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Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: A second bye week?
I'm wondering if that is an option for the first week of the playoffs.
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: A second bye week?
I'm just glad they got that longer extra point monkey off their back in the pre season and will be testing it for the first 2 pre season games...that could have lingered forever and been a huge black eye on the NFL....you know because they don't need pre season games to test things like this in the first place.

So adding one playoff team...does that only now give one team a bye week? If we are adding just one how does this work? Does one team get 2 bye weeks or something? Is this one team playing themselves? Do we now have 3 teams with bye weeks meaning that another fan base of a good team is left without a week of their team in favor of a .500 team?
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Irving: Fans don't deserve the Cavs
Why does the title make it sound like Irving is calling out the fans while the article and quote is actually calling out the team for poor play?
Posted Tuesday April 15, 2014, About: Odom's arrival in New York imminent
I'm confused. Why is signing a 34 year old player, who has documented issues off the court, that nobody wanted this year, and also just had a back injury that forced him to quit his Spanish league a priority to get done before the season?

If they were going to the playoffs I might understand the timing....Is Jackson just going to sign all his aging favorite players? Are Fisher and Pau next to NY? Are we looking at a possible Kobe for Melo trade?
Posted Monday April 14, 2014, About: Teammates irked by The Lillard Rules?
You are assuming that he does in fact learn from his mistakes on his own. If he does not learn from his own mistakes without being held accountable for them this could hurt them for the now now and for the later because he could continue to make the same mistakes over and over not being told otherwise or being held accountable.
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Jackson merely steering clear of the wreckage
I don't see why he wouldn't want to at least take a look at what chemistry is working and who get along with who etc to see which direction he wants to head?

They can either play themselves out of the lottery or they can lose out and possibly add a few more ping pong balls....I'm wondering who the NBA wants to win the lottery with some pretty big names coming out. With Jackson in place they have a good shot at a big time "stroke of luck". My current list of best shots to make that crazy move to #1 this year go in order NY (if in the lottery), LA, then Boston. I would say a pretty safe bet this year would be to bet against Milwaukee walking away from Lottery day with the #1...and I doubt they would reward Philly with the #1 for what everyone sees as basically tanking since the super bowl.
Posted Wednesday April 09, 2014, About: Bird supports Pacers' sitting
Haven't seen the play...but usually it is Lebron who is clearing space and fouling with one hand (or shoulder) and shooting with the other.
Posted Tuesday April 08, 2014, About: Petition aims to block Vick from camp
I wonder if they would rather have Tim Tebow back...he was a good guy.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
Also I remember from an interview when asked about Vogel's approach Hill who came out and said Vogel was too easy on them....he is a guy who has seen great coaching from his time in SA no matter what anyone thinks about him, and a pretty quiet guy over all.

For him to come out and say that Vogel never gets on them and he thinks he probably should from time to time told me what I knew...Vogel is a great cheerleader and wonderful coach when things are puppy dogs and rainbows....but when things go bad he doesn't have the balls to be an **** and hold people responsible.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
Honestly I don't know where you are from...but multiple articles from around here and on sports talk radio things popped up about how Granger is a joker instead of a leader and he didn't want to work hard.

The fact is that this team was on a downward spiral before Granger was even traded, and I think they tried to make the move to infuse the team with some energy. We were 2-3 in Granger's 5 last games here. About 2-3 games before the all star game I started seeing turds laid by this team occasionally which seemed to play 110% every game before that time. Now they are the norm rather than the occasional lapse.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
A pass first point guard wouldn't do a thing. In this offense a pass first point guard would be counter productive and they would have to completely go away from their scheme.

The problem is the selfish play along with good rebounding at positions 1-3. PG, Lance, and even Hill to some extent grab a rebound...either push the ball or in PG's case clear the ball, then they take it down the court and it never leaves their hands from rebound to shot.

This is my problem with guys like Derrick Rose and even CP3, it isn't just pass first, it is ball dominance....you want your best player to have the ball most times. When that player is your point or even if you have a great point like Nash or Stockton you are going to get people standing around watching them and/or waiting for them to create for them, your center gets uninterested in offense as he assumes he won't get the ball....this is what I'm seeing.

