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Posted Wednesday June 12, 2013, About: Belichick already annoyed by Tebowmania
I confess - I absolutely LOVE Belichick. The guy is all about just playing football. The press is going to whine and cry and beat their heads against the wall all summer, but that rock aint moving. Just watch.
Posted Thursday May 23, 2013, About: Careless Jets already steaming Ryan
It has only been that way since Rex showed up, running his mouth...and setting an example for a lot of other Jets to follow. They seemed to want the attention, and now they have it!
Posted Saturday December 29, 2012, About: Does high-profile Jerry Jones help or hurt the Cowboys?
And that about covers it. It is what it is - Jerry's Fantasy Playground. He shelled out the bucks, and he does as he pleases. As a lifelong Cowboy hater, I have never enjoyed Dallas Cowboy football more! Its almost as much fun as watching the Jets.
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Scandal will ruin Penn State
I have been a Penn State fan all my life, too...and I agree with you 100%.
Posted Wednesday September 07, 2011, About: Time running out for Romo's Super Bowl dream?
Romo is not the guy who will put a team on his back and win a Super Bowl, but he has talent and can be the QB of a championship team if the other parts are working well. And while I'm not about to pick the Cowboys to win it all, I do think they have a shot at being a surprise team this year. First, I think Ryan makes the defense better. Second, I think this team gets arrogant and plays below their talent level when they have the spotlight - which shouldn't be the case this year. The Giants and Redskins have some issues, and if Vick gets hurt or the team chemistry just doesn't pan out for the Eagles, the 'Boys could get a good playoff seed. As I said, I'm not predicting it, but it wouldn't shock me.
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Romo: Fix the run, fix the offense
Huh, I though we lived in a free country. But if we are going to start bashing people for doing things we don't want to do, let's add the whole prayer circle thing. I always thought a person's faith was about their personal relationship with God - not a public display. Gays, Christians...who else can we slam on this SPORTS forum?
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Romo: Fix the run, fix the offense
LOL...Hey, I am all for leaving Tony alone and letting the Cowboys continue down their current path! ;)
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Romo: Fix the run, fix the offense
Ummm...Tony...how has that logic has paid off for the 'Boys so far?

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