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Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Jets rookie: NFL babies Brady
Idiot. Juveniles like this guy don't realize that guys like Tom Brady are his meal ticket to higher paycheques.
Like Montana before him & the new breed to follow, Brady's halo stature like it or not draws attention re. revenue dollars for the entire league/players association.
Guy should go play Arena League or flip burgers if he doesn't agree.
Posted Sunday September 15, 2013, About: Jerry Seinfeld to return to Mets broadcast booth
Good, invite more people. Anything to help shut up Ron Darling that softball throwing goof who's nearing Joe Morgan'esque booth territory.
Posted Sunday September 01, 2013, About: Montreal Alouettes GM: No Tim Tebow talks yet
Calvillo is injured with another concussion yes? Probably the last snap he'll take.

Tebow might do alright in the CFL, sure there's more passing but the field is wider- more space for his slow NFL brain to compute.
Posted Tuesday August 27, 2013, About: Johnny Football questioned for hours by NCAA
Hilarious... can't remember the last time a student was grilled about anything for 6hrs. NCAA spent all of that time because they don't want to miss out making boatloads of money from the student who is not allowed to make any money.

How very NCAA of them.
Posted Wednesday March 13, 2013, About: Harper all in for WBC in 2017
So what's your point? MLB should avoid cheap, easy,... and clean... ways to scout talent from other countries all in one place and time? Not sure if serious.
Posted Wednesday December 22, 2010, About: Could Winter Classic have a Citi view?
Couldn't San Jose host during their coldest month of the year? I mean it's not a frozen lake, it's a refrigerated flooded floor, for 3hrs.
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Heat consider moving Bosh for 'Melo?
It doesn't override his no-talent clause.
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Heat consider moving Bosh for 'Melo?
LOL this NEEDS to happen. Sorry Chris, you're garbage.
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Cleveland fans could make James a laughingstock
John Elway should do a run in & tackle Baby James to the ground. The ultimate heel-face turn.
Posted Wednesday December 01, 2010, About: Even Albert Belle hopes for civic civility
Belle's quote just ran me over worse than a car
Posted Thursday November 11, 2010, About: Blue Jays consider trade for Greinke
I approve this rumour. The Jays staff right now has 4 set starters without Drabek; if they went Greinke-Morrow-Marcum-Romero-Cecil they'd be very happy.

& yes, only New York, LA, Mexico City, & Houston are larger markets than Toronto on the entire continent.
Posted Thursday November 04, 2010, About: Team Jeter responds: Impact can't be overstated
No athlete?

How about-
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Kobe Bryant
Tim Duncan
Nick Lidstrum
Martin Brodeur
Chase Utley
Albert Pujols

EXCEPT Jeter is the only 'spritiual champion' who does NOT have numbers even remotely comparable to those peers to back his money up.

As a Blue Jays fan I hope they DO sign him until he's 41 paying 15mil a year so they crash & burn for another 20yrs
Posted Tuesday November 02, 2010, About: Yankees have replacement for Jeter at short
LOL this will be the end of ARoid... DH will make him even more of a waffler at the plate without fielding to distract his ego.

& Jeter at 3rd? Yikes, not good to have a corner guy barely able to hit 15hrs, fewer with age.
Posted Sunday October 31, 2010, About: Spike Lee certain Carmelo will join Knicks
If he's ever lived in Brooklyn, he can be a Brooklynite.

Obama is Hawaiian as much as he is from Chicagoland.
Posted Wednesday October 27, 2010, About: Manny makes pitch to play for Jays
Will not happen.

- Adam Lind is the DH, he's a liability at 1B & his range in the outfield is below par... + he wants to concentrate on improving his hitting for 2011, without knowing where he'll be playing on gameday
- Manny would clog up the lineup, one being built by AA to run & produce as much as hitting HRs... the Jays' young pitching staff cannot afford holes in the batting lineup
- The team came together after Halladay left, they do not need an outsider like Manny being Manny to poison the clubhouse.

Unless he agrees to being a 4th outfielder/part time DH, I do not see that happening.
Posted Monday October 25, 2010, About: Do Yankees need Girardi to lighten up?
The Yankees don't deserve Girardi. He has to rely on A-Rod to produce in the post-season, Joba who's a AAA reliever at best, AJ Burnout, a $10million a year over the hill shortstop, & a starting catcher who can't throw guys out. Of course he should NOT lighten up, that team is headed for disaster.

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