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Posted Sunday December 15, 2013, About: Kings coming up small in Leafs deal
Looks like the Sun had a slow hockey news day, and an even slower one for fannation to reprint this.
Posted Wednesday May 29, 2013, About: No. 1 pick now on the block
Ouch. I don't know which is worse: The joke, or that I got it.
Posted Friday May 24, 2013, About: Why Quick is getting on TJ Galiardi's nerves
Geez. La. Wheeze. There's enough here to start a vinegar factory. Quick is a fantastic goalie, period. Flopping? C'mon. I'm from San Antonio, home of Manu Ginobli. We're something of flopping experts in this neck of the woods.
Posted Saturday June 16, 2012, About: Kings take Stanley Cup to Vegas
So, how does this work? Do players not only play their whole careers for it, but plan what thy'll do with it if they win it? Or is everything spontaneous? Oddly enough, either way, my thinking is: That's the best you could come up with? Those of you a bit more familiar with the cup than we newbie winners, what are some typical things players do with it? I've heard the crazy stuff, but I sense the whole let-my-kids-drink-chocolate-milk-from-it deal is more typical.
Posted Tuesday June 12, 2012, About: Devils' scapegoat: 'I wish I could take it back'
A couple of quick responses to some comments here, from a guy who has waited 43 years for the right to say "Stanley Cup Champions Los Angeles Kings" without it being a joke...
First, with regards to the low number of Kings fans posting....speaking for myself, I learn more from reading than from posting, and most of you say such great and entertaining things, well, why tamper with greatness. Second, yeah, it's true that Kings fans aren't huge in quantity (although the nature of things being what they are, I predict a lot more Kings jerseys in hockey camps next fall). However, what we lack in numbers, we make up for in temerity. Trust me: It ain't easy being a Kings fan. Yeah, we have had a lot of years with half-empty buildings, or buildings where more than half the fans were cheering for the visitors. But not recently: last year, the Staples Center averaged 198 fans below capacity, and the WORST attendance in the last several years was five years ago, about 1600 seats below the 18,118 capacity -- which was still more fans than the old Fabulous Forum could hold. So, yeah, it's bizarre that we're the champs; yeah, we don't necessarily have the most fans or the most knowledgeable fans; but we love our team as much as anybody else does. Thanks for all your congratulatory notes, and keep the wisdom flowing through the dry summer until the puck drops again in October.

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