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Posted Thursday November 28, 2013, About: Cherry cut out of $5 billion deal?
Cherry is already part of Rogers Media. His radio show the Grapevine is aired on the Fan radio network - owned by Rogers.
HNIC is not going anywhere as Rogers named CBC as their partner in the deal to air games. If anything the deal now will allow for more over the air broadcasts with CBC and Rogers own CityTV network showing games.
Posted Thursday August 15, 2013, About: Jets' plan in shambles
Jets, the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NFL.
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Baron Davis: I was abducted by aliens
Mescaline, not to be fooled with.
Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Grabovski on Carlyle: '[Expletive] idiot'
Jagr put up points in the KHL & CZE as well, not exactly an indicator of how they will produce in the NHL.
Posted Wednesday May 01, 2013, About: Stackhouse: Collins should be assured contract
The reaction fall one of two ways.

1. He gets a contract - People will say it was just because he is gay and it makes for a feel good story.

2. He does not get a contract - NBA exec's are labelled homophobes with backwards thinking.
Posted Thursday April 18, 2013, About: Vick: 'It's still my team'
I'm with Vick on this, it's his team and it needs to remain that way.
- Giants fan.
Posted Friday March 01, 2013, About: Rose drama contributing to Bulls blues
"A team demoralized by the will-he, won't-he circus."
Who created that circus and drama? People like the writer.
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: The NFL's most-hated team
They don't trash talk and give credit when they lose? What have you been watching? After a loss they can't run off the field fast enough and both Brady and Belicheck try to avoid the other team. Brady trash talks before games all the time though he has toned it down after getting slapped down by the Giants in 2007 after his "they think we won't score 20?" comment.
I have a lot of respect for Belicheck as a coach and the Pats as a team, but lets be honest here they aren't exactly saints (and I don't mean the New Orleans kind!).
As for being the best, they haven't been the "best" in 8 seasons.
Posted Tuesday February 26, 2013, About: The NBA's most overpaid player
Pfft, Dirk is overpaid? I give you Andrea Bargnani.
Posted Sunday December 23, 2012, About: Jeremy Evans: I would beat LeBron in dunk contest
Are you seriously saying George Carlin should be considered a "low grade wanna be entertainer"?
Posted Thursday September 20, 2012, About: Ovechkin never coming back?
Bob Goodenow was the head of the players association, not the commissioner. The Dwarf has sat in the big chair since 1993.
Posted Thursday September 20, 2012, About: Ovechkin never coming back?
People keep saying that teams should sign players to incentive laden contracts to counter the possibility of a "Gomez" happening. It's a nice thought in theory and one the teams would surely love. However it has to be agreed upon in the CBA and the NHLPA will not allow that.
Posted Tuesday July 27, 2010, About: Colangelo lashes out at Bosh
Everyone keeps saying they didn't surround Bosh with talent. That is garbage. They got Jack, because Bosh wanted him. When they signed Hedo, he was the prize FA pickup across the league. Sure he turned out to be a bum, but at the time the Raps were praised for signing him.
Lastly, if Bosh is so great than he should able to make all the players around him better. But he couldn't. Bosh is a sidekick, nothing more, nothing less.

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