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Posted Saturday December 10, 2011, About: 7 BIG sunday NFL games, predict..
GMEN over boys

Tex beat cinci

Tebow beats bears

Newton over Ryan

Pack beat raiders

Fins over eagles

Saints easy win titans
Posted Saturday September 17, 2011, About: College predictions (with scores) on games this weekend.
Sorry I think I agree with state over ND and probably give the edge to auburn too.
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Tourney of Tourneys - Who is the best NBA player right now?
Robot guru
I remember when I was a kid that every biy in school wanted Air Jordans and if you didn't have a pair you felt embarassed or you were just uncool!
Assassin, your Jake Sheilds pick was better....but it was the Couture and Hendo picks that allowed Pimp to take the W.

Good TD guys. Both had good points. I hated the King Mo pick but the Askren one was like a sweet sleeper. I also hate Koshpoke but I can see the argument.

Pimp, add Sheilds or Fitch over Mo and I'd give you a 5 for 5.
Dude, I can't figure that thing out. I keep trying to register but it says I already have an account. When I try to retrieve my account password it doesn't work! Send me an invite to my business email account.
With 7 fights right...? Or close to it. He may be good at taking people down (alla Mousasi) but he didn't do SH@T with his wrestling once he put the man on his back. Hell, he actually got his ass whipped by the guy he was laying on top of.
Wouldn't mind seeing Alves lose again, hopefully to a SUB or TKO this time.
I think he has a really good chance. Kampmann would have easily beaten Daley at WW had his dumb ass not tried to exchange with him. Kampmann made quick work of Paulo Tiago and Tiago made quick work of Koscheck and past experience tells us that "BIG DAWGS" from other promotions tend to come to the UFC and drown.
He's not scared....Didn't you read how people freaked out when GSP said he'd move up in two years (after gaining weight properly) and fight Silva. He said if he won he would retire!
IMO Alves would follow the same fate again. I hate hearing about his takedown defense because for about a month leading into that fight Alves and everybody else was saying how Alves' takedown was so great....Alves stoped ONE takedown the whole fight, ONE!

89%, thats how accurate GSP was on the takedowns in the Alves fight. GSP would control the fight AGAIN and win.
I think Kake Sheilds should replace King Mo and Fitch replaces the Greco-Roman eye poke master (Josh Koscheck incase you missed that one).
Jack Baur makes Chuck Norris ever see that poster?
We should do a who's avatar beats who's TD or discusion thread.
Posted Thursday August 05, 2010, About: Who Returns first?

Is this not Peachy? outta-a-paper-bag-lol?category_id=17
Sheilds is going into deep waters and after Kampmann wins this arguement will be irrelevant.
Posted Thursday August 05, 2010, About: Who Returns first?
Why the fudge is PCHY gonE?
Or the Sheilds choice could specifically replace Josh
And since ya'll have made your picks, I would have gone Fitch over Kos "fake eye poke" check!

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