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Posted Tuesday August 07, 2012, About: Pro Bowl season for Owens
TO has always been his own enemy, great Talent who let's everything get in his way, it's sad! No I don't think he gets to the Pro Bowl, he won't be satisfied with his position and will have an untimely blowout, it's in his blood!
Posted Monday August 06, 2012, About: Garrett Reid Dead - R.I.P.
So sorry for your loss Andy, Rip Garrett.
Posted Monday August 06, 2012, About: Stupid Is as Stupid Does - Story for AIYK
There's a reason behind Carroll's Madness! We just have to wait and see what develops!
Posted Monday August 06, 2012, About: Andrew Luck will break all rookie records this season!
Be prepared for a long tough season, the Colts have a lot of shoes to fill, Luck will not have any easy job?
Posted Wednesday August 01, 2012, About: Joe Flacco,
I can see him doing, this could be his breakout year, it's time that new faces start entering their name at the top of the podium, Joe Flacco is Definitely one of them!
Posted Thursday July 12, 2012, About: What Now for Penn State University?
After sitting here all day ready the Freer Report, the one thing that comes to mind is that there are no winners, Today's athlete and the current Administration should not have to pay the price of the former Administration, therefore the former administration and Football Program should be the Starting Point for Penalties, it's funny but Joe Paternop wanted to coach until the end of the season, probably to add to his Legacy. When Joe was alive and coaching he got all the Glory, he's now gone and a disgraced man it's now time to kick him out of that institution altogether, we start by stripy him of all games from the time he had knowledge all NCAA regular season & Bowl Games, thecstatue gets melted down and his name gets stripped off The Stadium, The Good People of Penn State have to carry the shame on their shoulders and ridicule of others because one mans record, one mans team, one mans dreams were going to be curtailed because an assistant coach was a pedophile and Joe wouldn't have that on his watch. That's his punishment, we can't dig him up!
The former administrators should be charged as accessory's if that's possible they don't deserve to live in the free world they thought was there's to control when they failed the youth of Pennsylvania, I feel for the University, the people in the community everyone who depended on this men for a life or a living, there the ones holding the bag while these criminals will probably qualify for a retirement Pension, I take my hat off to the current executive board, they are courageous, and have huge job ahead of them, may God Smile down on you and help you along the way to recovery!
Posted Tuesday January 24, 2012, About: Kyle Williams for the Giants MVP
Both the niners & giants played there butts off, look at what you saying about one of your players, he doesn't deserve that, neither do the niners or there fans, this game could of at any time gone anyway, each team blew chances because each defense was outstanding, you try standing back to cath that ball, let's see what you would, wasn't it the niners that targeted seven running backs during the season, proud of that weren't you, Here's the Deal, Live By It Die By It!!! Go Blue!!!
What the he-l is going on out there we need a coach we got the players, we need a coach. Look what Foxy did in Denver........the problem with our guys is they love themselves not da Team!!!It is spelled C o a c h. Go get us one now!!!
The Boys need a coach, reputations are fiment of you imagination, this guy stinks, & Rob Ryan should be singing with da Beatles!!, come on Jerry bring Tony back!!!

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