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Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: And Rich Pitino has become a whiner
i thought that was his dad at first glance
Posted Tuesday April 09, 2013, About: Brewers yank Axford from closing spot
just another closer losing his job big deal
Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: Tar Heels marked 'fragile'
are you guys serious. he would have won the touramet lastyeaif his star point guard didnt get hurt ad he hasthe same amout of championships as Dean Smith did. he did more i the years 200-2009 the any other coach has donei a ten yea period
Posted Sunday May 29, 2011, About: Brown filling out Lakers staff
Pippen retired the same year lebron came into the league but pippen i think maybe played like 20 games and most of those were garbage minutes because he was battling a bunch of injuries

The reason the bulls were so great was because micheal and scottie were both A+ defenders. Micheal was a great defender his whole career while lebron has only recently done it.

Micheal and scottie didnt do all of their dirty work they had a great team of role players including horace grant and the greatest hustle stat player of all time dennis rodman. Lebron does his own dirty work now because he has one of the top three scorers on his team in wade to carry the team if he falters

Not saying that lebron cant be the greatest of all time but he has some way to go. theres rose, durant, dirk and there still is a player out there named kobe who is one of the greatest to play the game if not the best. tell lebron he has 8 more scoring titles 6 rings to go before he can get it and scottie that he should shut his mouth because learning along side the greatest as well as playing with him made him a household name. he would have been nothing if he was scoring 24 points a game playing for the celtics back then
Posted Tuesday April 05, 2011, About: Feliciano wants to K Davis, taunt Mets
i really dont understand why people are getting mad at the mets. every team in baseball does something like that. the yankees did it to matsui and damon. now they are getting pissed at the mets. the pitching coach was just stating the obvious. he was used more than any pitcher in history and the yanks sign him to a contract thinking he was at full strength. all i got to say is do the yanks want to buy the Berlin wall to its pretty big and definitely durable lol
Posted Saturday April 02, 2011, About: Jackson barbs on Cuban get personal
keep dreamin bitter boston fan. Only team that can beat us is the heat and either the you guys or the bulls will do that for us
Posted Saturday April 02, 2011, About: Doc, Danny offer conflicting Shaq reports
He'll be ready.... to eat, thats about it
Posted Thursday March 31, 2011, About: McCarver on Mets: It's deplorable
was going to say something but everyone beat me to it.But as much as i hate McCarver he is right . i think all mets fans should do what egypt did last month and riot outside citifield
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Rose as MVP doesn't add up
this is a dumb post we can make comparisons like that all day long. kobe playing less time then lebron or rose and he is scoring at a great clip this year. if he were healthy and playing more minutes what would that mean?
Posted Wednesday March 09, 2011, About: Cuban makes a pitch for Rubio
mark cuban is a scout now...its crazy how being a billionaire makes you good at everything. even though i will admit for once cuban is right about something
Posted Wednesday March 09, 2011, About: Sox to walk away from Wakefield?
o well Wakefield you have to remember in boston your never good enough to be kept. in the sox organization your just a number to be thrown away at anytime. i dont think that team will ever retire another number again
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Mets to shop costliest players?
this is ridiculous. If the wilpons are gona do that they need to sell. this isnt little market teams like the marlins and the pirates. this is ny they have the money they made a mistake with the mardoff thing. give the mets fans a break. they have been killing the organization for years now they want to start fire selling the team off. baseball needs to force them to sell
Posted Sunday March 06, 2011, About: Jay-Z feuding with Big Papi?
this was settled a while ago even though Papi doing it would piss me off if i was jay z. i mean who does something like that. y doesnt Big Papi just open a burger joint called WHendy's???
Posted Wednesday March 02, 2011, About: Boras: Beltran won't DH in 2012
he shouldnt have to he can still play the field. the move is mainly to save his legs
Posted Friday February 04, 2011, About: Blanton now on Yanks radar?
if the yankees where smart they would call the mets and ask about santana when he is healthy
Posted Wednesday February 02, 2011, About: Lakers covet Hinrich, lack assets
i like how everyone is saying odom is overrated. the guy is having an all star season. and as far as carmelo we will get him take it to the bank. He doesnt want to take a chance of not being able to be the best team in the league by joining the nets or the knicks
Posted Saturday January 22, 2011, About: Source: Knicks' Carmelo offer rejected
just setting the stage for the lakers to get anthony, bad move for knicks good move for us
Posted Saturday January 22, 2011, About: Young: Mets poised for Padre-like season
the padres where overmatched talent wise thats why they lost their division. i dont see all these people talking about the mets and how they are gona lose the division talking about the fact that gonzales was apart of that team and now he's on the sox does that mean the sox are gona choke any more than they have over the last 90 years
Posted Wednesday December 15, 2010, About: Bay offers good news to Mets fans
The red sox made a good move letting him go and getting a-gon to replaces his homers and rbi's. But Bay will still produce he was starting to get going with the mets when he got hurt. This year he ll do alot better he may strike out alot but so did alot of home run hitters and rbi guys from the past
Posted Sunday December 12, 2010, About: Mayo may end up with Knicks
actually if the knicks were smart they would have kept Lee that would have been the most unstopable combo in the league if they had the best scoring big man and one of the top 5 rebounders
Posted Sunday December 12, 2010, About: Mayo may end up with Knicks
i always agree with that-i love la
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