Belt teams have brutal non-conference schedules this season. Sitting at the little kid's table could start to be forgotten if on September 4, these four games can be won:

1. Western Kentucky defeats Nebraska.

2. Louisiana-Lafayette defeats Georgia.

3. Arkansas State defeats Auburn.

4. North Texas defeats Clemson.

Yes, it's that easy.

...and that's the sports from Area 51...

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