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Posted Tuesday October 08, 2013, About: Calipari wants an undefeated season
The headline is misleading. He didn't say anything as ridiculous as "I expect this team to go 40-0" . He said he would like to coach an undefeated team at some point.

This team is reminiscent of the 2011-12 one in that it has a dangerous (to the opponent) mix of returning stars and incoming elite talent. I wouldn't expect 40-0. We may see another "Eh, who cares" loss in the SEC Championship Game, like the ones that sparked the 1996 and 2012 teams to bigger things in the Big Dance.
Posted Monday September 30, 2013, About: Jones skipping official visit to Kentucky
That is why Cal is very careful about who he recruits. The 2011-12 team and this upcoming one both consist of team players who aren't insecure enough to need to be The Man on their team. Look at the #1 and #2 picks in the 2012 draft - both gave up shots and playing time in order to play for a champion. Cal has enough of a target-rich recruiting environment to only go for the players who can be part of a team.
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: UK players aren't hearing Calipari
Yes, no character in the people he recruits. Like Nerlens Noel, whose leisure time activities are questionable at best. From KSR:

" From the moment he set foot on campus, Nerlens Noel has been going above and beyond when it comes to reaching out to the fan base. Noel is not required to do any of these things as a member of the Kentucky team. Noel is doing many of these things on his own time. Noel Skyped earlier this year with Lane Goodwin, a young Kentucky fan who battled cancer. Goodwin is unfortunately no longer with us, but Noel reached out to Goodwin and his family in his final weeks. Earlier this week Noel took time to visit some older Kentucky fans at a local nursing home. Today, Noel took time to visit a young child named Kelly. Kelly is currently in the UK Children???s Hospital with Leukemia. All I can say is that Nerlens Noel is making Big Blue Nation proud. What a neat moment for both Kelly and Nerlens Noel."
Posted Monday December 17, 2012, About: UK players aren't hearing Calipari
Have you paid any attention to the actual people Cal has recruited? Brandon Knight, Anthony Davis, MKG? I dare anyone to find anything negative to say about the character of any of them.

Brandon finished High School with over a year's worth of AP college credit and pulled in a 4.0 GPA while at UK.

The 2012 UK team won the national title because every player was willing to give up individual playing time in order to see the team succeed. This is how Cal recruits, he refuses to promise playing time or shots per game.

Do the research next time before you throw out opinions based on ignorance and stereotypes.
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Wildcats aren't buying what Calipari's selling
A few holdovers from this year, plus next year's recruiting class at UK, and we have another dominant team like 2012, without the two losses to lesser programs.
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: Wiggins to make UK class one for the ages?
We don't need lies, or trophy cases to December victories, to sleep at night. We sleep with sweet memories of National Championship #8, and sweet anticipation of #9 to follow.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: The best player in college basketball
Well, they did come up only a game short of the Elite 8 in March. Lost in the Sweet 16 to a team whose fans have never stormed the court. Storming the court is for fans who are used to losing.
Posted Wednesday October 10, 2012, About: The best player in college basketball
Hey, if they don't win the title, maybe they can add another trophy case for a win in December against the team that does?

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