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Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: Great expectations for Miles in Cleveland
I am unimpressed with CJ's consistency and competitiveness, but at the same time I wouldn't bet against a Jazz draft pick on being a good deal. I'm not sure what magic 8 ball Utah has, but they do have a knack for drafting talented and overlooked players later in the draft that turn out to be impact players (See Paul Millsap, Wesley Matthews, Mo Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Mark Eaton, etc.. Stockton and Malone belong in this category to some degree as well given how late they were drafted in the first round compared to their impact on the game).
Posted Tuesday March 01, 2011, About: Sources: Nets to pursue Dwight Howard
That seems a lot more likely than Howard to Jersey. As much as I hated losing DWill from the Jazz, I would actually love to see him stick it out with the Nets and try to build a team from nothing. The problem is, if he was frustrated in Utah, Jersey is going to be even worse. One and done.
Posted Tuesday March 01, 2011, About: Sources: Nets to pursue Dwight Howard
Short of Jay-Z including 1-on-1 time with Beyonce in Deron's contract, the only way DWill stays with the Nets is if they advance in the playoffs and land a Howard-type player. Personally, I don't see how either of those scenarios happen. More likely they pick up Kirilenko (at a much-reduced salary) and DWill ends up in LA or Dallas.
Posted Tuesday February 08, 2011, About: Howard tweets: I never said I wanted to leave
As a fan of another small market team, I would love to have SA included on the same list as LA, Chicago, and the Celtics, but I have trouble getting over a very large asterisk on SA reading "titles won in Michael Jordan's absence." But for Jordan, Orlando (Shaq/Hardaway years) would have at least one championship, and Utah (Malone/Stockton years) would have two. If the Spurs win a title post-Duncan, that asterisk disappears, but until then, I don't think you can string them in that same line.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Perkins may test uncertain market
There are several teams in the league that are in dire need of interior presence that will be willing to cut him a big check. This is a very large chicken that I wouldn't count until it was hatched.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Why Chicago should fear the Knicks
Granted I've only seen one half of a Bulls-Knicks game this year, but the half that I saw was half court basketball, and the matchups were just flat out bad for the Bulls, particularly on the defensive end in the post where the Bulls couldn't consistently get stops. If I were a Bulls fan, this is not the first round matchup I'd be hoping for.
Posted Monday February 07, 2011, About: Brooks walks off court, into suspension
Brooks can play and has slightly better court judgment than Lowry, but otherwise Lowry is a better baller. Brooks isn't doing himself any favors here. He's not good enough to play the diva card without teams losing interest.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: Kupchak 'may have to' make a move
I try not to think about the Cavs, especially right after lunch:) The only predictions I remember making on the other teams are:

Orlando: Their trade moves (acquiring Arenas) would make them better but not a contender.
Dallas: If Spurs and Celtics both have major injuries, Dallas could win championship because of their roster depth.
Chicago: Boozer would get his 20-10, but hurt them enough defensively that they might win a few more games but still not be an elite team.
Thunder: I don't remember making a prediction about the Thunder. I think by default I think of them losing in the first or second round, which probably isn't fair.
Heat: That much talent on one team will get you 50 wins but not a championship given the competition.

On other thing I believe I blew: i think I remember saying that Al Jefferson would make it to the Allstar game this year.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: Kupchak 'may have to' make a move
Speaking of predictions, I thought now might be a good time to do an assessment of who made predictions at the beginning of the season and how those have turned out so far. Here are mine:

Crap I think I am right about this year:
Spurs and Celtics would be top two teams, and who wins championship will be determined by injuries.
Lakers are vulnerable and this season would be the beginning of the end of the Kobe championships.
Jazz would be as good this year as they were last year.

