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Posted Friday February 22, 2013, About: Dana White explains why Jon Fitch was cut
sounds like Dana is fixing fights. Let just talk sports. The celtics of old, boring....Spurs =boring. These 80's kids care nothing about the efficacy of success. Dana needs to come clean or he going to have a suit or certain committee look to see if he has anything to do with the outcomes of these fights
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Iverson still pining for pro return
Its amaziing everyone that goes to play Euro ball tends to come back and play superior ball. he average nearly 30 a game...still not enough for those who criticize.. You guys refuse to give talent a chance unless its 20 yrs old and then it comes baack to the NBA from a Euro- internship like Jennings and say that they worked on the fundamentals. How is it that your desire to hate on the game trumps everything. Its ok for 40 yrs old in other sports to reinvent themselves but not basketball or footaball. Even if there stats speak well of them. You allow 40 plus pitchers, hockey, golf, tennis, but not b-ball or football. I see a pattern. Just go back read some of the headlines for the past 20 yrs and get back at me.
Posted Saturday April 14, 2012, About: Terrell Owens: Romo had hand in ending Cowboys tenure
i was typing fast english majors...sorry. Stick to the topic
Posted Saturday April 14, 2012, About: Terrell Owens: Romo had hand in ending Cowboys tenure
you all know TO has luggage. all pro athletes do. Romo has been without the guy for several yrs..you know that guy that got you highlights and made u look like a supastar. you call him everything but a thug.....and u then got dez bryant...i like him but big d has a ethic issue. Even Jerry had doubts about getting rid of TO. His kids who have no football acumen made that decision. bcause they wanted peace instead u have mall and jwelry incidents. u can with stand law breakers but not someone who you cant debate about football facts with,lol. thats makes alot cents, sense...get it. you can say he drops the ball. i'll say romo cant score in in zone or get michael vickeque run to get 1st down. who's has tunnel vision.....where's whitten?lol.

You all have to ask yourself...how many wins does Romo have? How may SB appearances and playoff games does TO have? You all argue your opinion and then when you lose that fight you make your opinion is the gospel. it comes off idiotic and somewhat hypocritical and too many.... predjudice. His stats and win beats your conversation. ask a coach would you rather win or be right. you cant have them both. there has to be a trade off.
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Cowboys no longer trust Romo
wow you complained about TO....its funny how the constant factors in the trouble that the Romocoaster has happens to be : himself, whiten and Garrett.....geese. No one is willing to have that conversation in big D. its insult to injury,lol.
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Cowboys no longer trust Romo
wow you complained about TO....its funny how the constant factor in the trouble that the Romocoaster has happens to be : himself, whiten and Garrett.....geese. No one is willing to have that conversation.
Posted Friday November 12, 2010, About: Gesser: Locker could have played
they didt want oregon to lose so that it would make it harder for a non AQ team to play in championship game. pac10 needs to be looked at for ethical behavior....that the same as a flop or taking a dive. i hope ya get caught
Posted Friday November 12, 2010, About: A healthy Alex Smith still No. 1 in San Fran?
wow mobile qbs get no love even when they win. alex had his chance and he blew it. he will be famous as being known as "Reggie Bush's HS QB". give troy another go. troy didnt lose his job in bmore bcause of his skill. he lost it because he had pnemonia and Flacco was hot so they moved on. when is this kid going to get a break. NFL hates breakin the mode of QBs that they would rather lose than to break a tradition...winnin means nothing. Mike singletary I neva thought i would be ashamed of u, but if u start alex u my friend ...uhave lost your integrity and loyalty to a guy who displayed to the world that his heisman was no fluke nor is his skillset
Posted Wednesday October 27, 2010, About: Williams: Kitna 'just as good' as Romo
yeah and spam is as good as salmon,lol. are we reinventing the rules or are u all like some blind CSI agents ...u cant find no clues
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: 'State of emergency' at the U
jacory doesnt want to run the ball. he doesnt like to the like of shoelace or vick comparisons so he will lose like an idiot. he's fast enough to run and everubody know that. u need a qb that understand when the night life,ladies, football, and the beach meet and separate. he immature and win/ loss ratio is my proof. i luv the "U" documentary but those guys were about business and they had fun....these guys please graduate and go away. his mohawk and the music only lives in harmony when u win.....u can grill and tell me about there history or talk about what happens in the streets but can tell and show me how to win...no. USF got more clout in the past 5 yrs than the U and thats sad. Shannon find a denard robinson type that can handle the spot life that clown u have in charge cant cut it even if i gave him a knife.......
Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Finley: Moss 'no concern,' Pack is division fave
how well have the packers faired since the departure of Farve? you know the answer,lol.
Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Shanahan not sold on McNabb?
i think its quite funny reading some of your feedback. I am 38 and I can still long jump 26 ft,and high jump over 7'4....my body is jacked and my young girlfiend laughs when people complain her dating an old man....lol, me too, but you guys base things on an expectation base on your skillset and not on the heart of champion. If you have never had that level of dedication thats just like telling awoman how she should wear her tampon during her period. Hey guys we will never know th right way ,we will never menstruate....you probably cant clean and jerk 305, but you pundits have so much fun tell us elite athlete how we should perform based on your expectations. do us a favor...." be quite"... while real men and women perform. no one has ever one from the audience. obviously you dont have the skillet or dedication. thanks for your unsolictated opinion
Posted Monday September 20, 2010, About: Namath: 'Hard Knocks' was mistake for Jets
yeah joe it was bad idea ...oops its as bad to get drunk on tv and attempting to kiss the female sports analyst....oh joe that was your stalking- out of breath- butt. joe go have some tapioca and sober up before u start giving advice. go to AA and that doesnt stand for "another amorettta sour
Posted Wednesday September 08, 2010, About: Moss feeling unwanted by Pats
the patriot have a history of being ungreatful to productive players. Tom Brady loves going to Moss as much as he loves throwing it to Welker, but those who dont play dont see that not keeping a happy home could affect there teams play. another thing is that the critics love to talk about a person's age. they were wrong about FArve, wrong about warner....and the list will continue to grow because players are about there business and take the measures to be a professional athlete= eat right+ train+ staying out of trouble= success. The fact is you want to talk about new people which is cool but if the socalled "old guys' are performing and now you want to make business deals for cheap, then dont get mad when there immaturity or an injury catches them. Wow I guess there youth can withstand all forces of nature. Randy Moss has never ran good routes, he still has the speed for the YACs and he's tall. Unless he starts having a posture prob Pats you need to do right by him. When will an organization stand by someone other than a QB?.....By the way wrong about TO, he's not washed up. ( I already see a bandwagon of excuses why your a bengal fan. I have been bengal fan since 82)
Posted Wednesday September 01, 2010, About: Greed is good for CJ2K?
nothing wrong with him being greedy. see the owner like a contract that has them in the best siuation and will hold an athlete to the contract, but will renig when the player does want to renegotiate a contract b4 the new one expires. U say that's ludacris, sorry for disturbing the peace but this same titan organization banned Steve air Mcnair from the facility unless he renegotiated. so owners you only believe in contract when it suits your needs so if I was CJ I would be hella greedy and put a clause in my contract that it will be negotiated after a certain date/ with a no trade clause and waiver to renegotiate with no penalty of being banned from playing, training with the team at any time in distant future....get that $$$$$ my.....u knuw the word,lol
Posted Sunday August 22, 2010, About: Why White's Dolphins days are numbered
I see alot of traditional qbs working tha dont deserve a job: Kyle orton, rex grossman, and matt leinart. all are horrible for more than 5 yrs. They have not led there teams anywhere and are giving numerous yrs to get it right. Rex didnt lead that team special teams did with the kid from the "U" with that said your not giving white a problem and it appears to be because he's not white. I see so many times when a mobile qb is constantly disrespected. Troy smith out of Bmore lost his job because of the flu then flacco came. Pitt's dixon has the skillset and may get the chance later. Of course Micahael Vick who thru for the only TD in the pHila loss dring the playoff but Kolb who had 300 yard games against nobodys is thrusted before a vet. All I am saying is that you guys continue to hate even when these guy fail and keep routing for tradition. Traditionally the coordinators and the 60's thinkersare more willinig to deal with medicore white qbs who fail year in and year out, but it would hurt too much to see sandlot or wildcat formation succeed. If they do you want progress now and dont let them develop. I like Kolb, he's mobile and he's gotta a gun. Critics are more understanding with Michael Vick like qbs when there white then only then is it progress. I cant make this up. Skip bayless and many fan like you will continue to hate on football and unfortuntely race is an issue that needs to be brought up because it matters to u. YOu care more about the package than the performance. I am not going to shut up about it because thats what u want. many white anaylst have agreed that the 60's mentality still lingers in 2010, and it will always be
Posted Friday August 13, 2010, About: Did Barnes slap a summer league coach?
the ghost of Latrell sprewell
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Sources: Shaq talked to Euro teams
yo regardless of the ego, he's a big body that can move and even d howard cant stop him when he get deep. i atch the same game u did and no one can sstill stop him even as old man shaq. He nearly fouled out garnett, big baby, and sorry wallace. had the coach kept feeding him the cavs would have won game 6. hold up u all like to hate and talk about age. I tALK FACTS. HE'S OLD BUT THEY CANT HOLD HIM. PLEASE REFER TO HIM AS BRETT Farve.......old minnesota. talk facts or shut up. regular seasonmeans nothing. play hard or go home!
Posted Sunday July 11, 2010, About: T.O. blames ESPN, media for unemployment
so brett farve who i like as player gets a pass........are u serious or did you have to practice being a hypocrite? why is there a differnt view with elite white players? , spoiled, selfish....I'm retiring, Psych....I want to play. u people need to b consistent about what is deplorable behavior and not have inconsistency in your assessments of players.
Posted Sunday July 11, 2010, About: T.O. blames ESPN, media for unemployment
preach..>>>.I luv what your saying,yet most of the media likes to hate on him so that they can sell a story and add fuel to the fire. they dont want to hear about forgiveness. he's not a law breaker but most anaylst particularly white ones( there are some black one too) that have more face time luv gating him. he's accurate about his arguements and coaches cant stand intelligent conversations from black men. that's my opinion. I went there and u went in another direction. if he was to get signed tomorrow and was winning on Monday, how many people would be on the band wagon? suppose he had 15 catches for 175 yards 3 tds. Would u call him Team obliterator then. No one can win with the Buffalo bills. I thought he did well inspite of the talent there and he had some good games where he was able to separate , and leave DBs. so what the prob? Ask scott norwood or Ray finkel. finkel is einhorn
Posted Sunday July 11, 2010, About: T.O. open to playing with McNabb
wow u all love problems. if that man can forgive and forget....then the media, and the fans must do the same. quit hating for simple entertainment.

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