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Posted Monday March 26, 2012, About: Angels ask Abreu to explain critical remarks
I didn't understand it the first time and you posted it 3 times. ...............Every day!!
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Peavy dismisses velocity concerns
With all due respect to mentally challenged people everywhere - after 6640 total comments - I am the only who thinks that alacran isn't playing with a full deck? Just wondering.
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Will Pettitte's return include Clemens trial?
I think all of you are missing the big point here - no pun intended. Since Posada isn't coming back the Janks needed someone with a major league nose. No question those two had two of the biggest noses in the history of the game. And that's with all due respect to Warren Spahn - God bless him.
Posted Saturday February 18, 2012, About: Report: A's close to signing Manny
I know I'm in the minority. I've always liked Manny Ramirez and wish him nothing but the best. I hope he freakin' tears the league up!!
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: The case against Brandon Weeden
I respectfully submit that anyone who doesn't have anything to say except "FIRST" should be suspended from posting for, I don't know, maybe two weeks or so. What kind of pathetic existence are you living when your main goal in life is to be "FIRST" in a forum that is expecting you to comment on a truth or rumor. Athlete's and other individuals get suspended and/or fired all the time for using gay slurs so, at the risk of getting suspended myself, I just have to say anyone who just posts "FIRST" when you are being asked for a comment has to be a big, fat **** g o t. Just my opinion
Posted Thursday October 13, 2011, About: Giants should be eyeing Rollins
Hey, where the he11 is P.U.? All year long talking trash how the Fillies were going to win it all just by showing up. Now, he doesn't show up. My goodness, life is freakin' fantastic, isn't it?
Posted Thursday July 28, 2011, About: Amaro may not stop at one big name
Well, at least it's fairly close to your IQ. dude.
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: Amaro may not stop at one big name
I count about 30. 30 ****.
Posted Sunday February 20, 2011, About: Dolphins mull adding former star Cox
From what I understand this is going to happen. Tony Sparano absolutely loves Cox. Just saying.

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