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Posted Monday February 25, 2013, About: LSU defensive linemen bet $5,000 on NFL Draft's No. 1 pick
Like you've never made a bet with a buddy or had a poker game with some friends? They didn't say a thing about paying off the bets before they declared for the draft.

Mike Ornstein, Michael Michaels and Lloyd Lake would of probably all been glad to float a loan though if they were strapped for cash before then.

I shouldn't crossed that line, but come on. I would hope that the NCAA would have bigger fish to fry. Like grayshirting, or players on scholarship that are carrying a complete online course load. That sounds like a huge loophole for cheating on school work. (both SEC issues) I'm not Trying to pick on the SC's ot OSU's of the world and act like LSU or any other school isn't full of problems. Just pointing out that this situation sounds like much ado about nothing.

Seriously, and doesn't sound like they were running a gambling ring with funds from an agent or a "friend of the program" a couple of jocks made a bet about who would have better stats!! What breaking news will we find out next? That football players hook up with cheerleaders?!?!

Both guys will be millionaires sometime between late April and Week 1, and Mingo will be able to say he lost the 1st 2 bets, but claim bragging rights on being drafted 1st. Sounds like that's what the bets were actually about.

It was a rhetorical question, but it must have been a slow news day.
Posted Sunday February 24, 2013, About: LSU defensive linemen bet $5,000 on NFL Draft's No. 1 pick
Slow news day?

I'm just glad nobody tried to cry bounty yet. I hope I didn't just jinx it! Lol but seriously...
Nobody said Mingo had already paid off the 1st 2 bets. Just which one of them had won. It's very likely that they would let it go until after the draft and if Mingo goes 1st Montgomery would give him the $3500 to square things up. Guys have friendly prop bets on things to keep score with each other. When did we all become so PC and stop being cool? I think it's awesome that a kid likely to sign for the Rookie max still considers $5000 to be a "pretty big" amount of $. Sounds like he's got his head screwed on right.
Posted Saturday January 19, 2013, About: Terry Francona: More to book than controversial Red Sox excerpts
Freezing his baseballs off!
Posted Friday October 12, 2012, About: Brees blasts 'sham' bounty case
Finally Somebody gets it! Goodell over reached.
1st he had 50k+ pages of evidence(find anyone that's actually seen it.)

2nd Then he had Williams sign a statement after the suspensions got tossed beacuse the panel decided he had to clearify his reasoning.(sounds like he didn't bother to share his evidence with them)

3rd He mentioned he had PROOF of involvement against 22-29 players, but only suspended 4.

I know everyone is tired of hearing about it. I'm sure I'll be bashed for my post. BUT how can anyone that bashes Brees and complains that the Saints need to suck it up and move on not see what Goodell was trying to do in this case?

He over reached and pounced on this situation like dog on a bone! He saw this as a way to bolster the NFL's chances in the pending lawsuits by former players. A way to seem tough on player safety(replacement officals and chop blocks not withstanding)

I can hear the NFL lawyers now. "Your honor; player safety has always been and always will be #1 with the NFL. In years past the NFL and its owners had no idea that repeated head injuries suffered on the field would lead to issues later in life. But, the fault lies with the players and coaches. Not with the owners. The players and coaches in seasons past even took it upon themselves to pool $$$ for pay outs on plays that caused these types of injuries. We have 50k pages of proof that even after we demanded that all teams stop such bounties atleast one team continued to do so. Once it was brought to our attention that said team had not complied Mr. Goodell acted swiftly to punish and prevent players from injurying each other for extra $ Therefore, your honor, you can clearly see that the NFL and its owners are not at fault in anyway for any past injuries that former players may or may not have suffered."

I'm a Saints fan, and even I don't believe that The team, or its coaches/players are totally innocent, but Goodell thought he found a way to undermind the cases against his bosses. Save them untold millions in lost judgements. And in doing so sure up his job for life with a hefty pay raise. Clearly he never expected to be called out and questioned to this extend. He has talked out of both sides of his mouth about the players, the details, the evidence, his reasoning for suspending Fujita. He could of ended all of the bs in that 1st afternoon by releasing a 1000 or so pages of the evidence.

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