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Posted Friday March 29, 2013, About: "The Stack" 3-28-13
Hahaha, that's funny. Welcome back Belicat
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: "The Stack" 11-23-12
They are receiving their fair share of criticism. There was a lot of uproar on the rule more than the refs, but I don't know anyone that is giving these refs a pass.
Posted Thursday November 15, 2012, About: "The Stack" 11-13-12
Sorry everyone, The Stack has been recovering from being sick and really busy the last couple of days. Tomorrow (Friday Nov. 16) we'll have both the NFL Week 11 preview post as well as the college basketball preview post. BTW, taking the Bills tonight.
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: "The Stack" 11-2-12
You were almost dead on matt. Nice picks!
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-30-12
Belicat, did you survive Sandy or didn't it affect you?
Posted Monday October 29, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-29-12
I see you changed your profile pick belicat. Is that for the holiday? Patriots certainly came to play. They treated it like a business trip and took care of business. And when Brady and Gronk are on, they're a very difficult team to beat.
Posted Thursday October 25, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-24-12
Anyone have the Giant Panda belting three homeruns tonight?
Posted Thursday October 18, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-18-12
Posted Thursday October 18, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-17-12
Very few teams if any can even take an aging player making $25 million
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-16-12
You know YankeesFan, I actually thought about you when I was writing this. Perhaps I was a little out of bounds in saying he's had a bad postseason. He's gotten hits, but not making the kind of impact a captain should given the fact that the rest of the Yankees bats have gone to the sawmill.

And he's had a great last couple of seasons. I guess I just expect him to do a little more being that he is the great Derek Jeter.

Thanks for the comments and the read.
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-15-12
Haha, Belicat. You always make me laugh. Thanks for reading and for the funny comment.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-10-12
Agreed Belicat. I think Sandusky is mentally unstable. How can you really look at all of those people with a straight face and say you did nothing wrong? It almost would take someone without a soul.

As for Bountygate, I hope it goes away because I think people are sick and tired of talking about it.
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-9-12
I agree Foxy. Blame can be spread to all sides; Valentine, players and management. I think the Red Sox need a good shake up.
Posted Monday October 08, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-8-12
Hahaha, thanks for the laugh Belicat. I struggled giving them 7 points, but they'll probably score against the scrubs who are put in midway through the third quarter.
Posted Tuesday October 02, 2012, About: "The Stack" 10-2-12
It has just been a crazy year Belicat. Crazy, crazy year. And I don't see it getting back to normal anytime soon.

Oh and the Patriots...winning the AFC East easily. The division stinks until Buffalo figures it out and the Jets get a team.
Posted Sunday September 30, 2012, About: "The Stack" 9-28-12
Looks like the patriots were just fine today Belicat
Posted Sunday September 30, 2012, About: "The Stack" 9-28-12
Mentioned the WNBA playoffs in the Thursday blog. Take a look:
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: "The Stack" 9-21-12
Ouch both my picks and the Pats loss. Tough pill to swallow I'm sure.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: "The Stack" 9-18-12
HAHAHA! That is an awesome comment. Weird to think the lose of this game will be 1-2
Posted Tuesday September 11, 2012, About: "The Stack" 9-10-12
That was one of the most surprising results of the day. Couldn't believe the Jets beat the Bills that bad. And I have Wes Welker in one of my fantasy leagues. Not too happy about that.
Posted Tuesday September 04, 2012, About: The Stack" 9-4-12
Well you know Sundmark, like my fantasy football and march madness picks, they'll probably be wrong. But I feel pretty good about these picks. If I can get ten of the twelve playoff teams right, that would be great.
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