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Posted Thursday January 19, 2012, About: They're sleeping in the stands in D.C.
What game were you watching? I watched most of it and it looked like like there were at least 10,000 empty seats. I agree, it was at least an interesting game, if not exciting though.
Posted Sunday November 13, 2011, About: Garber would support D.C. United relocation
Fairfax... Just wishful thinking.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: SEC's 14th team might be Virginia Tech
Yeah, I rely pretty heavily on spell check these days. I didn't say Tech would be the best academic school, I meant it would be above average. It is one hell of an engineering school though. I know Vandy is ranked higher, possibly Florida. Who else? It sure as hell isn't Tennessee!!! There are a ton of Tech alumni in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, etc. While that may not be DC proper, that is like saying Marietta isn't in the Atlanta market.
Posted Thursday August 25, 2011, About: SEC's 14th team might be Virginia Tech
As a Tennessee alum with a grad degree from VT, I can tell you the alumni would love to go to the SEC. VT feels like they belong with the big boys and they can compete in the east. The main reason why the ACC didn't want Tech at first is because they wanted the Miami, Boston and NYC television markets and Tech didn't bring them they didn't already have. VT would bring Roanoke, Richmond, Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia and DC to the SEC, which is roughly 8.5 million people. As for fitting in with the culture, Tech is a very similar school to most of those in the SEC, but with better academics. Lane Stadium is also the loudest stadium I have been in outside of Baton Rouge. If they jumped to the SEC, a stadium expansion won't be far behind, giving Lane a capacity of ~80,000. Middle of the road for the SEC, but still respectable.
Posted Sunday October 24, 2010, About: Teams targeted for L.A. relocation
The Bills were #10 in the league in attendance last season. Their fans are not the problem, the economy in the rust belt is. Sure they have been down for several years, but if they were having the same run of success the Steelers are, no one would have them pegged as a potential team for relocation.

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