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Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014, About: Another year, another QB battle for USC
If this is true, why are you talking about your sister and not yourself. Furthermore, if I could find a job that pays $74/hour sitting at my computer, the last thing I would do is tell anyone about it, because that would mean more for me. And I'm just that kind of guy. $20,282 for a few hours? You're wasting your time posting on sports boards. I'd be blowing crack smoke up hookers **** if I was getting that kind of jack for sitting around for a few hours goofing around on line.

You know what I got paid for this post? 0.
Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014, About: Another year, another QB battle for USC
I think Kessler is Sark's kind of QB, if he's gonna run the same style offense he ran at UW, but Max Browne will be the New Age Golden Boy of USC football when he goes #1 in the draft with 2 or 3 Heisman trophies.
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Bo Pelini signs five-year Nebraska extension
What's a nevet? Like what the **** is a nevet? I'm pretty sure nobody could nevet win anything. I sure couldn't nevet win one, because I don't know what in the ****K a nevet is. I nevet say nevet, but this time I'm gonna say NEVET!!!
Posted Monday March 10, 2014, About: Kill's guarantee
A "Showdown" between Minnesota and Wisconsin is a marquee match only in the Big-10, which is why the Big-10 is a joke in our town.

As for Kill's health. How can a guy on his 300th epileptic fit still be cleared to coach, even in the Big-10. You could argue that he only has 13 strokes per year, but they always happen on gameday, so the greedy maniacs running Gophernation are putting this man's life in danger for the benefit of their football program. This is right on par with Penn St.'s football program putting pete-o-files ahead of their football program. Again-- only in the Big-10. Coincidentally, both schools put stroking out first. Go Legends and Leaders and Urban "I can't even win in the Big-10" Meyer.
Posted Thursday February 27, 2014, About: Carroll hammers NCAA in USC return
And one more thing!....

The Superbowl proves that Carroll is an elite coach and elite winner. In 4 years he brought an historically pathetic, totally pathetic football team, the Seahawks, to the Superbowl and not only won the game but destroyed the best QB in American History (since Russ Jackson is Canadian), and the most efficient offense in world history (excluding the Persian army from 300).

So there.
Posted Thursday February 27, 2014, About: Carroll hammers NCAA in USC return
The truth is Pete was asked to leave because of all the scrutiny just like Chip Kelly. Both did what was right for their respective schools. At USC Garrett and the school president were already leaving at the same time, and it was in the best interest of the Trojans for Pete to go as well, and start with a clean slate. Reggie Bush did not testify in the sanctions hearings, and had no legal obligation to do so. Pete Carroll, Mike Garrett and Lane Kiffin did testify, there was nothing held back from the NCAA. There was full cooperation by the university providing all information they could provide.

The sanctions came from Paul Dee, who was running Miami's program when they were paying players. Talk about the wolf guarding the hen house and the inmates running the asylum. He sure has first hand knowledge of how to run a corrupt program. How could anyone trust a corrupt cheater pointing the finger? (and this has nothing to do with Bill Clinton).
Posted Thursday February 27, 2014, About: Carroll hammers NCAA in USC return
If you believe everything the NCAA said was true, a sports agent tried to lure USC's star running back out of school early to join the NFL. That doesn't give USC any on-field advantage.
Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014, About: Notre Dame's Prince Shembo tied to Lizzy Seeberg suicide
Wow. Talk about prior opinion and get real. This "is a teenage make out session"? A girl complained that she got raped and committed suicide days later from mental anguish. You must've left a long trail of effeminate dead boys throughout your childhood, if you think this a typical teenage make-out session where the innocent young football player cried 'Stop'.
Posted Sunday February 09, 2014, About: Three Tennessee football players arrested
How was Tennessee allowed to sign 36 players, btw? That's like more than the only USC signed in 3 years
Posted Monday February 03, 2014, About: Fisher floats FSU as the best team ever
What kind of teams did FSU play? They were favored by 70 against some of the pathetic schools they scheduled. I don't think there's much room to boast when FSU won the championship by 3 points when they scored on a desperation drive with 13 seconds left in the game. It wasn't a dominating or impressive win. Congrats to FSU for pulling it off, but amongst the BCS champions this FSU team is probably close to the bottom with the 2 Loss LSU's and Ohio St.'s.
Posted Thursday January 30, 2014, About: After bolting USC, Wittek is 'open to anything'
The graduating part isn't the surprise, since USC puts the most graduates in the NFL than any other school. It's the part about so many QB's recently that are graduating early, some already stars, and then going to another school to play football more. It's not like they're bad players, except for the criminal from Oregon, but Russell Wilson was already good at NC State, why play more small ball? Max Wittek is a first rounder, why go to Morgantown. The outhouse to the penthouse. Leave the bright lights of the big city to go to the no lights of west virginia. Maybe he wants to be a Duck Dynasty member.
Posted Thursday January 30, 2014, About: After quitting hoops, Armstead may have NFL future
Another USC reject that took the money instead of the opportunity. He joins a long list of failures-- Henderson, Price, Carlisle, his very own brother, Blake Ailes, Vanderdoes, and the list goes on and on, unfortunately.
Posted Thursday January 30, 2014, About: After bolting USC, Wittek is 'open to anything'
What's with all these QB's graduating early. Don't remember ever seeing guys leave schools with a degree and 2 years of eligibility to go to another school. I think Russel Wilson and that criminal from Oregon were the first ever. Now it's like the new "going to rehab".
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Report: Jacob Coker transfers to Alabama
Of course. He's a man. He's 40! Ricky Town is waiting for his first pube still.
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Report: Jacob Coker transfers to Alabama
He only picked the 2nd best team in the state of Alabama because Ricky Town de-committed and now he doesn't have to play back-up like he has his entire career.
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Notre Dame flips Rutgers commit
Yeah, on sanctions and without a quarterback. ND should be beating SC by 30 points every time out, like the Trojans do to ND when they beat them.
Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: Ricky Town drops 'Bama for USC commit
Why would he compete against Coker? Coker graduated college already and is going to Bama to use up whatever eligibility he has left. Town is going to redshirt his first year anyway. Bama has six QB's already, what do they want or need another one for? I thought they only get 85 scholarships to give out. How can they use 10% of them on one position?
Posted Saturday January 25, 2014, About: Notre Dame flips Rutgers commit
So now I know why ND went to the Pinstripe Bowl. I take back everything I said about it. Good job snagging another 3 star superstar. This coup should ensure a Pinstripe dynasty for the foreseeable future.
Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: Bobby Petrino completes Louisville coaching hires
Why? He doesn't have to take sloppy seconds because Petrino is so old he just shoots dust out of his dick, just ask OT.

Would be hilariously awesome if this Big East loser wins the ACC when they join. Almost as funny as ATM and Missouri going from bottom tier Big-12 teams to running the SEC, the toughest conference in football, not.
Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: Marshawn Lynch wanted to play QB at Cal
The sound you are hearing right now are 100 million college football fans not reading T&R. The offseason is in full effect. Where's all the Domer Homers predicting a return to the BCS championship this season. It's prime time for you jabronies.

Oh well, I'm gonna hit the pool. It's 80 degrees here in the middle of freaking January. Climate Change is a hoax, dontcha know.
Posted Saturday January 18, 2014, About: Luther Campbell photo op minor Miami NCAA violation
Luther Campbell has to be in his 50s by now, what the heck is doing wandering around the campus of Miami? And I can't believe an 18 year old would want a pic with him. It's not like he's Dr. Dre or Soulja Boy or Lil B or Tony Yayo or Crunchy Black or Mannie Fresh or Flamboyant ****.
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