Think of a championship team that had a ball dominant point....maybe SA but I would call Parker a combo guard, I'll give you Rondo I guess. Other than that we have guys like Shaw and Fisher with more rings that HOF Points like Stockton, Nash, and Payton. They play good D, bring the ball up, and pass it to the big money guys, they can be effective without the ball and hit shots off the pass....which is what George Hill should be bringing.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Bird coming down to coach?
I know I'm late here....but I questioned Vogel last year as the right fit for the Pacers. I was laughed at, but the same thing happened. Vogel made no changes during a cold streak and just allowed the players to run the team. I live outside Indy and have followed this team my entire life...huge fan, but not wearing blinders:

Right now I see the Pacers missing everything...yet sharpshooter Copeland is left on the bench.

Scolia looks terrible for a couple weeks....yet Lavoy Allen is left on the bench even though he had a 6-6 shooting game in his only shot at getting double digit minutes.

I see Paul George running ISO plays to take a terrible shot and Vogel doesn't take away his green shooting light, he doesn't pull him....instead he talks about how he shouldn't be guarding the opposing best player to focus more on offense.

I see Roy Hibbert when he actually is hitting, working in the post for position...only to be overlooked for a bad jump shot. When he does get the ball they clear that side, watch him, and give him no options if he gets in trouble...no movement no basket cuts no flashes to the 3 point line on his side.

I see David West who was supposed to be the leader in the locker room getting no help from Vogel...

I see Lance Stephenson getting the ball and making the offense all about him.

I just see no control of this team by Vogel, I see no adjustments in scheme or rotation, I see no change in anything...I just see a guy in Vogel who is over his head trying to control a team that has passed him in talent and ego.
Posted Friday March 07, 2014, About: Urlacher irked by Hester move
In other news the Bears organization irked by Hester's inability to do anything but return kicks
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: Graham ready to file immediate grievance
If he wore a number in the 40s then he would have a RB/TE number....but his current number is in the 80s which WRs also wear.

I also don't watch all NO games, but I've seen him line up off the line as a slot WR just as much if not more than at the traditional TE position.
Posted Friday January 03, 2014, About: Teams interested in suspended Miller
If Miller was a starter I could see the felling that a coach should tell him why he was sitting the entire first half...but we are talking about a 37 year old guy battling Nate Robinson for backup Point minutes....with a 3 point rotation isn't someone always going to be left out? I'm pretty sure that doesn't need any explanation other than "it's your turn Andre."

Maybe Miller should look at his drop to 22% 3 point shooting as a possible factor, maybe Shaw felt that the match up with Lawson was better (wasn't watching the game so I'm not sure if Robinson had played yet)....I know enough about Shaw to know that he has always been loved by his players in LA and Indy.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: No surprise for ex-Incognito teammate
I haven't seen much coming out of Philly pointed towards Riley Cooper other than the couple times early in camp....different issues, but scoring 3 TDs really fixes a lot of problems in the locker room.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: No surprise for ex-Incognito teammate
My big problem is that everyone is going to pile on things like this to get their name in the paper...when they were perfectly fine with him being the way he was just a week ago.

From everything I saw even before this Incognito is a complete POS...but my favorite is that there were 5 other active lineman who were there as well and OK with everything.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: No surprise for ex-Incognito teammate
What do you mean nobody and easily cut?

Martin was the freaking starting Right Tackle and a high 2nd round pick the year before. Then you are going to completely skip the part about going into the season Martin was a big part of the reason they thought they could let Jake Long walk?
Posted Monday November 04, 2013, About: Chemistry an issue between stars in Miami
I don't for certain....but I do know that the last 2 teams they played in the playoffs, Miami was 2-4 against on the road and the final road game for each series was lost by the Heat. I'm leaving the Bulls who were decimated the entire series by injury and sickness and the Bucks who were in they playoffs only because they were the best of the bad teams.

Also going back to both championships 9 of their 14 losses were on the road in the playoffs... and the only teams they have closed out on the road were the extremely overachieving and young Pacers 2 years ago and the Bucks who shouldn't have been a playoff team in the first place.

How do you know they would have won without home court? At least I have something to base it off rather than cliches...I can use my own though, home court is a huge advantage they need to win again with the advancements made by quite a few teams in the east.
Posted Monday November 04, 2013, About: Chemistry an issue between stars in Miami
So 2 game 7s at home was meaningless to them last post season?

Both Indy and SA won 2 of the 3 at home and were closed out on the road, you can't say that home court means nothing and just getting into the playoffs is enough for the Heat.
Posted Monday July 22, 2013, About: Why George Hill pulled out of Team USA camp
Well Hill had a hamstring problem, hurt his arm (can't remember if it was a shoulder or elbow), and had a concussion...

The guy broke down physically and wasn't anywhere near 100%...I'm thinking it may have more to do with that than anything else.
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