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Posted Sunday January 08, 2012, About: Michael Andretti to be on 'Celebrity Apprentice'
NASCAR isn't auto racing. It's a bunch of necks hitting each other to pass because they don't have the skill to drive a real race car.
Posted Wednesday October 19, 2011, About: Sharks again waiting on stars
Every year is the same. McLellan said before the season started that they couldn't do like last year & wait until Feb. Guess what? They're waiting until Feb. This is why they will never win the cup. Suck until Feb, then kill themselves to get a high seed then get swept in the 2nd or 3rd round. Plus Marleau's annual vacation during games.
Posted Monday May 30, 2011, About: Truth comes out: Thornton's shoulder separated
What sport do you watch Susie? Baseball where a hangnail is good for a week off? Football where they only play once a week & only on one side of the ball? Yeah, you're real tough. Put skates on & take some hits & try to stay on your feet at the same time. Stick to video games.
Posted Sunday May 22, 2011, About: Winnipeg may land Thrashers next week
Arguing over attendance is as bogus as the ESPN list. The Sharks(one of those "southern" teams that has no right to a team) is listed 17th because the arena is 17th in capacity. But averages 100% . Should they move? As for the Avs, they average 82% in an arena 3000 seats smaller than the Sharks. But they shouldn't move either.

If Winnipeg supports a team with sellouts & makes money, do it. If they can't, find a city that can. Remember the attempt to put a team in Hamilton? That went away because two teams that close together wouldn't work. Ownership is important, so is population.
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: Roenick adds 'gutless' to Marleau rips
If you are supposed to be a top player make an effort. No points in the entire series? Goat on 2 goals? But I do disagree with JR about everyone else playing hard. If that was the case they wouldn't have given up 3 goals in the 3rd when they were about to end the series. Remember twice after scoring they immediately gave up a goal. They stopped playing after they went up 3-1.
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: Bears low-ball Martz, risk his departure
My Niners had Martz for one year. No surprise the team actually won games & scored points. But Dingleberry didn't believe in scoring more than 10 points so he fired him. Now Paper Mike is gone too.
Posted Tuesday September 28, 2010, About: York's next move may involve Singletary
Singletary & Raye both thought it was 1960. Run>Run>Pass (3rd & long). I seriously believe that if the league would let him, Big Mike wouldn't even have a QB on the field. Every play would be Wildcat. Direct snap to Gore.

His plan is for the Niners to score 21 & keep the other team off the board. How many teams score less than 21 pts? This is not the 85 Bears. They wouldn't have given up 35 pts.

Yes we need a new QB, but who's available? Could have had McNabb but were afraid of damaging Smith's delicate psyche. Oh brother.

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