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Posted Monday April 30, 2012, About: Pujols' at-bats getting worse, not better
I think Albert Pujols will improve as the season progresses. But he will NEVER live up to the vastly exhorbitant salary he extracted from the Angels; I don't think ANY player is worth that much money! Some guys put pressure on themselves when they hit the salary jackpot, and psych themselves into a bad season or seasons. Look at Ryan Howard's numbers BEFORE versus AFTER he got his big deal in Philadelphia. Albert is suffering from the same pressure, only worse. Well, at least Albert still has his physical health - Ryan Howard's whole career is in question because of his achilles injury!
Posted Monday November 07, 2011, About: Cuddyer following Thome to Philly?
Cuddyer is a right-handed power hitter - something the Phillies have been lacking. If the price is "right", I hope the Phillies sign him. I have always liked Jimmy Rollins and I hope he will accept a 2 or 3 year deal to stay with the team. His best days may be behind him, but he is still a great defensive shortstop and has some pop in his bat.
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: You don't have to believe in Jamie Moyer
I remember seeing Jamie Moyer for the first time when he was with the Chicago Cubs back in the 1980's. At the time, I was not at all impressed with his stuff. I wasn't sure he would last very long in MLB, and I certainly NEVER dreamed he would be pitching at the major league level for 2 more decades. I attended a Phillies game last spring and I still thought his stuff was terrible. When he was injured this summer I really thought his career was finally OVER. And maybe it finally is. But I certainly agree that it is up to Moyer himself - not us fans - to decide whether and when to RETIRE. No one has a bigger heart than this man and he deserves our respect for being a great competitor and a true sportsman. Whatever happens, I wish him well.
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: Jerry Jones 'mad as hell' after Cowboys loss
Yes, Jerry Jones should be mad. What a poor season by a group of Overpaid Underachievers! Should Jason Garrett join Wade Phillips in the Unemployment line? I don't think so, but it is a lot easier to FIRE the head coach than to admit that your organization has done a HORRIBLE JOB over the last five years in selecting PLAYERS - both via the Draft and by Free-Agent signings! Can a team FIRE at least 12 to 15 players from the Roster and start over? That's what I think needs to happen. Head Coachers are NOT Magicians who can turn lead into gold! Expecting Wade Phillips and/or Jason Garrett to do so is unrealistic. Not even Vince Lombardi in his heyday could get more than 8 or 9 wins out of the present crop of LOSERS on the Dallas Roster! The best thing for Jerry Jones would be to hire a SOLID General Manager to make personnel decisions in conjunction with the Head Coach and then STAY THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! Jerry's own tampering and interference is a big part of the Cowboys' problems! Jerry Jones probably lacks the humility to own up to his own role in this nightmare season, but he really ought to face the facts!

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