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Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: Nats players grumbling over Strasburg
My guess is the medical experts have said that shutting him down for 4-6 weeks and then asking him to gear back up for the playoffs would have been worse than letting him pitch the entire season. Basically shutting his arm down completely and then asking him to get it back to even 80% would have been worse for his arm and risked more injury.
Posted Friday August 10, 2012, About: Can Philly keep Bynum?
Everyone needs to reel things in a bit. The NBA still has to approve this trade. And we have seen, as recently as last year, how the NBA seems to want to stop people from going to the Lakers in a trade.
Posted Tuesday July 24, 2012, About: Should Scott's long putter taint major win?
Can I get in on this little contest? Phil Mickelson to break the streak and Rickie Fowler to continue it. Score of 272
Posted Tuesday July 10, 2012, About: The NL's MVP plays for the ... Pirates?
While both Votto and McCutchen are close in the early MVP balloting, I would have to give it McCutchen.
McCutchen Votto
Avg. .362 .348
hits 112 100
EB hits 40 49
RBI 60 48
SLG .625 .617
OPS 1.039 1.087

I will take McCutchen's offensive production with his gold-glove defense in center over Votto any day.

Reasonable people can disagree, but there is no way to give it to one player over the other, hands-down like some want to argue.
Posted Friday June 22, 2012, About: Pirates ready to deal pitching for punch
The Pirates offense is coming around (5.1 runs/gm in June, good for top 5 in the NL or maybe MLB), the pitching is performing as it has all year, they are 4 games over .500 and only 2 games back in the division and 1 out in the wildcard. I don't see the need to reach for some stop-gap hitter when the Pirates have been winning with and because of their pitching depth. If some young up and coming hitter becomes available that is one thing, but someone like Youk or Soriano are not the answer.
Posted Friday April 13, 2012, About: Teams interested in Wallace, will Steelers listen?
The Steelers placed a first round tender on him because they value his services. Do you really think that they will trade him for less than that now?

Any team could have signed him to an offer sheet, but from all reports, not a single team was close to doing so. Wallace has lost pretty much any leverage he had. The Steelers typically do not overpay for their players and likely won't do so here. Their receiving corps, while better with Wallace, would still be good with Brown, Sanders and Cotchery.
Posted Tuesday December 20, 2011, About: Chandler: Spike planted seed for Knicks
And Mark Cuban is filing the tampering charge as I write this.
Posted Thursday February 24, 2011, About: Gabbert hiding something?
No draft pick will be able to sign until the CBA is resolved, correct? If that is the case, he will likely not beking as much money as he would have under the old CBA, with the likelihood of a rookie wage scale/cap.
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: Steelers to consider dumping Big Ben for Dixon?
Here's where the improvement comes from: On defense, the Steelers get two All-Pro players back from injury in Polamalu and Aaron Smith (Smith may be the more important player as the D always takes a step back when he's out). They addressed their need for depth by bringing back Larry Foote and Bryant McFadden and signing Randel El and Will Allen. McFadden's return also moves William Gay into the nickel corner role, where he excels. Their special teams should also be improved greatly because of the added depth and young 1st and 2nd year guys who are in the system.

Ben isn't getting dumped for Dixon unless Ben gets involved in some more off the field issues.
Posted Thursday August 19, 2010, About: Cards chase for infielder heating up
The Cards can take Andy LaRoche off the Pirates hands. We have no use for him. He can't hit much but he's pretty decent defensively.

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