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Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Steelers desperate for Roethlisberger
I think we can stop talking about our aging defense. We are #1 in the league AGAIN. Kept our team in the game with 8 turnovers. Show me another defense that can do that. SO please, stop it. Just STAHP it.
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Roethlisberger has 'unusual' separated shoulder
Somebody's a little jealous we made the Giants look like a Pop-Warner team a couple of weeks ago.
Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: The end for Vick?
They gave him a 100 million dollar contract based on 10 games two years ago. The whole front office should be fired as well.
Posted Thursday October 11, 2012, About: Brees blasts 'sham' bounty case
Posted Monday September 17, 2012, About: Chiefs will never win with Pioli at the top
Another case of Belicheck osmosis where his success never seems to follow anyone that worked under him. Add Pioli to the list of, Weiss, Crennell, McDaniels etc.....
Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012, About: Steelers' Colbert: Prepare for growing pains
Is a guy named Annabel making fun of the Steelers?
Posted Monday June 04, 2012, About: New leader in Pittsburgh's offense
Steelers are in trouble every year, apparently. We're used to the jealousy by now. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
Posted Wednesday May 30, 2012, About: Taylor: Wallace upset with contract status
If it is a choice between Wallace and Brown, I say we keep Brown. Much better all around receiver and he doesn't drop as many balls.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Polamalu thinks about 'the end' all the time
Troy didnt have his best season last year but hopefully he can bounce back this year with Harrison and Woodley healthy.

And before you comment, please remember the Steelers had the #1 total D, #1 pass D, and #1 scoring D in the entire NFL. People think because of one OT play the entire season was a wash, and thats not a fair assessment.

While we at it, heres a list of the ages of the players who left this offseason. Also, if/when Adams and DeCastro start, Steelers will have the youngest offense in the entire NFL. We can officially debunk the false ???old??? stigma:

James Farrior???37
Aaron Smith???36
Chris Hoke???36
Bryant McFadden???30
William Gay???27

Timmons, Woodley, Sylvestor, Heyward, Hood, McClendon, Spence, Worlids, Alameda Ta???amu, Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown are all 27 and under.

Good luck thru 2020???
Posted Thursday May 10, 2012, About: Nash-to-New York takes new life
OK, so when does Amar'e start playing in NY? All I see him doing is pounding his chest after every basket and getting in fights with fire extinguishers.
Posted Monday May 07, 2012, About: Hamels on Harper: 'I was trying to hit him'
Harper Is a Punk must have been picked on by Harper in High School.
Posted Friday April 27, 2012, About: Draft's biggest loser
I couldn't be happier this morning! I barely even paid attention to DeCastro because he was seen as a top 15 pick. Just what our O-Line needed!! WOo HoO!!!!
Posted Monday March 26, 2012, About: Steelers sweating out Wallace situation
I'll miss him, but PLEASE, someone take him. I would rather get something for him this year and re-sign Antonio next year. I will be really upset if we lose Brown.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Did Manning pick the wrong horse?
"Instead, he picked a Broncos squad that doesn't have a single receiver who had more than 612 receiving yards last season."

Who writes these articles? Could the reason for this maybe, now hear me out now... they had a QB with a 47% completion rate throwing them wobbling ducks? Jeeeeeeez.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: Titans closing quickly in Manning sweepstakes
Does this mean Hasselbeck will be going to Denver?
Posted Wednesday March 14, 2012, About: Jets owner says Gang Green 'passed on' Peyton
This guy should really keep his mouth shut because nobody's buying it.
Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Stokley: Manning throwing like a champ
You all have short memories. Peyton doesn't take hits very often. If he feels like he's going to get sacked he just falls on the ground.
Posted Friday March 09, 2012, About: 'Skins more likely to land RG3 than Manning
As a Steelers fan I hope the 'Skins get him.
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Hints of soft free agent market
Considering the amount of money some teams have to spend to comply with the minimum payroll I can see a few teams signing a lot of players very quickly
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: Report: Brees 'livid' over franchise tag
I don't feel bad for Drew Brees at all. I think it is selfish for one player to demand 23mil a year when the team has holes and other Free Agents to sign. His deal should look exactly like Brady's 18mil a year. No more, no less.
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Eagles hiding an agenda with Jackson?
Selfish player. Also an ****.
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