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Posted Thursday April 24, 2014, About: 'Bama prepping to lose Yeldon?
"if there's any attrition", what a joke , right? the ncaa should require scholarships to be 4 year contracts. what on earth would saban do then?
Posted Friday April 11, 2014, About: Tigers in turmoil
ain't that the truth. win at all costs.
no, professors get tenure. makes it pretty tough to get rid of them. and many of these professors bring their politics to the classroom. failure to comply with their point of view can effect your grade. happens all the time.
the unions primary concern is not the student athlete. their primary concern is getting their "piece of the pie." $$$$$$$$$
Posted Sunday March 23, 2014, About: Maryland-ACC divorce gets even uglier
"lhn agreement with espn"? don't tell me texas' personal interest are affecting the rest of the conference?
Posted Thursday March 06, 2014, About: Carr still irked by '97 finish
what a load of crap. michigan gets by a nobody washington state team in the rose bowl (with announcer bob griese weeping tears of joy on national tv after the game.) while nebraska stomps on tennesee in the orange. michigan is lucky they didn't have to play nebraska. ahhh, the good old days.
Posted Sunday March 02, 2014, About: Nick Saban: I had nothing to do with 10-second rule idea
"competitive imbalances", exactly. like over-signing in the sec which results in the equivalent of signing 5 classes every 4 years. now that's an advantage.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Nick Saban: I had nothing to do with 10-second rule idea
ok, i tried to read the entire article. could not get through it. saban is without a doubt one sleazy politician. yikes!
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Nick Saban: I had nothing to do with 10-second rule idea
"saban outlined three issues.........." enlighten me, which three issues?
Posted Tuesday February 25, 2014, About: Kliff Kingsbury takes shot at Nick Saban proposal
i'm no auburn fan, but that was sweet. that pos saban out coached and dumbstruck. who could ask for more?
Posted Tuesday February 25, 2014, About: Rutgers needed historic $47M subsidy
"self centered", are you sarcasticly eluding to paying college players? they are getting paid in the form of free tuition, lodging, food, books, academic assistance........they are there after all for an education and to participate in college athletics. a very small percentage will wind up getting the big bucks in the pro's. but to put college athletes on the payroll would be the end of college athletics. bad idea.
Posted Monday February 24, 2014, About: Rutgers needed historic $47M subsidy
why would any marquee program from a marquee conference need to be subsidized? you've got tv revenue, conference revenue (bowls,profit sharing etc:), ticket sales, merchandise sales, boosters donations. it makes no sense. i must be missing something. nebraska football pays for the entire athletic budget and still comes out ahead. enlighten me.
Posted Friday February 14, 2014, About: Coaches line up to blast NCAA rule
not a problem. in the name of player safety if a player comes up "lame" said player must sit out at least 4 plays or until the ball exchages hands. if said player re-enters the game before 4 plays a penalty of 15 yards will be assessed and said player will be ejected.
Posted Thursday February 13, 2014, About: Coaches line up to blast NCAA rule
who gives a crap about nfl q-backs? college ball is where the excitement is.
Posted Saturday February 08, 2014, About: Alabama gave scholarship to injured recruit
exactly what i was thinking.
Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: Winston: Coker could start anywhere
how is that possible? these are college educated kids for crying out loud.
Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: Eric LeGrand earned degree at Rutgers
not sure what labor studies is but congratulations. very impressive. i wish academics were held in higher regard in college athletics than say...........the nfl, nba.
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Mario Cristobal attempting to flip Miami commits
ya, that does make him kind of a scumbag. no class. besides, doesn't bama already have about 25 commits? oh, wait, the sec, 25 heading to 40. nice.
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Did A.J. McCarron fumble Senior Bowl decision?
i guess that's what pro scouts get paid for, figuring out who's for real. you could say the same for the star rating system in college recruiting. 5 star mr. universe never sees the field and some walk-on ends up starting in the nfl.
Posted Tuesday December 17, 2013, About: Will Muschamp expected to block Tyler Murphy's transfer
how true. life in the sec.
Posted Friday December 13, 2013, About: Rupp attendance falling, falling, falling
the ncaa could put a stop to the "one and done syndrome" if they so choose. besides, by my math thats an attendence slip of about 1%. hardly news worthy.
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