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Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: UTEP, SMU and Houston interested in MWC
Just hurry up and get it all over with already, so I can by EA Sports, NCAA Football and not have to worry about the conferences changing!
Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: Emery hitches wagon to 'franchise' QB Cutler
Two things that need to be addressed for Chicago's offense, play calling and their o-line. 7 of the top 15 FA's are all OL. So, if Chicago is willing to spend the money, they can fix their most glaring issue immediately. They also need to work on shortening up the pass routes for Cutler. I can't tell you how many times I watched Cutler throw deep on a 3rd and short. Take the deep route option away from him and he'll be forced to look at a 5 to 10 yd pass.
Posted Monday August 27, 2012, About: Should Bears cut Brian Urlacher?
Rebuilding mode, are you high? Cutler is a Top10 QB. Ask any analyst out there and they'll agree. Forte is a Top10 RB as well and now they've coupled him with Bush. Marshall's best year as a WR came at the arm of Cutler and the two are already picking up where they left off. O-Line needs work but has shown improvement (hard to go anywhere but up with that line). Defensively they're older but still very solid and very dependable. Urlacher is the Captain of that D by name only. Briggs is THE LB for Chicago and most knowledgable fans know that.

They've got a better team than last year and they were 7-3 when both Cutler and Forte went down. They'll finish this year with a minimum record of 10-6. Playoffs are an expectation, not a hope. Do your research before you go making mindless comments.
Posted Thursday March 03, 2011, About: Report: BYU's Davies suspended for premarital sex
Could you imagine if all teams suspended their players for pre-marital sex? There'd be what, 15 guys left playing? And half of those players would be on BYU. Hmmm, perhaps BYU should lobby the NCAA for this to become a rule, they may have a chance for a Championship at that point!
Posted Monday February 28, 2011, About: Aaron critical of A-Rod
So, because nobody is watching they shouldn't be held accountable? What happened to intregrity? Sure, the Front Offices turned a blind eye but Player Integrity should still mean something. There are PLENTY of MLB players that did not ever use PEDs. "Nobody is watching" is NOT an excuse. Cheating is cheating. Yes, it's that black and white...
Posted Monday February 28, 2011, About: Aaron critical of A-Rod
All these "old timers" have very right to be upset about their records. They played the game every day. Sure they were hungover some games (lol) but, point being, they went out and played day after day, as hard as they could -- drug free. Now their records are being broken by guys who used PED? I'd be miffed too! The HR record is still held by Henry Aaron, in my mind. I don't care if Bonds broke it, nor will I care when/if ARod breaks it - they both cheated.

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