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Posted Monday January 23, 2012, About: Buckeyes feeling scholarship crunch
For alll those criticizing the oversigning, keep in mind that nobody has oversigned yet. There have just been verbal committments. The signing is yet to come.
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: Miles admits 'more entertaining' matchups
This was a boring game the first time around. Personally, I don't plan to watch it. i'm sure the ratings won't miss me. however, to be consistent, Ohio State and Michigan we 1 & 2 in 2006, and played a thrilling game. But a rematch was opposed, even by Big 10 fans. It turned out to be the right decision. If you already lost to the other team once this year, that should be it. Ok. St. had a tougher schedule tham Bama, yet the same record. They should have gotten the nod. i think everyone in the Big 12 and the Big 10 should boycott the game.
Posted Tuesday August 23, 2011, About: Miami scandal may bite Haith
It shook in Ohio.
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: Ohio State selling out Pryor?
As an OSU alumnus, I would like to point out to those that say the alumni should stand up and take some responibility that most have done just that. There are very few Buckeyes defending Tressel or the AD. 90% of Buckeyes polled feel the AD should go. Gee is in the clear because college football presidents are just fund raisers. But for most of us, we are extremely disappointed in Tressel. He mislead us. But let's be fair. He misled the entire nation, not just us. How many of you on this thread at one time or another wrote about how classy he was, or how clean his program was. He snowed us all. Pryor is getting more heat than the other because he is flaunting it while the others are trying to stay out of the light. He brings on these problems himself.
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2011, About: Suspended five may consider NFL
I'm a Buckeye, and I hear so many of you saying if we beat Michigan, all is well. That isn't exactly true. You hear from a lot of wannabe Buckeyes. Every school has them; you know, the guys who never actually went there but are the most vocal and annoying. The Buckeyes I have talked with seem to agree that there is little sympathy for Tressel. Here is a gut making about $3.5 million a year, worshipped by most of the state, and had total support from his bosses, and he blew it! If he had stood by his morals, he would have turned the clowns in when he first heard of the violations and everything would have been fine. If he had suspended them right away, true Buckeye fans would have suported him. Beating Michigan is important, integrity is more important.
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Freshman QB shines with simple spring game at OSU
WPS, since you asked, I was one who said OSU should vacate the wins from last season and suspend Tressel for the season voluntarily. Then give Tressel a second chance. That was with what we knew at the time. The longer it goes, the uglier it get, though.
Posted Monday April 25, 2011, About: Beano: Urban Meyer to coach Ohio State in '12
As a Buckeye, I think Tressel screwed up by standing by Pryor. With the goofs Pryor makes, you're better off forcing him to "man up" than protecting him. I think OSU should have voluntarily vacated the wins from last season, suspended Tressel for the season, and then moved on WITH him. We give second chances to people who have committed worse violations than this. Give him his second chance to show he's learned, but keep a short leash.
Other than that, it wouldn't surprise me to see Meyer come home.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Report: Michigan wants to interview Miles
Michigan was never rebuffed by Miles. Last time, Michigan never contacted Miles, and when he left messages for them, they never returned his calls. At least that's the story in The Wall Street Journal by a writer who has been involved from the beginning. He wrote a book for Bo and was to write about how RR changed Michigan football. Things didn't work out, and not the title will be "Third and Long" due out this fall.
Posted Tuesday November 02, 2010, About: Swinney may begin Boyd era after all
What happened to the BB T&R? Too many pics?
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Meyer falling out of favor?
The issue I see with the Boise's and TCU's isn't just the strength of schedule. We all have weak sisters on our schedules. But in the major conferences, the players take more of a beating on a regular basis, hence more injuries. It is more difficult to survive a season in the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12 or PAC 10 without losing some key players to injury. And although the sport writers complain about strength of schedule, they are the ones who vote these others into the top spots.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: How bad is Pryor's injury?
Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer?????
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Delany: OSU-UM process nearly complete
Flaming Dbag, don't live in the past. Everyone has speed these days.
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Delany: OSU-UM process nearly complete
Some former players were interviewed on this subject. They said they would rather see the game moved up in the season rather than have it be the last regular game, then a championship the week later. They said there is too much emotion put into that game, and then to prepare for another opponentthe next week, who may be viewed as inferior to the one they just played, would put them at a disadvantage in the championship game. The emotion wouldn't be the same.
Posted Tuesday July 27, 2010, About: Does Haden spell trouble for Kiffin at USC?
They have jury trials in Tennessee. They give you a fair trial, find you guilty, then take you out in the holler and shoot you. Later they celebrate with moonshine.
Posted Monday July 19, 2010, About: NCAA's least likable conference
The funny thing about the SEC is it is kind of like a family. I can pick on my brother or sister but if anyone else outside the family tries do they can expect both barrels.

I cannot explain why it is that way but it seems to be. When LK left Tenn. I actually felt bad for my Tenn. brothers. Now when Bama plays Tenn I hope a football hits him in the face but when the play someone out of conference I want him to be a shining star.

Posted Monday July 19, 2010, About: NCAA's least likable conference
I'm from the Big Ten, and I like the SEC. They play good football. I don't care a lot for many of the fans that post on here, but that's a different story. We all have fans like that.

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