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Posted Friday November 08, 2013, About: Calipari: These games are 'unfair' to UK
This isn't 1978. I doubt that they are in the same region.
Posted Friday February 08, 2013, About: Did Indiana blow its Big Ten title hopes?
Indiana doesn't play well away from Bloomington. I'd say the home loss vs Wisconsin was the killer. Indiana is looking at 12-6 in the Big 10 as they start the hard part of their schedule.
Posted Friday December 21, 2012, About: Parker pick came down to Dawson's presence
So are you saying MSU was over their salary cap with Dawson there? We all know tO$U was.
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: Irish QB has a long way to go
What are you talking about? The only other BCS teams on Navy's schedule are Penn State and Indiana. Navy could win 10 or 11 games this year and still be bad.
Posted Wednesday August 29, 2012, About: New No. 1 in prospect rankings
Sorry, Parker's not for sale. UK won't be able to buy Parker like they did Davis.
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Van Gundy can see Rose bolting Chicago
He didn't feel that way when it came time to chose a college, Instead of playing for a hometown team, he chose the place where he could make the most money. I look for him to leave the Bulls, Rose is not loyal to Chicago.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Jabari Parker down to three schools?
Nah, he doesn't need the money like Anthony 200K Davis did.
Posted Sunday July 29, 2012, About: Penn St. LB considering several schools
Illinois is only recruiting players who contact them first. Ryan Nowicki, a RS Freshman not on PSU's 2 deep, is the only player they are currently recruiting.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: The best player in baseball (right now)
Not true. McCutchen had a weak April. All of his HRs have been hit since May 1. His averages are off the charts .396 BA, .454 OBP, .753 SLG, 1.207 OPS.

Compare that to Trout's .360 BA, .416 OBP, .590 SLG, 1.006 OPS.

Since May 1, McCutchen has been the better player and it's not close.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: The best player in baseball (right now)
Not true. McCutchen had a weak April. All his HRs have been hit since May 1st. McCutchen's averages are off the charts since May 1 .396 BA, .454 OBP, .753 SLG, 1.207 OPS.

Compare that to Trout since May 1 .360 BA, .416 OBP, .590 SLG, 1.006 OPS.

Since May 1, McCutchen has been the better player by far and it's not even close.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: DePaul's real shot at Parker
Anthony Davis got 200,000 to play for UK last year. Parker is better than Davis.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: The best player in baseball (right now)
Andrew McCutchen is the best player in baseball right now. He is hitting .537 in July with a 1.049 SLG% and 1.627 OPS. Trout may be hitting .350, but McCutchen is hitting .371. McCutchen has more hits, runs scored, HRs, RBIs, better OBP, SLG, OPS. Trout leads the majors in SB. McCutchen leads the majors in AVE, SLG, OPS, Total Bases and Runs Created.
Posted Sunday July 15, 2012, About: James: Media responsible for Sandusky coverup
Do you mean the Centre County District Attorney and the Pennsylvania Department of Public Health? They had Sandusky in 1998 and they failed to do a proper investigation. They are the true enablers. They had the power to stop Sandusky and they did nothing. The PSU 5 messed up not going to the police, but you really think the "right" people wouldn't have mishandled it again? I doubt it.
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Nets, Magic make progress on Howard blockbuster
I was wondering about this too. Can it be Gilbert is trying to keep Lebron and the Heat from winning any more titles? His hatred of Lebron must outweight his displeasure at creating superteams. Gilbert should have bought a team in a city where guys want to play and not in Cleveland.
Posted Friday June 15, 2012, About: Larry Brown hauling in transfer talent at SMU
Step 5 Leave when the NCAA comes calling. 2 NCAA jobs (UCLA, KU), 2 probations.
Posted Thursday June 07, 2012, About: The nation's most talented walk-on
He's not really a walk on. He will be recieving a scholarship after next year. He just has to pay his way one year as a penalty for transfering within the Big 10.
Posted Tuesday May 15, 2012, About: College snub still fuels Paul
Felton wasn't in the same class as Paul, he was a year ahead. IMO, Felton was the better PG in college and he took UNC to a national championship. Paul was better off at Wake where he could showcase his skills for the NBA and not fight another top 5 draft pick for playing time at PG.
Posted Thursday April 26, 2012, About: Illini lands Mr. Basketball runner-up transfer
Typical idiot Loosier, Indiana only plays Illinois once.
Posted Friday March 09, 2012, About: Weber had read the writing on the wall
Bill Self recruited worse than Bruce Weber did at Illinois. Dee Brown was the only big recruit he got. Deron Williams just happened to be very underrated, both the major recruiting services had him in the fifties. Self's first class was a guy barely in the top 100 and another guy not in the top 100. Augustine was barely in the top 100. His last class was a major bust and coupled with several big misses by Weber, the reason for the drop off. Self not recruiting Andre Iguodala and Shannon Brown really hurt. Self found it much easier to recruit when he didn't have to follow the rules. It also got him put on probation.
Posted Monday February 27, 2012, About: Matta, finally, calls out his Buckeyes
Anybody but Cheatucky
Posted Saturday December 31, 2011, About: Illini assistants may boycott bowl game
Sad Northwestern fan who's team has lost 2 in a row to Illinois. Northwestern, Minnesota, Purdue and Indiana are better programs than Illinois? Wake up and join the real world.
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