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Posted Sunday May 12, 2013, About: Joba Chamberlain tells Mariano Rivera 'Don't shush me'
That is so unfortunately typical of many of the younger generation today. Joba could care less about what anyone else was doing because he was busy in his own little world and that is all that mattered. Total lack of respect and class showed by Joba and especially making that comment not once but, twice in front of reporters??? This guy has not come close to his potential and has been a big bust because he can't stay of the disabled list. If I were him I would shut my mouth and listen to everything Mo had to say and soak up all I could from one of the best to have ever played this sport!
Posted Sunday May 05, 2013, About: A-Rod's fast recovery tied to Biogenesis Clinic?
I agree, a big article in the last day or two in SI about the mysterious glow to his left forearm and his magically disappearing ERA this year and you don't hear no one talking about "Clay vaseline for mens spokes model Buckholz"??? Seems his two-seamer is moving 3 to 4 inches more then it did last year??? Most of had some intense one on one training this off-season with Mr. Spitball himself, Gaylord Perry... There is a lot of cheating going on in baseball and it is not only the players holding bats in their hands!
Posted Thursday May 03, 2012, About: Manager compares Harper to Mantle
Comparisons already to mantle??? Oh yeah and pigs can fly too... Davey must have gotten into the left handed aroma-therapy cigarettes before this interview... Please, give me a break, it must be a really slow sports day to have someone write an pathetic article like this.
Posted Sunday April 22, 2012, About: Red Sox front office backs Bobby V
Closed door meeting to give you a vote of confidence??? Hmmmm..... I never remember going into a closed door meeting at the principals office or one with your supervisor and his boss and anything positive coming out of it...
Posted Wednesday April 18, 2012, About: ERA near 50, Melancon may be demoted
Our paid hit-man, no pun intended / ex-yankee has been finally been detected by bobby knum knuts... Oh well, it was good while it lasted, on to your next assingment and great job Mr. Melancon!
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: Valentine already losing Sox clubhouse?
Bobby V is like the hemmoroid that just will not go away. If he don't change his ways, which will be almost impossible for him, then the inmates will run this warden out of town before the end of the year...
Posted Thursday April 12, 2012, About: Francona wants little to do with BoSox
Cutting ties with francona was a huge mistake and even a bigger mistake was hiring bobby knum knuts to take his place. That guy needs to be locked in a room with a straight jacket permanently attached and the key thrown away. Francona deserved to be treated with alot more respect, last time I checked didn't he help bring two world titles to a team that had not did anything for how many years?? As a yankee fan I had nothing but respect for tito and the way he went about his business. This move by itself is going to bite the sux in the as* for several years in my opinion.
Posted Wednesday April 04, 2012, About: Flacco proclaims himself NFL's best QB
Someone and his agent has been smoking the left-handed cigarettes this off-season....
Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012, About: Fuse already lit on Valentine-Cherington relationship
It will be fun to watch the circus in beantown implode this summer. The inmates will grow tired quickly from this head case at the helm. I wonder if bobby num knuts will jump ship or will he be a good captain and sink with the ship??
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Bobby V's first Red Sox-Yankees feud?
I don't know if this has ever been done before but, it should be as this guy is such a winer and annoying pain in the as*. If I were Giradi I would call for the old knock down pitch and have someone throw some high heat at Bobby V the next time he starts complaining and sticks his little wood chuck head out from underneath the dugout roof. Maybe then he will learn to keep his mouth shut and go back in the hole he crawled out of!
Posted Sunday March 11, 2012, About: Pineda's lack of velocity perplexes Yankees
If CC and Pineda bring the chicken then beckett, lester & lackey with his good arm have to bring the many cases of beer they are said to have in reserve from last year to the party... Just don't tell Bobby about this little get together.....
Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Valentine tweaks A-Rod, Jeter and the Yankees
Valentine is such a clown and will be booted out of beantown before his contract is up. The inmates will not get along with the new warden, what a big mistake in hiring this major hemmoroid. Attacking francona who I have all the respect in world as a manager and not knowing how to keep his mouth shut and the season still has not started yet??

