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Posted Thursday October 20, 2011, About: USC versus Notre Dame
This thread is too far off the grid for anybody to find it.

Seacrest out.
Posted Tuesday January 11, 2011, About: CFB BOWL-O-RAMA 2010/11
How many months before the NCAA vacates Auburn's season and championship? I give this celebration about 90 days. Open and shut case. If Cecil and Cam's agent received the money from the MSU booster they asked for, Gene Chizik would probably be working the soup kitchen tonite instead of popping Cristal.
Posted Friday October 01, 2010, About: Why is USC...
From the chick asking for relationship advice on a college football message board.
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Crazy stupid florida fan
I doubt you will want to see any Florida fan after the beatdown they put on Bama this weekend, at Brian Denehy stadium.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: Week 5, hits and misses
I thought Aaron Corp transferred.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Why is USC...
The polls are just for fun and controversy anyway. What does it mean to be ranked #7 and then lose to a pathetic last place Pac-10 team at home? While USC is not eligible to go to a bowl this year, their predicament will usher in a new era of teams with losing records playing in Bowls. Plus, USC is still eligible to win the Real National Championship in the AP poll, and at 4-0 they're part of an elite group, only 18 other undefeated schools in D-1A going into October.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Week 5, hits and misses
Are you guys really F'n serious? Sunday night we're gonna pick the games for next Saturday?!? Couldn't anything happen this weekend like Nick Saban gets selected for the rapture, or Jim Harbaugh gets arressted for DUI!?!? I mean, 6 days is a long damn time.

Anyway, it's a pretty easy weekend to pick, so the obvious choices:

Florida over Bama by 25
Stanford over Oregon
USC over Washington
Oklahoma, Notre Dame, and whatever else everyone says. Totally obvious and boring Saturday.
Posted Monday September 27, 2010, About: Lou Holtz the worst announcer ever
Why am I even here, if everyone else is high as hell? Brent Mussberger is a dogdamn legend the size of Howard Cossell. "you are looking live... at my nards". Sincerely, the man is American sports commentary royalty, and for anyone to say an ill word about him is blasphemy. In other words it's like saying that John Smith was a total liar about his book of Mormon. Shut your feces eating faces. Brent!!! Brent!!!! Brent!!! Who the **** names their kid Brent!?!??!!
Posted Sunday September 26, 2010, About: Lou Holtz the worst announcer ever
I guess you've never seen Matt Millen on TV. I'm absolutely convinced a gerbil could do every job he's had, and do it better.

On related note, if anyone saw the Wazzu-USC game, and I know that's a stretch, I think one of the announcers was Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It was like watching a High School football game from 1988 on public access, from the broadcasting to the production.
Posted Sunday September 26, 2010, About: UCLA eats the state of Texas (a la last millenium)
Everybody knows Mack can't win the big one.
Posted Sunday September 26, 2010, About: Texass Does Not Suck
You might think Texas doesn't suck because they play mostly teams that suck worse than them. But make no mistake about it, they suck. They lost too much from last season, and Gilbert Grape played great in part of the BCS championship game, he's just not ready for primetime, like Colt his first season. Oklahoma will end them next Saturday, and ya'll can look forward to next season the rest of the year.

Having a bad team never affected Notre Dame, Miami, Florida St., or Tennessee fans. In fact, when you think about it the offseason is like twice as long as the regular season, so go enjoy the heck out of it, you guys have earned it.

Posted Saturday September 25, 2010, About: Week 4-not for the faint of heart!
Hey Germ did you catch the game today? I missed it? How much did Texas beat those Bruins by? Yep, I sure don't know anything about football do I.

Don't worry about it, after your sanctions and bowl ban are up Texas will be relevant again, maybe they could even go undefeated and beat UCLA every year like USC does. If it's any consolation that vaunted UCLA defense held Stanford to just 45 points in the Rose Bowl 2 weeks ago, so I can see why Texas could only put 6 on them. Oh this is going to be a great season. Has anyone seen Piratey? I have something to tell him too.
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Week 4-not for the faint of heart!
I already said that Texas would be irrelevant this season and that will come to pass once they get into the non-pop warner portion of their schedule.

Btw, you'll be thanking me out of the south end of a north bound Bevo Saturday night when the Pac-10 celebrates another win over an perenially over-rated powder-puff pounder. With all the looking ahead to the Red River shootout Mack Brown will have to call Craig James' illegitimate **** son at a beauty salon to find out what freightliner just ran him over. The Rick Neuheisel express. Chooooooooo!! Choooooooo!!! Ka-chooo!
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Week 4-not for the faint of heart!
Matt Barkley and a worse version of this years USC football team travelled to Ohio St. in Barkley's SECOND game as a quarterback and slayed the mighty Buckeyes in front of the largest audience in Matt Barkley history, to date. Barkley was the first freshman QB to ever defeat a Buckeye team in the Horseshoe (at night).

Any questions?
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Does Boise State Deserve #3 Rank
Toothless inbred hillbillies, I mean Bama fans, were saying the same thing about Utah when the Sugar Bowl rolled around, and Utah ripped the tides asses off and showed it to them, and then kicked it all over the field all day long. Bama wouldn't be able to compete with a team like Boise St., or any other team of signficance. The only reason they won the BCS championship was because Texas ended up having a coward for a QB who left the game after 4 plays, and Texas was still in it at the end of the game anyway.

Bama, the most dominant team when every SEC school is in a down year collectively. What a proud couple of seasons for the Tide.

Oregon St., a real Beavers Beaver, will kick those Boysenberry salad tossers right out of the AP Top 25 this weekend. Too bad it had to come to this.
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Boise State Doesn't Deserve #3 rank
The win over Virginia Tech is less impressive than wins over the rest of the WAC. The ACC is the worst conference in the country, to the extent that non-BCS conferences like MWC have had more BCS bowl wins than the ACC.

It will take the spectacularly mediocre Beavers to expose the Boise St. potato pickers for what they really are-- a lower tier Pac-10 wannabeave team. But what else would you expect from the toughest conference in College Football? It's a WAR in the Pac-10 week in and week out, and BSU is about to become just another casualty.
Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Week 4-not for the faint of heart!
Ohio St.
Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Week 4-not for the faint of heart!
This will be Wildcard Weekend in CFB, and this is why:

Oregon St. over Boise St.
Stanford over Notre Dame (by 60 points)
UCLA over Texas
Arkansas over Alabama
Kentucky over Florida
Bowling Green over Michigan

And the game the world will be watching

USC over Washington St. (closer than the experts think)
Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Week 3 Pickem
Me too, more or less.
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Week 4-not for the faint of heart!
USC is the only school that has played 3 road games in 4 weeks. Another reason they should be #1 instead of being behind 19 pretenders in the rankings. 3-0 teams ranked behind 1-1 teams!?!?!? What's next? Dogs and cats living together?
Posted Thursday September 16, 2010, About: Week 3 Pickem
The only game that matters this weekend is the Undefeated USC trojans travelling halfway across the globe to face the #1 team in the Big-10, the Golden Gophers of Minnesota. This looks like a blow-out on paper, and since USC has a 10 game winning streak vs. the Big-10 (all blow-outs) there's no reason that it should be any different. Minnesota may go on to win the Big-10 championship and face the #2 team in the Pac-10, but this weekend I see USC beating Minnesota 55-13.

Your welcome.

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