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Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Jerry Jones' makeshift team isn't working
BOTTOM LINE.....Jerry Jones is broke. Think about it. He has not sent any money to bring in any big names players since Jerry World was built. He has been slicing salaries like none other and signing medioacre at best players. He has costly traded out of the first round to prevent from having to pay large salaries to rookies.
Posted Wednesday November 09, 2011, About: Cowboys only have backup plan without Austin
I personally feel that T.O. would be a great addition right now if fully healthy. WHY!!!! Because he wants a long term contract and he would know that this would be his final shot at it. I guarantee he would be on his best behavior. Jerry needs to correct his mistake and bring him back to the corral.

How would a line-up as this look on the field for Romo (even though he's overrated).....WRs - Miles, Dez and T.O., Robinson; TEs - Witten, Bennett and Phillips, RBs - Murray, Jones and Tanner???? HANDLE UP JERRY!!!
Posted Wednesday November 09, 2011, About: Cowboys only have backup plan without Austin
@ SteveDallas....Marty B is not used properly. He's 6'7" and you're trying to throw him slants??? REALLY!!! Use him in the Redzone....he also played basketball in college so throw it up and let him out jump someone. @Driftwood....I have tickets to the Giants game in the Meadowlands on the 1st so they better leave that bs here in Dallas. Also, last year was supposed to be the Cowboys year, correct? Tell me any start player moves they made from the previous season? Of the 48 players drafted since 2006(yes Bobby Carpenter was the 1st round pick) how many are actually on the roster as of today? 19!!!! Do you not see something wrong with that??? 9 of the 19 were selected in the last four rounds. Jerry needs to elevate the prospects better or just hire a General Manager....****MESSAGE FOR JERRY****.....I live right down the street from the training facility, i'll work for free to turn this team around. Just let me know.....concerned fan at Ranchview & Macarthur!!!!
Posted Wednesday November 09, 2011, About: Cowboys only have backup plan without Austin
That's the problem with the Cowboys. Jerry the General Manager has to go. He has made numerous mistakes from the poor drafting, stupid contracts and roster moves (releasing Pro Bowlers and not even getting a 7th round pick back in return???), lack of signing dependable free agents, hiring overrated coaches, etc. The Cowboys are no longer America's team. They are America's biggest joke. I am a huge Cowboys fan but I'm also a realistic. In order for the team to reach the promise land again this is what has to happen:

1. Fire the General Manager
2. Fire the Head Coach - Garrett is horrible
3. Fire the Offensive Coordinator - Garrett's play calling is for a field goal at best
4. Sign a quality backup to push Romo. He has no fear of being who????
5. Tell the owner to concentrate on the "business" side of things and not the personnel and quit trying to coach
6. Sign Rob Ryan long term
7. Cut/trade the following players.....B. James, T. Newman, K. Brookings & M. Holland (just for starters)

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