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Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: Zetterberg on KHL: 'They honor the contracts'
My mistake...but KHL Russian?
Posted Tuesday October 09, 2012, About: Zetterberg on KHL: 'They honor the contracts'
If Zetterburg wants to stay in Russia, stay! With all the other Russians as well who complain. The owners do not honor contracts? And players hold out or want to renegotiate because they figure they have outplayed their contract. Players...honor your contracts as well! The real fans continue to spend their entertainment dollars on the NHL. If you do not like what's going on don't support it. Then they will maybe get the message if not, they will if no one attends the games. Stop complaining about it and do something about it. I for one will not be attending nor watching any games if they start up this year. Everyone needs to do this so they realize once again the real power lies with the fans, the buyers of their product and entertainment!
Posted Thursday May 19, 2011, About: Will Philly find a way to land Bryzgalov?
They had a chance at Halak, but again did not want to give up anything for him. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Going cheap in net has been their problem.
Posted Friday October 15, 2010, About: Boos rain down on Flames
We're number One! We're number One! Number One draft pick that is!!! One good thing that the Sutter's are making sure of. Just hope the Flames don't screw that up as well and fire them before the end of the season!
Posted Thursday September 16, 2010, About: Oilers may be courting trouble with Souray
Why would you want to cause trouble in your locker room further? No one wants him for the money he commands. Simply an issue of supply and demand. No one wants his services, including Edmonton, for the money he demands. Souray needs to change his stance and move on. Edmonton needs to stick to their guns. They will have a good team without him this year. Couldn't disagree more with this "news opinion".
Posted Thursday September 16, 2010, About: Coyotes on block to move by Dec. 31?
When the 'Yotes do move - I believe it will be back to Winnipeg for a couple of reasons: 1) the North ownership group. 2) Alignment. To move the Coyotes to the East, say Quebec or Hamilton, at this time does not make sense. It screws up the divisions/conferences making them unbalanced. You move the Coyotes to Winnipeg and you have no problems. You take Colorado and move them in with LA, Anaheim, Dallas and San Jose. Geographically, this works way better for travel and location. You move Winnipeg in with Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Minnesota. Makes sense geographically as well. Not to mentioned the renewed rivalries between the four Canadian teams (especially Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg!). This way makes just too much sense. But the NHL has not been into making sense for a long time! Here's holding out hope!
Posted Thursday July 29, 2010, About: KHL opens arms to Kovalchuk -- also for 17 years
Boy Medvedev is sure trying to legitimize the KHL now isn't he?!!! Why is Kovy not running to the KHL? Because he knows it is a joke of a league and yes, may not pay him.
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Either way, Kovalchuk swallows pride
What does 2010 have to do with it? Has hockey as a game progressed so far from what it was when Gretz, Howe and Believeau played? Still the same game is it not? When is enough money enough to live on? Are his abilities worth 10 million a season? Not in my books...though Gretz, Howe and Believeau would be. Have the economics of the world and the league changed that much? They have, but need be, to the degree they have. I agree with what someone else said... it's all about greed and what the market will bear. The market would bear $10 million/season for Gretzky, Howe, Beliveau, Yzerman, Orr, Lemieux, etc.... But not for Kovy and there is a reasom.

It is still about being on top - top team, top money, top player, manager, coach, organization and you get/want to be paid. Kovalchuk is not the top talent in the league. Is he top five? I would take Crosby, Ovechkin, Stamkos, Toews, Iginla, Malkin, Zetterburg, Sedin's, Lidstrom, Eric Staal, before Kovy. Why is he not getting what He thinks he deserves, because he is not what he thinks he is worth in other peoples evaluations.
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Playoffs in jeopardy for Blackhawks?
With Sharp only being $5.625M and only having $114,000 to spend at this point, moving sharp only frees up $5.739M to still sign 6 more players to make a roster of 21 (the minimum - all lines full with 2 goalies). You have to account for injuries so another 3-5 players sitting therefore 24-26 players for the year. That means minimum 9-11 more players the Hawks have to sign splitting $5.739M or $637,666 - $521,727 per player. Don't know if that will be possible unless you are signing a bunch of minor leaguers. It will be tough to do if Sharp is the only one they move. Blackhawks find themselves in the same situation that Calgary has the last two years. Calgary had to play one game either last year or the year before minus one or two players from the lineup (no substitutes) because they had no cap room left to bring anyone up to fill in for their injured players. The Hawks do not want to go down that road.
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Owens: I'm being treated unfairly
You reap what you sow T.O.! You reap what you sow.
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: T.O. to Pats: I'll take less money
T.O. is done! Everyone is tired of his act. Bound to happen. What is the saying, "You mess with the bull, you are going to get the horns!"? See yah T.O. and pray that you make the Hall of Fame. I do not think so. His attitude is not that of a Hall of Famer.
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Either way, Kovalchuk swallows pride
He must think he is better than Gretzky ever was... Gretz never made $10 million a year did he? He never got a $100 million dollar contract ever. Does Kovalchuk fit in the hockey godhead? Top three: Gretzky-G. Howe-Believeau. I would pay $10 million/year for these guys. Kovalchuk? Not even close! Wants some pepper with your pride Kovy?!!!
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Playoffs in jeopardy for Blackhawks?
At least hey ended 49 years with winning the cup I meant to say.
Posted Thursday July 15, 2010, About: Playoffs in jeopardy for Blackhawks?
At least they ended their 49 years without winning the just may take them another 49 years now to win another one! Yesterdays champions are tomorrows lackeys. The Hawks will not make the playoffs. Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, Los Angeles, Colorado, St. Louis, Anaheim and Calgary will make it. Sorry Hawks - you lost too much talent, but spending all that money must have felt good!

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