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Posted Sunday February 09, 2014, About: Herb Brooks' son reflects on Miracle on Ice
34 years ago actually!
Posted Monday January 20, 2014, About: Rory McIlroy calls two-shot penalty 'stupid rule'
The part that pained Rory, and of course isn't mentioned here, is that the penalty was called by his playing partner's caddie after the 18th hole. Normally, the players (and caddies) try to look out for each other to avoid these penalties. To wait until the end of the round was a **** move by the caddie.
Posted Wednesday December 25, 2013, About: Ronda Rousey believes Nick Diaz will return from retirement
And that light would be?
Posted Wednesday November 20, 2013, About: Joe Rogan says GSP should retire
Carlos Condit - Matt Brown winner.
Posted Monday November 11, 2013, About: Pettis out of UFC on Fox 9 title fight
Is he ever not hurt?
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Kevin Sumlin refuses to discuss USC interest
You were far from the first to show everyone. The UM o-line has stunk all season. Sparty was just the first good defense they faced. Now win out and beat Ohio State in the B1G Championship Game.

Go Blue!
Posted Sunday November 10, 2013, About: Report: Scott Boras, Shin-Soo Choo want more than $126M
Reds fans loved Choo this year, but he had some issues. He is a LH hitter that cannot hit LH pitching. He was a fish out of water in CF. Jay Bruce plays RF so no place for Choo there. He was a huge improvement over Drew Stubbs offensively, but the Reds will not overpay for him. If he leaves via FA the Reds will bring up Billy Hamilton to see if he is ready. Choo was always the temporary answer until Hamilton was ready anyway. The wild card is if the Reds unload Brandon Phillips and his salary. Then Choo could be more realistically in play for the Reds.
Posted Wednesday October 23, 2013, About: GM won't guarantee Phillips' return
Posted Saturday October 05, 2013, About: Dwight Howard responds to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's critique
Dwight Howard has a lot of growing up to do before he can ever be part of any man-to-man conversation with anybody.
Posted Wednesday August 21, 2013, About: UFC targeting Belfort vs. Hendo for November event in Brazil
And another fight for Belfort in Brazil...what a surprise.
Posted Wednesday June 12, 2013, About: Vitor Belfort opens up about TRT use
Like diabetes???? Not even close.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Trainer says Hendricks won't be surprised by GSP
Said every manager of every previous fighter GSP has beaten.
Posted Friday March 08, 2013, About: Nick Diaz eyes titles in other divisions
Now if he ends up with the middleweight title after fighting GSP that will be a story. Pretty sure he is fighting for the welterweight title.
So Adam Schefter is now part of the Cowboy's front office and has input on trades? Whole lot of talk about nothing. That is ESPN's new method of reporting sports..if there is not story to report, then fabricate one.
Posted Monday February 25, 2013, About: Dana White 'close' to pulling Nick Diaz from UFC 158
And this is a surprise how?
Posted Sunday February 24, 2013, About: Bellator will not sign Jon Fitch
It would be harder to argue their strategy if Fitch wasn't better than 90% of Bellator's fighters. Bellator's real strategy is not to let Dana's castoffs come in and beat the hell out of their guys.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: Josh Barnett explains why he turned down UFC deal
Sorry for the double post!
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: Josh Barnett explains why he turned down UFC deal
Well that clears it right up. Thanks Josh.
Posted Wednesday February 20, 2013, About: Josh Barnett explains why he turned down UFC deal
Well that clears it right up. Thanks Josh.
Posted Friday February 08, 2013, About: Johny Hendricks calls GSP an 'idiot'
Great just what we need...Chael Hendricks
Posted Sunday February 03, 2013, About: Report: Ray Lewis hasn't donated to own charity well as a Hall of Fame phony
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