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Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Boras: Yankees 'have to prove' themselves
I just love the story about Vince Lombardi when he traded an all pro center Jim Ringo to the Eagles five minutes after Ringo wanted the Packers to talk to his agent. This was in 1993. This story has been denied many times by the people involved, except Lombardi.
Posted Sunday September 22, 2013, About: Derrick Rose: I won't recruit LeBron James to Bulls
The NBA is a minor sport. Who the heck cares.
Posted Monday January 21, 2013, About: Woody distancing himself from Tebow trade
Tebow will find a home in the NFL.
Posted Friday January 04, 2013, About: Penguins-Flyers kicking off NHL season
I live near Hershey, PA and have attended many Hershey Bears (AHL) hockey games to statisfy my fill for the game. The NHL sucks for what they did to the league. Greed on both sides. The AHL plays great, big time hockey.
Posted Tuesday January 01, 2013, About: Philly's No. 1 choice to replace Reid
Hey, I represent that. We have good eateries, cheese steaks, sports teams Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted Saturday December 08, 2012, About: Phillies' deal for Young in his hands
There is more to building a team than age. No team ever won starting 9 rookies. The Quakers window is closing fast. They need to win RIGHT NOW. The Phils sell over 3,000,000 tickets every year, even more than the Yankees. In 2015 they must start to rebuild, maybe even in 2014.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Clemson a Big 12 target, too?
If they went to the women's volleyball league of the B1G they would win every year also.
Posted Thursday May 24, 2012, About: Clemson a Big 12 target, too?
Good luck with ND. No way will they go to the Big 12 and play second fiddle to Texas and Oklahoma. Anyway, they have a nice TV contract with NBC, probably better than whatever the Big 12 has to offer. If ND moves it will be to the B1G. Ops, they don't want ND.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Basketball, Gators behind Fla. State's Big 12 interest
Irish joining the Big12. Your delusional. They are a mid-western school in BIG TEN country.
Posted Monday May 07, 2012, About: Hamels on Harper: 'I was trying to hit him'
What do you mean "beaning". Hell, he hit him on the back. Learn the lingo or go home.
Posted Sunday May 06, 2012, About: Why Angels benched Pujols
NY fans booed Mickey Mantle for years. Philly fans booed Mike Schmidt for years. Boston fans booed Ted Williams for years. All three were making less than $2 million a year. Follow the money. Fans are sitting in $45.00 seats of which $5.00 probably go to Pujols. They don't like that. Hitting less than .200 I would boo also.
Posted Thursday April 19, 2012, About: Arkansas contacted NFL's Carroll, too?
Just who in the hell would want to coach at Arkansas?
Posted Thursday April 12, 2012, About: Title talk on display at USC
There is a reason they didn't get to the post season last year. They cheat.
Posted Sunday April 08, 2012, About: Sources: Sapp's NFL Network career 'likely' over
Did anyone ever notice the NFL Network has about 60-70% blacks while only 12% of the entire American population. I stopped watching a long time ago.
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Manning worth more than $200M to Colts
Yeh, your going to get a piece of the slice of the value of this team. NOT. All your worth to Irsay and the Colts is what's in your wallet. So give them a "big thank you." And one Super Bowl title, That's right, ONE. Just like Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams.
Posted Sunday March 04, 2012, About: Yankees GM: We're still going to outspend everybody
Just like Roy Halladay? Your messing the with Phillies. who put more fans in their ballpark last year than the Yankees. If you thinks the Yankees are going to bust up that pitching staff I have news for you.
Posted Saturday February 11, 2012, About: Yankees, Pirates talking Burnett trade
So you are saying you don't want to be taken seriously.

No, I'm not saying that at all. A little background. When I was ten (now 73) a playground baseball coach packed our team up in several cars and off we went to Philadelphia to watch Connie Mack's A's play the Yankees. That would be 1949. I sat between two older boys, one a Yankee fan and the other an A's fan. I was a baseball newbie and they beat on me in a friendly nature for the fist several inning in order to get me rooting for their team. I finally picked the Yankees. The oldest boy, a Yankee fan, went on the make the Pennsylvania All State Team and played AAA professional baseball. He was the greatest basketball player in our HS history. His scoring records still stand. The other boy, an A's fan would become a doctor. It was from that summer Sunday in 1949 I fell in love with the Yankees. In the 50's I cried when they lost the world series to Brooklyn. I was 17 years old for crying out loud. To this day I can't watch films of the 7th inning of that game. I still can't watch films of the world series loss to the Diamondbacks. I loved Mantle, Bauer, Yogi, Raschi, Lopat, Ford, Reynolds, Bobby Brown, Cliff Mapes and on and on for the next 60 years. As the years went on I became obsessed as a Ynakee fan. When I graduated from a Pennsylvania university I went to teach and coach at my old high school. I taught for 35 years and every kid I ever taught or coached knew I was a "Yankee Man." Everyone knew my love affair for the Bombers. But than something happened. The Yankees decided to put the wrecking ball to old Yankee Stadium and move next door to the new, fantastic Yankee Stadium. I did not move with them, I couldn't. How the hell could they demolish the stadium where Ruth, Pennock (my son's middle name), Gehrig, DiMaggio,Mantle, Yogi and on and on and on played. It was sacred ground.
Posted Saturday February 11, 2012, About: Yankees, Pirates talking Burnett trade
I got a better idea. Who the hell cares. The majors are saturated with better teams than NY.
Posted Sunday January 29, 2012, About: Eagles, Jackson far apart in contract value
Remember, there is always a Dan Snyder out there that will mess up the whole works. He will pay Jackson's asking price and nobody in the league will be happy. The Eagles have other weapons. When he wants to be he can be a top WR. Bust who in their right mind would take that chance. Franchising him would be lunacy. Snyder?
Posted Wednesday November 23, 2011, About: Tebow no closer to impressing the bosses
There is no reason why he can't win long term in the NFL. He is a great, great athlete, like all good QB's. If Denver supplies him with time and coaching, they have their QB for years to come. There is something about this man on the football field.
Posted Sunday November 20, 2011, About: NBA labor issues affect college prospects
Aside from a few useful idiots does anyone really care about Austin Rivers or the NBA?
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