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Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: Gronk told to curb his enthusiasm?
You are kidding, right?

Trailing Brady and Bunchen is a cottage industry. The paparazzi are practically camped outside wherever one or both of them happen to be residing, dining, walking, playing with their children, working out or doing whatever else fills their busy lives.

They have just learned to handle it properly; never doing anything dumb, never saying anything and always giving the media a couple of good photo ops so they keep their distance.
Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: Gronk told to curb his enthusiasm?
I don't care what he does with his free time in the offseason. But, I do care that he doesn't seem to be focused on rehabbing the series of injuries that threaten to make him Just Another Guy who was very talented but had his career cut short for health reasons.
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Will Sean Payton end up coaching the Cowboys?
I don't see Payton working for Jerry Jones unless he has a personality transplant and morphs into an owner who butts out of day to day personnel management.

I could see him in Philly, though. Laurie is a class owner.

If both Cowher and Payton are job hunting, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets' job vacant, but, while Tannenbaum's long overdue exit as GM could be part of the hiring deal, I doubt either would work for a cipher like Woody Johnson. He got his money "the old fashioned way;" he inherited it, has never run anything but his gold plated choo choo trains as a child and has pretty much mangled the Jets, to the extent that that was even possible after the Hess years.
Posted Tuesday July 31, 2012, About: Rough start for Tebow and Sanchez
You mean that Sanchez and Tebow are both playing like the backups they are? Whodathunkit?

Note to Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum: you don't get a franchise starter by adding two backups together. It doesn't work that way.
Posted Wednesday May 16, 2012, About: Revis: Rex 'did fade off' in 2011
I'm just trying to imagine players speaking this way of Chuck Noll or Bud Grant or Bill Belichick or Mike Tomlin or Tuna. Nope. Can't imagine it.

And the beat goes on at the Three Ring Circus, otherwise known as The New York Jets........
Posted Friday January 27, 2012, About: Irked Roethlisberger wants answers from Rooney
Memo to Ben Roethlisberger: Shut the eff up!

The Steelers organization is one of the best and classiest in the NFL and all of professional sports. No one has ever accused you of being "classy," but you're good at what you do.

After much soul-searching, that organization stood by you when you were accused of rape and subsequently avoided an indictment by the skin of your teeth. The Steelers are not the Jets or Bengals, where players of dubious reputation and questionable character are welcome in the first place. Count your blessings to be part of this franchise and report to training camp in shape and ready to play.

Mike Tomlin and his staff are more than capable of organizing the offense; you just be ready to get out on the field and do your part.

Otherwise, get lost.
Posted Wednesday January 18, 2012, About: Ravens unraveling? Reed calls out Flacco
I don't know what Reed was trying to accomplish as, presumably, Flacco is too much of a professional to need to be motivated by his own teammates calling him out in the week before what is arguably the most important game of his career. But I will say that Reed at least had the cojones to make his comment publicly and "for the record" as opposed to the gutless wonders on the Jets who ripped Sanchez "anonymously."

Hmmm..."gutless wonders" and "Jets"...isn't that redundant?
Posted Tuesday December 27, 2011, About: Skins job more daunting than Shanahan imagined
While Snyder burns money on personnel the way some people burn charcoal in the summer, I think that even he would hesitate to hand Shanahan $21 million to play golf the next three years.
Posted Tuesday December 27, 2011, About: Manning to Jets? Rex says no
Who knows if Ryan is speaking for the organization. A stunt like this is just the kind of thing that Woody "Is the ball stuffed with feathers?" Johnson would try to pull off.

However, I don't think there's any reasonable chance that Irsay and Polian would send Manning to another team in the AFC, in the unlikely event that they send him anywhere.
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Unimpressed Belichick: Long way from being good
He also drew three Holding calls on Incognito, two of which were accepted. He's still getting into NFL shape. If he doesn't get hurt because of the limited conditioning, he should be "Albert Haynesworth" by November.
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Brady's window already closed?
This is a sloppy use of statistics. If Brady's time has "passed," it's a function of the QB and not the era.

