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Posted Monday November 15, 2010, About: Fisher says Moss was tired
What I hate is when a linebacker, saftey, whathaveyou, comes flying through the line unblocked--the QB has a quick reaction time and a back right in front of him, so he flicks the ball out of his hand a half, maybe 3/4s of a second before the DB gets there. The DB then collides with the QB and takes him to the ground, and for his effort he is flagged for a personal foul.

It's Bullsh/i+ that the DB is flagged because had he been there just a moment earlier it would have been a sack and a totally legal play.

Does the NFL honestly believe that a 250+ pound man running full speed can stop his trajectory in under a second? Should a blitzing DB have to watch the QB and as soon as the ball starts to move give up on the play?

Either they play football or they don't. You can't ask players to jog through the plays.

It's the same thing on returns or long routes run along the sidelines. A wideout toeing down the line will barely step out and the 2 or 3 players in pursuit that attempt to tackle the player are flagged for late hit out of bounds. Because those players running full speed should be fully aware of things that not even the referees get correct much of the time (the very existence of instant replay is evidence enough of that.)

A late hit should be differentiated from an intentional late hit. And a hit on the QB within a millisecond of him throwing the ball should not give him some kind of magic ticket to a free 15 yards.
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: Who will quarterback Vikings in 2011?
God, do some market research--no one wants your bullshiot, spambotjizzmaster4000
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: Giants wanted new Cowboys coach
I noticed that too.

Though I think it might have something to do with how that was shot. Her neck seemed to be the most noticeably chunky part of her body and most of the time she is on the sideline she has a scarf or coat with a high collar--possibly to hide her freakish wattle.

She has no place commenting on anything. I have no problem with women in sports or sports media, but they should at least be interesting or knowledgeable. She has her job because she's a woman--if a guy were as boring as she is he would be replaced after one season.
Posted Sunday November 14, 2010, About: Why Moss won't last in Tennessee
Man I got to get in on some of these awesome bargins!

I've never met a decent person wearing ed hardy.
Posted Friday November 12, 2010, About: War of words boiling over
Not any one dirty enough to gain a reputation anyway.
Posted Friday November 12, 2010, About: War of words boiling over
I've always viewed Detroit as a classy outfit.

I can't think of any dirty Lions player in recent memory.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: NFL's most 'pathetic' team?
Seachange at coaching is needed. Dallas is a talented team that will continue to lose with a Captain that drives them into the rocks.
Posted Monday November 08, 2010, About: Harris expects to be cut by Packers
Was also hoping Harris would return, but with the impressive play of Williams, the improved play of Shields, and slightly improved play of Bush--it seems the secondary is okay. Bigby is also back, and Collins and Woodson are premier secondary pieces. I could see cutting Bush to make room for Harris, but he is over 30, coming off knee surgery and likely won't be himself for the rest of the season. He could help a team with realistic playoff expectations and certainly as mentioned above as a tutor type role. Harris just does not fit with the Pack's scheme anymore. Bump and run isn't really valued as much--even though Harris was one of the best at it. Sad to see him go, but unfortunately the NFL is a business. I hope he can have a few more meaningful years and play well for whoever snaps him up (as long as he gets burned when he plays his old team).
Posted Tuesday October 26, 2010, About: Favre looking for exit strategy?
Yeah, let's cheer the only decent team Texas has right now! Even though no one gave a **** about them until they started winning.

God, Texas is a state full of fair weather fans.
Posted Wednesday September 01, 2010, About: Comfort zone eluding Cutler
This is all so funny now, looking back at when the Bears signed Cutler and all the delusional Chicago fans were like "SUPER BOWL". I mean, every sensible person knew they were retarded then, but it's funny watching all the Bears fans slowly realize they got a lemon--and just another ruined QB career in Chicago.

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