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Posted Monday January 21, 2013, About: Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs criticizes NHLPA before opener
Maybe that complete imbecile should look in the mirror first before he opens his god awful face?
He was so much to blame as well as everybody else.
Posted Saturday January 05, 2013, About: Report: Sidney Crosby ready to play in Europe
So much more to watch those games than ANY NHL game of the last few years.
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Deal by Thursday ... or it's season over
Why wait Gary? Just do it today. Nobody south of the border cares anyway. I feel bad for all of the Canadians. They so getting screwed by both sides in this disaster.
Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Pressure too much for Team Canada's teens?
Of course they did. Look at the score.
Posted Wednesday January 02, 2013, About: A 'more approachable' Bettman
Look how warm and fuzzy Adolph Hitler was just before the end. He even got married just before he blew his brains out. Sometimes history should repeat its' self.
Posted Sunday December 23, 2012, About: Season on the brink
Who would have thought that Toronto would be undefeated this time of year?
Posted Friday December 21, 2012, About: NHL cancels games through January 14
Just bite the bullet and cancel the whole season. I don't know why I keep looking at these sites. I guess I hope that it will all fall apart for good. I am just sick and tired of all the BS from both sides. They are both greedy you know whats.
Posted Friday December 21, 2012, About: Will there be a season? Daly says ...
I wish that was Andrew Zimmern. I trust him a lot more. He might be able to solve this mess.
Posted Thursday December 20, 2012, About: The worst commissioner in pro sports
This is just too easy. "Shooting fish in a barrel" sound familiar?
Posted Thursday December 20, 2012, About: Jets explore parting with both Tebow and Sanchez
I could have sworn that I saw in the paper this morning that the entire offensive team of the Jets was being hired to go to Texas to act as the JV team for some high school down there. Maybe it was just a rumor? I can't imagine any team down there wanting them. It's always better to practice against a good team not a bad one.
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Rivera offers bold return claim
Just ask Bobby Orr how he feels about knee surgery. If he was playing today he would never have the problems had back "in the day". Even with the bad knees he was still the best defense man that ever played the game.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: Teams quietly telling staffs to get ready
Of course he is, that's where he belongs.
Posted Wednesday December 12, 2012, About: This lockout benefits the ...
That's the way to get a first round bye!
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: League, players meeting in TBD neutral location?
How about in hell? It's where both sides belong.
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: Fitzgerald's dad rips 'pathetic' Cardinals
You have to wonder if maybe a good Texas high school team might have at least gotten one touchdown?
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Jacobs nearly pulled plug
I just wish someone had pulled the plug on him.
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Season could start within 10 days
I wish it was 10 days from never ever again.
Posted Wednesday December 05, 2012, About: Ryan Miller: Moderate owners need to stop 'the madness'
The only madness I see is the fans that are stupid enough to go back after this is all settled. Both sides can kiss my you know what goodbye. Who do you think is going to pay in the long run? Of course it will be the fans.
Posted Thursday November 29, 2012, About: Bullingy Jacobs personally responsible for lockout
This doesn't surprise me one bit. This has been their history for as long as I can remember. They very pissed off when they couldn't get Mark Howe away from the Houston Aeros of the WHA. So much so that after he went to the Whalers with Marty and Gordie, they tried their best to stop them form coming into the NHL.
Posted Wednesday November 21, 2012, About: Versteeg calls Bettman and Daly 'cancers'
Smartly put!
Posted Sunday November 18, 2012, About: Red Wings' Ian White calls Gary Bettman 'an idiot'
If the shoe fits!
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