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Ali over Ruth for sure.

My opinion - MJ
Stellar argument here....

I've got the Boston down for East conf. champs.
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: What is the WORST type of fan?
Both types of fans drive me nuts.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Do NBA players need the NBA?
I only know of the big name players (old or new) from them being in the NBA.
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Do NBA players need the NBA?
Ya, if there were other players in the league, I would just follow them and get to like them.

I don't really like alot of the big names in the league anyway, Nash is the only big name guy and if there was a lockout, who knows he may just retire.
Posted Saturday October 02, 2010, About: LeBron does it again
I used to like him for his skills and that he was fun to watch, wasn't really a fan-fan. But now I think he's too young to be handling this stuff and is doing so in a way, that if kept up, will slowly crumble his fan base.

Good choice with Vick, but he AT LEAST paid some kind of price for his idiocy. His were crimes (or led to them), Lebrons were not.

I think now that Vick was caught and had to deal with the repercussions and is now back playing after being a back-up, sits better with most people.

Lebron just insulted a lot of people. Pulling out the race card when it was not part of the problem AT ALL, is a real jack-ass thing to do.

What if other players start doing that more and more....
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: NBA - THE team that will win the championship next season
Lakers are the better choice over the Heat as of now.

The lakers can play together, their pick ups are role players unlike Miami....

We don't know how Lebron, Wade and Bosh will all play for an entire season.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Most and Least physically demanding Sports
Basketball is far more physically demanding than Baseball.
How many basketball players do you see with guts like the players in MLB?

Basketball you continuously break a sweat. Not so hard standing around waiting for the ball to be hit to you. Then to run a few yards if you get the chance.

Yes, there are stoppages in basketball, but baseball is one big stoppage.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Most and Least physically demanding Sports
Hahaha, have the TD'ers ever played any of the sports they are talking about?

Football? Then what about Rugby?

Basketball as the least? No.

I'd say.... Hockey is the most. Least = Darts (if that's even termed a sport), or Cricket.
Right - You don't really seem to know much about the Raps, so why did you take the TD?

Yes they lost Bosh, boo hoo. If you talk to any Raptor fan who knows the game, it was a good thing he's gone. He's not a franchise player. A solid 4 man, nothing more. He got the reigns when Wince had a bltch fit.

With the roster they have you actually think that will be their starting lineup?! That's funny. Ask anyone who knows the team and they will say otherwise.

The team hasn't got worse since BC got to TO. They have kinda stayed the same with one good team, when he did a complete overhaul. Most would consider BC great at his ability to re-do a roster with solid pieces. It's not like he had instant success in Phoenix.

Both teams are in a rebuild mode but the Raps are in a better situation than the T'wolves.

The only good thing the TWolves have going for them is if Love can continue to develop.
Posted Friday August 27, 2010, About: Fantasy Friday: Melo's next home....
Good argument with the Clippers.

What and/or who would the Knicks give up for Anthony?
Ya, Perkins is a fundamentally sound big man. He seems to know his role and seldomly ventures from it. If he is missing, especially of Celtic teams of the past few years it hurts them. He's their only real 5 man option.

The Jackson Lakers couldn't do it with just Kobe.
I mean the first season with Jackson
This is just a question because I can't remember. Did the Lakers win their first title in the Kobe/Shaq era when Jackson came to LA? I think they did, didn't they?
How many rings did Pierce, Allen and Garnet get without Rivers?
Have to go, thanks for the convo and time passer. Time to close up at work.
True, but I think a lot of coaches would say something when they're trying to get their team back to the finals and time running out on chances.

Yes, Rivers wouldn't have a ring without the Big 3 ensemble, but... Jackson - No rings without MJ or Kobe/Shaq. He was fortunate to be coaching two of the best ever perimeter players ever to play. Three, I'd include Pippen. Not dismissing his coaching abilities, just pointing out who he coached.
No no no no. Gasol and Perkins are two completely different players.

Sorry, I'm probably being really vague right now, I'm really tired.
I don't really think either player missing would have really changed much, Bynum or Perk. But sometimes what one player can bring to a game can change it. I don't think Bynum not being being there in '07 would have changed much, the Celtics were playing some solid basketball, likewise with the Lakers this past season.

I just really think it's Doc trying to pump up the team and get in some confidence, because, well, I think most teams are thinking they don't have a chance against the Lakers and now the Heat.

Like Phil Jackson saying random stuff before games. For some it may work, others not.
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