Crap I was wrong about:
Clippers with Griffin would be a bubble playoff team.
Wizards with Wall would win 35+ games.
Minnesota would not win more than 10 games.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: Kupchak 'may have to' make a move
It would be silly to break up this roster unless he is convinced that there is no way they win a title this year and he wants to start on building for the Lakers post-Kobe. If that is the case, anyone could be on the trading block. More likely, he rides this roster out, the Lakers have a couple of rough years, and then they reload.
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: The next Carmelo: Deron Williams
Utah will beat both and then lose to Minnesota and Golden State.:)
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: The next Carmelo: Deron Williams
I doubt it. He made it clear why he chose Utah over L.A. Both teams will make the playoffs, and the Lakers are looking extremely vulnerable this year.
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: The next Carmelo: Deron Williams
The Jazz are in fact playing like garbage losing to Philly, Washington, and NJ in the last couple of weeks. Transitioning Okur back into the lineup has created all sorts of problems on D and defensive rebounds. Play at the 2 spot (See Raja Bell) has been extremely inconsistent as well. Hopefully it's just a hiccup, and they will work things out before the playoffs.
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: The next Carmelo: Deron Williams
The unfortunate thing for my Jazz is that Sloan retiring and DWill's contract expiring are going to be happening at about the same time. If Sloan was going to stick around a few more years, I think DWill would too. The Jazz are actually playing significantly worse (particularly on the defensive end and on the glass) since Okur came back into the lineup, so they've got to figure out a way to make that work. The good news is with Kirilenko's contract expiring, they're going to have a lot of cash to bring in some help.
Posted Thursday January 20, 2011, About: Nets after Kirilenko, may take Anthony as rental
So true. The Nuggets got greedy, and every day that Melo spends in a Nuggets uniform, the less value he has for other teams.
Posted Thursday January 20, 2011, About: Nets after Kirilenko, may take Anthony as rental
I can't believe I'm defending Kirilenko, but in terms of on court performance, I wouldn't underestimate him. When he's THE guy on a team, something switches in his Russian noggin. Obviously he wouldn't bring the same scoring firepower that Carmelo has, but I'm not sure that a Carmelo-led Nets team would win more games than a Kirilenko-led Nets team. When Stockton and Malone left the Jazz, Kirilenko was one win away from getting a Jazz team that consisted of a bunch of D-Leaguers into the playoffs. Granted the Nets don't have Jerry Sloan, but they've got a lot more talent than the Jazz did in the years between Stockton and Williams. When he plays with the Russian team, he is a completely different player than when he's a 4th/5th option cog in Sloan's system. My two concerns with Kirilenko would be his health and his asking price. It's hard to build around a guy with consistent health issues, but if you can get him at a reasonable price, I think he'd be worth the investment.
Posted Wednesday January 19, 2011, About: Fredette extends range to 30 feet
Their games are so fundamentally different, I don't think this is a good comparison. The only two things they really have in common is it will take Jimmer a few years to get his D to where it needs to be in the NBA. Jimmer has range and strength/quickness to penetrate or create his own shot. A better comparison for Jimmer is Monta Ellis with better range but not quite as much speed.
Posted Friday January 14, 2011, About: Melo drama over 'soon'
I say good for Melo if he does go to the Nets. It's certainly more manly for a superstar to go to a perennial bottom feeder and try to make something out of it than to conspire with two other superstars to try to make an unstoppable superteam. With that said, maybe I've watched to many spy movies, but why does it feel like the only way a team like the Nets gets a player like Carmelo through a trade must have involved an entire gaggle of Russian prostitutes, compromising pictures of Nuggets management with livestock and a kidnapped chihuahua?
Posted Monday December 20, 2010, About: Wall to miss more time?
Just glad it's not chronic tendinitis. Farewell Arenas. Now we can finally start to rebuild.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Players explore desertification
NBACares is pretty ambitious to move beyond issues like children's literacy and fitness and giving veterans and sick kids feel good moments to addressing a global issue like desertification. Given their experience with absolute wastelands like the Clippers, Nets, Kings, etc., they may be just the people for the job.
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: Haywood's role slipping in Dallas?
Haywood is what he is. He's kind of a Dampier/Collins type 5 who isn't going to do anything explosive for you but will not do anything terrible either. He played a lot better with the Wizards than he has in Dallas, so maybe he is having trouble adjusting to minimal playing time.
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