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Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: How the Cowboys could land Manziel
Kind of contridicts himself. Author says Romo can play and don't give him any back talk, Romo can play. Then goes on to say that Tony won't take the team anywhere but 8-8. "Trade us the #1 pick for our 8-8 quarterback who can play." Not a convincing argument.
Posted Monday February 24, 2014, About: Cruz news leaves Rangers scrambling
If Cruz would have signed for the $14.1, would the Rangers have gone after Choo or would they have left Cruz in the outfield with Rios and Martin?
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: Garza on $52M: 'I'm not thinking about baseball, Dude'
He took the better deal money wise. Garza will keep more money from the Brewers due to the higher taxes in California.
Posted Wednesday January 08, 2014, About: Texas billionaire booster pans Strong hire
Just once I would like to see an Athletic Director respond to these kind of comments by saying something like "If the boosters had that much knowledge of the game, we would be paying them for their input instead of them giving us money and expecting us to take thier input."
Posted Thursday May 30, 2013, About: Mets owner waved white flag
Maybe he was saying that he didn't think the Yankees would make it and he was expecting the Mets to play someone else in the World Series. Trash talk owner style. Yeah, I don't think so either, but that is how I would try to spin it if I were him.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: SEC dominates Super Bowl rosters
Ah. I see what you are saying. I was looking at total players where you were breaking it down by conference team. Thanks for the clarification.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: SEC dominates Super Bowl rosters
I know I'm being nit-picky, but the story says that the SEC has 23 players in the game and the B1G and ACC each have 19, so they would not pass the SEC with 1 more player in the game.

Agree that the number of players from each conference means nothing.
Posted Tuesday February 07, 2012, About: LSU's Lee says he could have helped in title game
Lee had a good enough year to be invited to post season all star games. Jefferson wasn't having a bad game, he was having a historicaly bad game. Alabama was playing a brilliant defensive game, so I'm not silly enough to think LSU would have won the game with Lee at quarterback, but I do think Lee should have been given a shot. Jefferson had 53 yards and an interception. I don't think it is unreasonable to think Lee might have helped.
Posted Monday August 01, 2011, About: Oregon tracks players' game-worn memorabilia
The reference to Rodeo was in Andy Staples article about the BCS schools leaving the NCAA and forming LOOT.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
I appreciate that Oldtimer. This has been a good debate. Usually on boards like this, people resort to name calling (stupid, idiot etc.) so I appreciate the civility I've been shown for expressing a minority opinion. I think a playoff will eventually happen, but not until the some of the conference and university presidents retire. And I'll enjoy the playoffs. But right now, the BCS gives me what I want. Its time for me to go. Have a good night everyone.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
Of course they can/could. This is football. Any of about 30 teams could get on a run and win a playoff. But based on their season, should they have the chance? The question is do you want the hot team to be champion or the best team over the course of the season. If we are looking at the season as a whole, there are usually only 4 or 5 teams that could make the case of being the best team. This year there are 3. If you want the hot team to be champion, why stop at 8 or 16 teams why not go to 65 (or is it more now?) like in basketball. A team you don't expect could win out and be the champion. I just don't think that would be better. I know I am in the minority, but I like the idea that #1 plays #2 for the title and a playoff can't promise me that. The BCS does. Just my opinion.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
You just took LSU and Texas A&M out of the cotton bowl which means they are now going to a lesser bowl. And the teams in the lesser bowls are pused down and out. Are we adding more bowl games for those teams? I'm not against a playoff. I would prefer a 'plus one' which is just a 4 team playoff. But once you get past 4 teams, you are into an area where I don't think the teams are good enough to deserve a shot at the championship. Some years you may have 5, but I don't remember a year where 8 teams had a case that they were the best team. And isn't that what we want, to crown the best team champion?
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
But more doesn't mean better. Sometimes it just means more. I know I don't watch those #1 vs. #16 first round 40 point blowouts.

If Auburn had fallen in the SEC championship game, then they wouldn't deserve to be in the championship game. I disagree that it was make or break for Auburn only. A BCS bowl for South Carolina would have been huge. The prize was just bigger for Auburn. As it should be because of the season that Auburn had versus the season that South Carolina had.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
Agreed. Another question that I would ask Cuban is how would you split the money? With a 16 team playoff, 15 games (4 rounds) are needed to crown a champion. The big east gets one team this year (UConn) and they lose in the first round. Assuming seeding holds, Stanford gets to the third round and Oregon gets to the championship game. So the pac 10 has teams in 7 games. Do you think the big east would sign off on a plan that would give the pac 10 seven times more money than they make? The 6 BCS conferences all get about the same payout now. Would the pac 10 play seven games and accept the same payout that the big east gets for playing one game? Money is a big stumbling block in my opinion.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
But that is an argument against the playoffs. The basketball tournament is great. But I don't care about anything that happens before that. How big a deal is a regular season conference game when both teams are going to make it anyway. Teams have dogged it in the conference tournament because those games only matter to bubble teams. If I'm the best team, what do I care about my seeding. I'm going to beat everyone in the playoffs anyway. Last years SEC championship game of Alabama vs. Florida was win and you go to the championship game, lose and go to the Sugar Bowl. With a playoff, that game would not have meant anything because both teams make the playoff. This debate to me comes down to who do you want the champion to be? The hottest team at the moment (playoffs)? Or the team that has sustained excellence from the start of the season (BCS)?
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Cuban to develop playoff system?
I know I am late to this party and am just going through the comments, so apologies if this has been addressed and I haven't read it yet.

LSU vs. Arkansas. Last game of the season. 16 team playoff: both are in so who cares about this game. BCS: winner is in and loser is out.

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