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Posted Thursday April 17, 2014, About: Clowney's open to a workout (for five minutes)
What a CLOWN---- another MORON from the SEC....
Posted Wednesday April 16, 2014, About: Alabama's next target
ala-bama---where academics don't matter.....
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Penn State wins B1G honor going away
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Spoiled and lazy Clowney will disappoint
another BRAIN-CHILD from the SEC----

SEC---- building more MORONS every day......
Posted Saturday April 12, 2014, About: Bon Jovi wants the Bills
bon-CRAPPI needs to just go away already....
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Braun loves the boos, seriously
philly is truly the LAND OF THE LOSER...... Morons of the NL East....
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Why Ryne Sandberg isn't coaching Cubs
the Sillies cut sandberg when he was just starting out--- sending him packing and telling him he couldn't play baseball....

Now he crawls back to the Sillies, first to coach the minors, now in the big time.

Sandberg must have low self esteem, we'll see if he can manage...
Posted Saturday April 05, 2014, About: DeSean Jackson: Chip Kelly wouldn't say why he was cut
philly will never crack the code on WINNING-- this city is destined for remaining RINGLESS in the NFC East...

Thanks for all the entertainment---- funny to watch these specimens,,,,
Posted Tuesday April 01, 2014, About: Jackson-to-Washington a done deal
Agreed---- Snyder is capable of huge, moronic moves.... LIKE THIS!!!
Posted Monday March 31, 2014, About: Bon Jovi's son sidelined at Notre Dame
bon-CRAPPIE--- a family of LOSERS......
Posted Sunday March 30, 2014, About: DeAngelo Hall wants DeSean Jackson in Washington
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: Tiger Woods might make rare Texas start
No One Cares---- Eldrick is no longer a threat in ANY MAJOR.... Stevie was right.... left at the right time......
Posted Friday March 28, 2014, About: Harvey may one day wear pinstripes
Must be a SLOW NEWS DAY in NY--- here's a hint: the METS have this guy for 4 more years, with rehab this year but NYM nonetheless...

Yankees may be desperate, but they will have to look elsewhere with their wallets,,,
Posted Wednesday March 26, 2014, About: DeSean says he's staying
Everyone knows jack-A__ is in charge in philly-- he is the GM, Coach, OC and owner---- he makes all the rules.........

Poor eagles fans..... Stuck again....
Posted Tuesday March 25, 2014, About: Frontrunners to sign Sanchez

Haven't cracked the code in 48 tries--- RINGLESS and CLUELESS in the NFC EAST!!
Posted Friday March 21, 2014, About: Jets want Vick to push Geno
the CON-vick continues to get bad press.... wonder why???
Posted Wednesday March 05, 2014, About: Tiger Woods off to worst start in career
LOSER woods is doing what we thought he would do.... NOTHING! He quits when he gets behind, he selects only a few tournaments as if he were on vacation, and only has himself to blame for his spineless lifestyle and lack of competition.

Glad his old man didn't have to see this....
Posted Friday February 28, 2014, About: Maclin, Eagles at odds
the eagles definitely are ODD,,,, that's for sure... Odd and RINGLESS.... there's a reason.....
Posted Friday February 28, 2014, About: Carroll hammers NCAA in USC return
Happy about ruining one of the country's best football programs--- he has a little BARRY obama in him... Ruin a country and not be sad about it... We need more cat litter...
Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014, About: How LSU landed an 8th grade QB
Whoever said you need "brains" to attend any of the SEC schools?

Come to the SEC where academics don't matter....
Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014, About: Vick to New York?
Mornhinweg and the CON-vick--- experts in LOSING.... just like the rest of the eagles organization...
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