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Posted Friday July 08, 2011, About: Will Fedor retire with loss?
In recent fights, Fedor has relied on a rather messy fury of fists rather than a disciplined and calculated balance of offense and defense. It's like he's throwing Hail Mary strikes right from the get-go. And it's tough to argue against this approach bc he's been mostly successful with it (Zuluzinho, Sylvia, Arlovski, and to an extent, Big Nog, Crocop, & Rogers) . And i fear, in the age of the superheavyweight, Fedor will only rely on this "strategy" increasingly.

Remember though, he was 31-1 just last year. Yeah and then came the 2 upset losses to Werdum and Bigfoot Silva but i wouldnt say he was hopeless in those fights. He made the same error in both: Too aggressive and therefore too careless.

Agreed, age has something to do with it too. It happens to nearly all the legends: Matt Hughes, BJ Penn, Crocop, Sakuraba, both Shamrocks, Big Nog, Wanderlei, Liddell, Couture: their time ends.

Let me go ahead and answer the question posed.
I believe Fedor will retire win or loss after Henderson.
This last fight will satisfy his contract with Strikeforce and he will be a free agent.
At that point, it will be a certain bet that Dana White tries to make an offer Fedor cannot refuse to fight one of the UFC bigs (perhaps Brock in his return fight) or he might even try to coax Couture back somehow in order to realize that dream fight that never happened.

Despite the $$$ thrown at him, Fedor will retire. The Fedor documentary "The Last Emperor" convinces me of this. Watch it if you havent had the chance. It sheds some light on Fedor's mystique. You'll find he's a very simple man, as I did. He doesnt seem to seek fame and fortune.

Still, let's not forget, there is only one Fedor.
Posted Wednesday July 06, 2011, About: Mets weigh 'substantial offer' to Reyes
Jose Reyes is having a career year. His current avg is 60 pts higher than his career avg. His current OBP is almost .400 while his career avg is .340. His SLG is .529 while his career avg is a lot more modest at .441.
Dont pay for the statistical anomaly.

And yes he's 28, but speed goes away fast and sudden. And everyone knows speed is Reyes' #1 weapon.

He's also been an injury risk the last couple seasons: if the trend holds up, he'll be hurt later this year.

Lastly, the Mets need to answer: is the team built to win now? and if so, can it continue to contend for the duration of whatever contract we offer Reyes?

Looking at the roster, I dont see it. The outfield of Jason Bay, Angel Pagan, and Carlos Beltran is average at best and likely already in decline, clearly obvious in Bay and Beltran.
And the infield? 3B justin turner, 2B ruben tejada, 1B daniel murphy, and C ronny paulino... please: these guys are scrubs. The pitching? its serviceable, but nothing to brag about: pelfrey, niese, dickey, capuano, and gee. And i realize david wright and johan santana are hurt but they are still not going to change much of anything.

So don't fool yourself Mets and Mets fans. Sorry but the right move is to trade Jose Reyes and get as much you can for him. Maybe even trade K-Rod if you can. This team is **** through 2013 bc of the Santana and Bay contracts. So basically, i see no other course of action other than to load up for 2014. And the minor leagues could use it too bc the Mets dont really have top tier prospects.
Posted Wednesday July 06, 2011, About: Rangers sign 16-year-old for $5M
Fully agreed. $5m in the DR... that's gotta set you for life already. Will this kid stay hungry and focused?
I wonder why the Rangers went so high... perhaps the Yanks were on Mazara's trail too.
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Toney: Lesnar ran away like a girl
Toney should read this board.
I agree with everyone here.
All respect to James Toney but hes seriously delusional to think he can beat any top 100 heavyweight.

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