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Posted Tuesday December 06, 2011, About: Would Orlando move Howard for Griffin?
I agree this "rumor" is insane. As to the argument about Shaq vs Dwight... this is even more insane.

The only statistical argument you can make where Dwight might be a better player is on defense, but that's debatable and based on opinion and the fact that Dwight's been crowned defensive player. During the entirety of the first seven years of each of their careers, yes Dwight was more mobile because Shaq started to put on the weight, but Shaq was an extremely talented blocker specifically at Orlando.

Over the first 7 years of each career (since we don't have more data on Dwight yet) Dwight averaged 2.2 blocks per game to Shaqs 2.6 blocks. Shaq actually beats Dwight in the block department. Shaq averaged 12.2 rebounds to Dwights 12.9, so yes Dwight is a better rebounder. Dwight is more mobile than Shaq was 7 seasons in so you can make the argument that he is a much better pick and roll defender, but I think a lot of people are forgetting how great Shaq was as a defensive center early in his career.

Shaq and Dwight both averaged exactly 57.8% field goal shooting through their first 7 seasons, both averaged exactly 5.4 free throws made while Dwight's shooting free throws better at 59.8% to Shaq's 53.6%.

Then where the two are separated: Shaq averaged 27.1 points per game compared to Dwight's 18.2. MAJOR difference. Shaq also added an assist more, so technically Shaq was responsible for somewhere in the area of 11-12 points more per game than Dwight, where statistically speaking the difference between them elsewhere is a fraction of 1.

Now this isn't even taking into account the 4 championships Shaq won, the 3 Finals MVP, the regular season MVP, 2 times scoring champion, all the All-Stars and All-NBA teams, All-Star MVPs.... his overall career stats among the greats. A Hall of Fame career.

To say Dwight is better than Shaq is insane and unbelievably insulting to one of the greatest, most dominant players ever. I'm a huge Lakers fan, and I understand that incredibly... had Shaq put more work into being the best there's a very good possibility it wouldn't be a debate that he was the greatest to ever play. But his ego and his attitude prevented this, but he is still among the discussion as one of the greatest to ever play.

Dwight has a long way to go before he can ever even enter this discussion. If Dwight suffered a career ending injury this year, or even an injury that greatly reduced his athleticism, would anyone say he is as good as Shaq? Not a chance. You can't compare Hall of Famers' accomplishments to young players based on potential. If someone said LeBron James is as good as Magic Johnson they should be punched in the throat.

Hell you can't even fairly compare Kobe to Jordan yet until Kobe's career is finished and the dust has been settled.

Leave Shaq out of this discussion, its insane.

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