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Posted Sunday April 13, 2014, About: Report: MLB might fine Yankees prez over Mike Trout talk
Rex - your comment does not make any sense. The Yankees are no more harmful to baseball than at least 10 other franchises. St. Louis, Los Angeles (both), Detroit, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle (Cano contract), Texas, Mets, Washington, Atlanta - ALL do business virtually identical to the Yankees.

Also, fining the Yankees due to a comment about Trout is ridiculous. The GM was making a point (using a real world example) of not signing players to 10 year contracts IF they are older than 30. (Maybe they are learning their lesson after the 10 year $275 Million contract to AROD).
Posted Saturday March 29, 2014, About: Report: Lakers assembling lottery package for Kevin Love
A little common sense here could do wonders. Currently the Lakers have the 5th worst record in the NBA. They will more than likely wind up with the 5th pick of the draft. (I think the lottery only produces the top 3 teams). So if they draft, who do they wind up with? Is Kevin Love a better option? And if so, why would the T-Wolves trade Kevin Love for a pick not commensurate in value? So Love will be going for a max contract. Note that per NBA rules, the MOST Kevin Love can make on a so called "max contract" is with Minnesota. Why would be leave for what will likely be LESS MONEY? Who does that? Nobody does that.
Posted Saturday March 29, 2014, About: Report: Lakers assembling lottery package for Kevin Love
I thought Kevin Love was from Lake Oswego, Oregon.
Posted Thursday March 20, 2014, About: Adam Dunn has read one book in his life
One book in his entire life? He's missing out on a lot. There are some great authors out there. Louis L'Amour, (I hope I spelled that correctly), John Grisham, (Ford County and Playing for Pizza are sensational, also many others like "The King of Torts", "The Partner"), Dean Koontz, oh, it's a huge list. Hemingway, John Dryden. (Google "MacFlecknoe" it is absolutely hilarious). To only have read one book in your entire life is not just pitiful for the ignorance, it's pitiful for the void it indicates he has in his life. What's he going to do after retirement? (Other than run out of money)?
I believe the spelling is correct. Their works are sensational.
Google also the top 100 books of all time. Lots of knowledge, pleasure, entertainment there.
Isn't Dunn on airplanes all the time? He should expand his horizons.
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Raji returns with only $500K guaranteed
I highly doubt that's true. Old Stadium. Do they have luxury boxes? Of course they do get money through periodic "stock offerings" (better known as "fleecing frozen brained fans").

Top ten in revenue? I have to disagree.
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Raji returns with only $500K guaranteed
Think about the entire story. Other teams don't want him, AND he got $4 Million for ONE year. In the real world (not the fantasy world of professional sports) if you stink or suck at what you do, you get fired, you don't get a contract for $4 Million.
Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014, About: Another controversial Logan Morrison quote
In commen #14, the word homosexual was censored. Why?
Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014, About: Darrelle Revis: Signing with Patriots 'about just winning'
That big of an audience, huh?
Posted Tuesday March 18, 2014, About: Kevin Garnett to miss another week
You misspelled Caesar. Classic.
Posted Saturday March 15, 2014, About: Mike Trout not worried by contract talks
He gets arbitration soon, and then, after his arbitration years (if an extension is not signed) he will sign for about $375 Million over 10 years. His arbitration years should be for about $25 Million per year. He compares favorably to Pujols, Hamilton, A Rod, Fielder, and several others. He should have no trouble setting the record for highest arbitration salary awarded, and will absolutely set the record for highest total dollar contract of any professional athlete ever signed. The Angels are playing with fire by not signing him RIGHT NOW to a very long term contract. They should offer 5 years and about $140 Million. (Trout would consider taking it, even at the possibility of leaving a few dollars on the table - for a few years - because it will give him financial security for the rest of his life).
Posted Saturday March 08, 2014, About: Report: DeMarcus Ware doesn't want Cowboys pay cut
He should NOT take a pay cut. He should go to another team. There is a SB victory in his future, but NOT in Dallas. All good things come to an end. He should take a one or two year deal in Seattle. (Pass rushers are ALWAYS needed, no matter how many you already have).
Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: Pujols irked by Trout rivalry question
Pujols' numbers over his first two seasons are equal or better than those of Trout's first two full years. Pujols had 11 consecutive MVP type years. Trout has TWO consecutive MVP type years. Trout needs to aspire to be more like Pujols. Not the other way around.
Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: Pujols irked by Trout rivalry question
I believe Pujols has 252 Million reasons why he does not regret the move.
Posted Monday March 03, 2014, About: How the Cowboys could land Manziel
If you think the Texans would trade the number one overall pick for Romo (or Romo plus a package of picks) you DON'T UNDERSTAND FOOTBALL. Go back to knitting doilies.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Why Cabrera may wind up in Boston or New York
Really? Cabrera? How effing pitiful is this article? Designed to think Miguel Cabrera was moving. Asdrubal? OK, he may change teams, no bid deal. Use first AND last names when the last name is common.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Deion Sanders: Every NFL team I played for had gay player
Most predictable version of lame humor on the site. Who saw this coming? Everyone did.

Play the Game - are you 13?
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Odd man out of Angels rotation
alacran - as usual, your comments are worthless and difficult to understand. Why even bother typing? Why post 11 posts out of the first 16? Do you TRULY believe anyone gives a crap about your worthless blather? No you don't. Stop typing.
Posted Saturday March 01, 2014, About: Odd man out of Angels rotation
Is Blanton the odd man out? Huh? What? Did you check his 2013 stats? 2-14. How in the the world could he be IN the Angels' rotation? With a five man rotation all doing "as well" as Blanton did in 2013, the starters will win TEN GAMES TOTAL.
Posted Friday February 14, 2014, About: Can Trout reach $40M per season?
Not much of a bidding war. The Yankees will have expiring contracts of ARod, (If he ever comes back), Teixiera. Those two combined make MUCH more than $40 million per year. IF Trout becomes a free agent, look for him to sign a contract with the highest annual average of any pro sports contract EVER.
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Emmitt: Cowboys have lost their way
The "g men" have lost a LOT of games to the Cowboys over the past few years. Why is that?
Posted Tuesday January 14, 2014, About: More to Romo's surgery?
Not a silly question, but no. Romo has millions in guarantees. His latest contract guaranteed him over $50 million.
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