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Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010, About: Future Drivers for the Hall of Fame
I like this guy!
Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010, About: Future Drivers for the Hall of Fame
Smoke will be in, no sweat. I believe he has national championships in other disciplines (dirt track, open wheel) as well.
Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010, About: Future Drivers for the Hall of Fame
Which is exactly why Dale Sr. made the inaugural class while one far more deserving racer got bumped to a later induction date. How in the world he was inducted before David Pearson is beyond me.
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: I don't think they care...
That's great stuff. Let's not forget that the first "big guy" to get hit with our lack of enthusiasm would be the track owners themselves. I know Nascar owns a few and Bruton owns many, but if we want to really express our disappointment in how things are going lately we should contact the track owners and let them have it.

It's sad to say, but stock car racing fans may have to just stop buying tickets to the races for a while to affect real change. You know the old saying; Money talks and ..........................
Posted Tuesday September 07, 2010, About: Tony on a roll?
There is still a little room left on the Kyle Busch bandwagon if you want to join up. Better hurry before SVT gets the last seat ;)
Posted Tuesday September 07, 2010, About: Tony on a roll?
I believe it was me who wished he had stayed at JGR.

BTW, do you know that the Toyota Camry is built here in the US?

While the Ford Taurus is built in Chicago, the Dodges and Chevys are built in Canada. Seems like your loyalties to the US auto industry is misplaced.
Posted Tuesday September 07, 2010, About: Smoke wins at Atlanta
I don't know why, but this has been Jr's M.O. for a number of years now. He runs well at the beginning of most races then fades as everyone gets up on the wheel for the last part of the race. I asked a question about this on the regular T & R thread hoping to hear something interesting from one of his fans. No luck.

Nice to see Tony finally win a race. I wish he would have stayed at JGR for a bit longer as I think his championship hopes were much better served there than as an owner/driver.

Looks like Bowyer has wrapped up that last chase spot. That's too bad, I was pulling for McMurray to make the chase over him mostly because he's actually won some races.
Posted Friday September 03, 2010, About: Atlanta
I just figured the paving machine would be going 130 mph so it would stay up on the banking.


As for Atlanta, the little lady (she's a bit of a fan) and I might check in, but I doubt we'll watch the whole race. If the weather is good, you can find us out by the pool.
Posted Wednesday August 25, 2010, About: Kyle Busch Great?
I'll try to answer these questions.

Nascar said they would let the boys play this year, so why would they punish him for punting Keselowski. It happened at Bristol, where drivers are on the brakes all night long. Everyone's claim that Kes shouldn't have to lift is bogus. It would have cost him zero track position to lift for a second and he could have back on KB's bumper in less than a lap.

Actually, only 75% of his wins are in the lower series. The argument that he has better equipment can be used against just about every top notch racer that ever lived. And if we're going to discount his Nationwide accomplishments, then it's time for the Jr fans to stop justifying his talent by saying he won two Busch Titles.

No one else drives in all 3 series and I think that's part of the allure for him. He obviously marches to the beat of his own drummer and doing it makes him unique at this time. Most reasonable people would admit that it takes some endurance to race that much given the hectic schedules these guys must satisfy.

I think his competition comes from within. I know you guys hate the kid, but I would suspect many of you respect the fact that he has mad skillz and he wants to be remembered as one of the greats when it is all said and done.

As for your last paragraph, I really don't think he cares if he saves Nascars bacon. he just wants to win races.
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