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Posted Saturday January 12, 2013, About: Rob Ryan: I haven't accepted Rams DC job...yet
Sounds like Rob Ryan is a big mouth like his brother Rex except fatter and needs a good shve.
Posted Tuesday January 01, 2013, About: A-Rod pre-habbing in Cabo
Is there a specific reason knucklehead A-Roid didn't have the surgery done already? Did he want to swivel those hips one last time with his girlfriend(s) before the knife or is more steroid withdrawal required?
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Report: Mariners serious about signing Raul Ibanez
Raul did a great job PH for Yanks and he would be missed, but if he can get more money and longer term with M's take the money and run. At 40 years old cant be to many options out there. Yanks can always find someone who can PH, DH and play a little OF.
Posted Saturday December 22, 2012, About: Nats growing impatient with Adam LaRoche?
Yanks should send Mark Tex to D.C. close to his home for a top prospect. Yanks have to rid themselves of the high priced guys who are not superstars.
Posted Thursday December 20, 2012, About: Add Yankees to Ibanez chase
To bad A-Roid just don't show some pride and retire. Roid withdrawal can also be a killer.
Posted Thursday December 20, 2012, About: Swisher a fit in Philly?
Swish could hit a lot out of the cozy ballpark in Philly. In Yankee Stadium Left Field is not a hitters dream. Would Phillies Manager take Swishers antics and chokes in the post season however?
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Yankees 'all over' Ichiro
What is the story with Swisher. Is he over pricing himself. Shouds he have accepted the Yankees 13+ million offer and wait 1 more year for free agency? Did he over play his hand. Are any potential suitors backing off because of his pathetic post season showing. I think Swish will be lucky to get a 3 year 30 million offer from anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up back with the Yanks for a 2 or 3 year deal with an annual salary of 13 million per season. Will Yankee fans forgive him for his childish behavior when he snubbed them cause they booded him when he was sucking?
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: Yankees 'all over' Ichiro
It is like Old Timers Day with the Yankees....but I will say this they are in the play-off's every year and the teams with the young guys continue to flounder so there is something to be said about age.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: M's 'very close' to landing Hamilton
Not a hitters park in Seattle so why go there? The Mariners I believe did talk about bringing the fences in, does anyone know if they did. If they didn't the signing of Hamilton you can be sure they will. How would Hernandez feel about shorter fences and how would it effect his record.
Posted Friday December 07, 2012, About: Damon hoping for a place to play
Johnny D. although OLD is a gamer and a lot better than some of these guys getting the big contracts. A good teammate always hustles (who will ever forget his 2 stolen bases in the 209 W.S. against the Phillies) and he does know his baseball how to move a runner over, how to sreal a base.......but can no longer play the outfield and hasn't been able to do that for years. For the right contending team he would be a good choice. Go Johnny Go...Johnny be good.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Yankees put Granderson on the block
I understand Grandy has a no trde clause? Would he waive that for an extension with some other team. 196 k's last year and that number seems to be growing every year. Was it the short fences at Yankee Stadium. But Grandy is a good guy and teammate. His parents did an excellent job and must be very proud of him.
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Four or five teams still in on Josh Hamilton
The guy that signed the Poster Boy for Steroid use hopefully is long gone from the Yanks. The Yanks bid agaist themselves. What other fools would have paid that price? Certainly not Mr. Clutch!
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Four or five teams still in on Josh Hamilton
Buyer beware!
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Did steroids play role in A-Rod's injury issues?
A-Roid should be a Poster Boy for Steroid users. This is what happens when your off the juice, the body starts to breakdown and you are lucky if it don't kill you.
Posted Saturday December 01, 2012, About: Report: Angry Brian Wilson won't re-sign with Giants
If the Yanks hired him and he was healthy could he pitch without that mop on his face to fit the Yankee requirement of being clean shaving? I have to wonder if some people ever look in the mirror.
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: New Marlins manager tries to calm angry Giancarlo Stanton
Who would want to play for the Marlins after the recent Fire Sale? This is the 3rd time Loser Loria has done this thus 1, 2, 3 strikes your out at the old ball game!
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: Selig might nix a Stanton trade
Loria must be forced to sell the marlins in the best interests of the game!
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Wright put off by Mets offers
Fenway Park would be a great landing spot for Wright with that monster in left field and the Red Sox want to win unlike the Mets status quo..
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Report: Josh Hamilton wants 7 years, $175 million
Not only will you have to pay Hamilton a tidy sum in his pay check you also have to pay someone to watch he don't fall off the wagon. Buyer Beware! Whoever signs him better have an opt out if he ends up with drugs or Booze in his system. This will be a high risk signing!
Posted Tuesday October 16, 2012, About: Why the Rays are stuck this offseason
When the fans don't put their fannies in the seats ownership can't pay the salaries. Maybe if the Rays started their games around 5:30 down their in Gods waiting room right after the early bird dinner specials they would draw fans at least through the 1st 5 innings?
Posted Monday October 15, 2012, About: Loria acting like Steinbrenner without the titles
The difference between George Steinbrenner and Loria is Steinbrenner knew what he was doing and surrounded himself with good people.

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