Please big pappi, wrap this fool up with a straight jacket and ship him to the nearest mental hospital and throw away the key! Yeah varitek was the man alright back in 2004, I think he was the one who never took his mask off during the fight. Real easy to talk big when you are talking through an iron mask....
Posted Saturday January 21, 2012, About: Red Sox-Rockies trade off
I agree with some on here about all of a sudden the sox and yankees being penny pinchers and how they are starting to nickle and dime their fans to death. They have no problem charging the ever increasing prices to go to a game do they??? So, put the best possible product on the field each year and you know the fans will keep coming and you keep raking in boatloads of money each year. Definitely not going to feel sorry for them...

So what if they have to pay a couple of million dollars per year in luxury tax when they are making the kind of money they do each year from the fan base. Like someone had mentioned henry for the sox is a billionaire and he is worried about going over the salary threshold??? Give me a break.... a few millions dollars to them is like a few $10 or $20 bills to the normal fan.
Posted Sunday January 15, 2012, About: New Yankees don't impress Bobby V.
Boston only has 3 pitchers so far and that is including buckholtz. Bard will not make it as a starting pitcher with only two pitches and having to stretch him out now?? Who knows if buckholtz is fully recovered from the fracture in his lower back or not. Plus, Lester and Beckett will be eating wings and drinking beer in games they are not playing in... Both the yankees and tampa have deeper and better rotations and will be favored ahead of the sux this coming year in the east. The sux will be doing good to beat an improved toronto team for third place this year. Boston may lead with one more world series in the last 8 years but, over the last 13 season we have 4 to their 2. Plus, I'll still take our 27 titles to their 7.
Posted Sunday January 15, 2012, About: New Yankees don't impress Bobby V.
Who the heck cares what this goon says or does?? He has done nothing as a manager other then taking a team one time to a world series and get whipped and then high-tailed to japan because no one wanted him in the states. If the blow sux made this trade & free agent signing then I am sure he would have thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Pretty funny though, everything I read Kuroda was high on their wish list and now he not impressed??? Please, all he needs to worry about is keeping the fridge stocked with beer and having KFC on speed dial and maybe he will be accepted by the inmates. Gonna be fun watching him and the sux implode again when they can't get along because of both his and several veterans big ego's.....
Posted Monday January 09, 2012, About: Valentine: 'Ellsbury fooled the [heck] out of me'
Just a matter of time before the inmates run the asylum again and turn on the new warden. I don't think the players really care to much for the new manager making a point to visit them during the off-season at their homes to make sure everyone is on the same page. That is the Bobby V page of course, because just like when he was with the mets it is all about him.
Posted Monday October 24, 2011, About: Berkman: Albert's better than Babe
Not that anyone listens to you but, I believe you were the sux fan who said the yankees would be looking up at the sux and leading them by 10 games at the all-star break back in june?

How did that turn out???
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: Swisher in, Chavez out?
Commish, totally agree this! Pick up swishers option then use him in a trade package to bring back a decent starter and groom either nunez or montero to play right field. I guarantee that they can play right field just as good or just as bad depending on how you look at things as he did the last several years. I think chavez still has a few productive years off the bench if he can avoid the injury bug...
Posted Tuesday October 18, 2011, About: Time for Lackey to go
Love to see the red sux nation falling apart at the seems before our very eyes on what is pretty much a daily basis now... Henry is a complete joke as an owner and I bet epstein and francona are thrilled to be out of cast of this soap opera!
Posted Thursday October 13, 2011, About: Drama has Ortiz considering Yankees
Big papi is just trying to drive up his contract and make it just a little sweetier for him with the sox next year. Anytime a good ballplayer wants to drive up his price all he or his agent has to do is mention that I think we are going to talk with yankees...

Can't say that I blame him though for wanting to jump ship with all the turmoil going on in baston this offseason so far. Two men solely responsible for bringing two world championships to a team in 8 years that had not won one in 86 years and this is how fast they are pretty much shipped out of town by the fans and upper management???

Pretty pathetic if you ask me!!!!
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Francona a goner?
I guess that was really francona on the mound throwing the last pitch not paplebon and it was francona out in left field not crawford who misplayed the ball... Way to easy to want to go on a witch hunt and blame and then axe the manager for the collapse instead of the players who are the ones who are really responsible for the complete collapse in september. Bottom line is the players choked under pressure the last month or so...

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