First of all, if you look at the QB's who have won SB's since 1994. Elway was over 35. Aikman retired prematurely because of repeated concussions. The jury is still out on Brady, Peyton Manning and Big Ben. Of the others, we have, except for Favre and probably Warner, QB's who will never be considered for the HOF and who were "one hit wonders" in the SB. So we really don't know what the pattern will be for this generation, as it is too early too tell. That's just sloppy reporting.

Secondly, what the data do suggest is that it is a function of the QB, not the era when it comes to age. Yes, Starr was older when he won his final championships, but Montana won his last SB at 33 and Bradshaw at 31, well before the FA/Cap era.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Vikes' Bagley on future in Twin Cities: 'I am concerned'
But i think the point is that other owners are footing the bill themselves. At the very least, there should be a taxpayer referendum so voters can actually decide for themselves.

For a $300 million bond over 30 years, every point of interest that taxpayer subsidized public financing gives a billionaire is worth around $80 million to the Owner. So, if Minnesota gives Zigy a three point break on the interest he would pay a bank (if he could even get a loan from a bank), not only has the State tied up $300 million that could have gone to schools or public safety expenses, but it would be saving the Vikings owner nearly $250 million dollars in interest expense.

In this economy, when cities and states are desperately strapped for cash, to me, at least, that's insane.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Vikes' Bagley on future in Twin Cities: 'I am concerned'
seems to me that two new yorkers like ourselves shouldn't be making this decision for Minnesotans. If they want to raise their own taxes to put $300MM into a football stadium, when other owners are footing the bill themselves, then they should at least have a referendum at the polls to decide that.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Vikes' Bagley on future in Twin Cities: 'I am concerned'
Why should States and/or municipalities foot the bill for stadiums to enrich billionaire owners? The Krafts put up their stadium without taking money from Massachusetts and with only minimal local investment by the town. Both Foxboro and Mass still benefit from the jobs created and the taxes generated by the Patriots and Patriots Place.

If the answer is that a local market is too small to provide the revenues and support that an NFL team needs without taxpayer subsidization, then there should at least be a referendum on election day so people can actually vote to increase their taxes in these difficult times to pony up $300 million or so to keep their favorite team in town.
Posted Tuesday February 15, 2011, About: Panthers owner mocks Manning, Brees
That assumes, of course, that a guy who has shared a lockerroom with corners, safeties, tight ends, running backs, etc., since he was ten years old never learned anything from that experience. I don't think that's a reasonable assumption. Add to that the fact that Peyton and Tommy both started playing QB well before most of the rules that now protect them were put in place and I'd have to argue that your point is without merit.
Posted Tuesday February 15, 2011, About: Panthers owner mocks Manning, Brees
Let me get this straight. Peyton Manning has won more games as a starting QB than Richardson's franchise has won in its entire history and Richardson is mocking him?

Add one more voice to those who hope that the Players get every last dime they can from fools like Richardson!
Posted Saturday October 23, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
I connect the dots and I get "pad my HOF stats." Let's face it, he has a much better chance of doing that with Drew or Peyton than with Romo...or McNabb or Vick or Rivers or Palmer, all of whom have proven themselves to be inconsistent. Since he'll have gone through Brady and Favre, that leaves the other two active HOF QB's with whom he hasn't played. I don't think Indy's his kind of town or organization, so my money's on New Orleans.
Posted Saturday October 23, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
Oh come on. Eli and the Giants put together a run at the end of the 2007 season that they've done nothing to equal, either before or since. Fluke.
Posted Saturday October 23, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
nah. if he were going to retire, he would have snoozed it out in New England. plus, ten million is ten million.
Posted Saturday October 23, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
Interesting thought, but I think Moss is looking for a QB who's prime time proven. Pretty much leaves Peyton and Drew.
Posted Saturday October 23, 2010, About: Moss unlikely to return to Vikings?
Because they won't have a Quarterback next year.

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