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Agreed, both parties suck and both are driving us into bankruptcy, its just the Dems are driving a supercharged Ferrari and the Reps are driving a Ford Explorer.
Oscar Gamble disagree as well?
You still insisting that the American people want Obamacare even though the facts say different?
I am not talking about citizens here, I was talking about the Cubans ripping Castro while still in Cuba,
Thats just because FoxNews isnt reporting it. If you look closely there is a line a mile long waiting to get back into Cuba. Just wait til MSNBC hires Keith Olberman back off the unemployment lines and he starts reporting it.
Cubams speak out agaisnt Castro, they get punished. Military members speak out against Obama, they get punished. See the resemblence?
i know, its the same no matter whos prez but Obamas the one in there now so thats why I used his name
Wasnt deregulation, was the govt mandating they give unqualified people loans because they didnt think it was "fair" that everyone couldnt own their own home.
Not comparing him to Castro, comparing how the officers and enlisted arent allowed to really speak badly about Obamas policies no matter how much they disagree with them
Yea, and all the officers and enlisted men serving our country love Obama.
HAHA I was wondering how long he was gonna keep saying that. "Sure, we all love Castro (looking around to see if anyones watching) and I am not just saying that because I will be killed if I dont say that."
No one should have insurance at all until they need it if they have to cover pre existing conditions. Why carry it at all and waste the money if the dopes make the companies cover under these conditions?
Nanci Pelosi thought we'd support it. Thats why she said we can find out whats in it once its passed.
You need an ID to rent a movie or to cash a check. When they say "the poor dont have IDs, so making it a requirement to vote is unfair." I have one question....dont they need IDs to cash theur welfare check or their food stamps? Theyve figured out how to get those benefits so it would seem that they could figure out how to get a phot ID if they truly want to vote.
Did you see the videotape yesterday exposing just how easy voter fraud can happen? Guy goes into D.C. polling station and could have voted as our Atty General ERIC HOLDER as the polling people were going to allow him to. How we can vote without ID just amazes me and the only reason to not want IDs to vote is they must want voter fraud.
They had them on videotape and Eric Holder said "no intimidation in my eyes" so no charges were filed.
Exactly, thats why I decided to stop debating tha guy. If he believes the absurd, theres no reason to continue.

Obamacare will bring down our healthcare to maybe even their level, and then we'll see if they still think Cuba has great healthcare.
Youre a joke for even thinking that. People here have acces to the best healthcare and will even walk out of the emergency room after receiving care with the thought of never even paying the bill if they dont want to. You obviously dont work in the health care field if you dont realize that.
Livan Hernandez and Aroldis Chapman were treated like royalty in Cuba and still couldnt wait to leave that prison like place so where in the world are you getting your sources? Go to Miami and talk to some of these Cubans who escaped and maybe you will wake the F up.

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