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Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Barry Sanders did not quit. He retired
This was a very good TD by both sides. As a fan of Barry, I thought he quit. Maybe I was just upset that I wouldn't get to watch him anymore except in highlights. Leaving in his prime, with years left on his contract, just short of Payton's record? That seems more like quitting than retiring. Voting right. Very entertaing TD though.
Posted Thursday September 09, 2010, About: The Great Boise Debate
The TD is that a one loss Bama team deserves a spot in the title game over a one loss Boise team. It depends on who Bama loses to and when they lose and how they lose. If they lose early, Bama will have time to jump over Boise when Bama plays the stronger teams while Boise is playing weaker teams. If the only game Bama loses is the SEC championship game, I would say no because you shouldn't be national champs if you can't win your conference, but that is a different argument. If Bama loses a close game to Penn State this weekend and then wins out in the SEC, then they will go to the NC over Boise. If Bama gets blown out this weekend, they could fall to far to climb back over Boise. There are to many unknowns to say they absolutely deserve it. The strength of Bama's schedule compared to Boise's gives them the opportunity though.

I also agree that Boise is not going to get home and home's with the 'Big Boys' because of the financial hit that the'Big Boys' would take. That is not a knock against Boise, just an economic observation. When making a schedule, economics always wins. And that means that we get match ups like San Jose State at Alabama. While the game may not be a great match up, it is good for college football as a whole. Alabama makes a ton of money by having 95,000 fill up the stadium, and they pay San Jose State a ton of money so San Jose State gets to keep its football team (and track team, and field hockey team etc.) Neither team would make that kind of money if the game was played at San Jose State (or at Boise for that matter). And so Alabama (and most BCS teams) get 8 home games. Thats just economics.

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