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Posted Monday May 20, 2013, About: Redskin fans buy RGIII's entire wedding registry
Pathetic that this millionaire is proud of normal working class people buying him stuff! Are you kidding me? Then he has the nerve to call those who question this as haters??? RG3 is a joke. Will be out of this league in less than 3 years, enjoy your free gifts, jerk!
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Ryan Tannehill better than 50-50 to play vs Colts
Tannehill played and lost. Luck is the better player and always has been. That's why he was taken #1. Although, Tannehill has proven he is better than RG3. Rg3 is way overhyped and hasn't done anything this season, let alone win games for his team. RG3 fumbles handoffs, at least 1 fumble per game, and the media doesn't even drill him like they should.
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Andrew Luck sets new NFL rookie passing record
The Colrs advanced to 5-3?? Is this some racist remark?? Well, at least the Colts advanced to 5-3 and prove that Luck is better than RG3. And that isn't a racist remark, just truth!
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Report: Ryan Tannehill likely to start vs. Colts
I'm calling you out Stuart MacDougal!!! What Indy fan thinks they are going to lose this game after all you've seen this season! Lame. I always knew the Colts would win this one, even though everyone else thinks they wouldn't.
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Will Sean Payton end up coaching the Cowboys?
Jerry will make it happen. I actually would respect Payton more, if he disowns the scumbag Saints and starts a fresh career elsewhere.
Posted Sunday November 04, 2012, About: Pouncey: Tannehill better than RGIII
Andrew Luck is the best. today is proof, Rookie of the Year for sure. Tannehill is better than RG3, but that didn't take much. RG3 is overhyped garbage!
Posted Friday October 19, 2012, About: Rams take special precautions to prep for Clay Matthews
I hope the Rams destroy this greasy ratty-haired overrated player. I'm sick of hearing about him, he isnt as good as he thinks. He needs a haircut and a bar of soap.. but if Clay would have it his way, he would probably prefer to be picking up the soap.
Posted Friday October 19, 2012, About: Saints happy to have Vilma back
This scumbag better stay suspended and serve out his sentence. Its disgusting he keeps trying to sue his way out of his deserved punishment... and he got off easy too, should have been suspended for life.
Posted Thursday June 14, 2012, About: Luck already taking command
And good thing the colts got rid of him. He always bounced around to the outside for a loss of 2 yards. Addai was a loser after his first season.
Posted Wednesday May 30, 2012, About: Colts facing blackouts?
I'm a Colts fan, i applaud letting Peyton go. Unlucky for you all, we have LUCK, and are going to dominate the next decade as well. Get used to it! Colts forever.
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: Wilfork: 'Quarterbacks are wimpy'
Then, how about taking Eli Manning. He has destroyed Tom twice now, lol.
Posted Monday April 09, 2012, About: Manning's successor in Denver?
Is Osweiler that pale vampire in the twilight movies? lol
Posted Monday April 09, 2012, About: Redskins hedge bets, visit Luck
Amen brother. Griffen is a bust for sure. Not sure why the media loves to hype him up. He fumbled 10 times in his last 12 games, thats unbelievable he would be a #2 pick for that reason alone. More like a 7th round pick.
Posted Sunday April 08, 2012, About: Filmmaker claims Saints footage released legally
Good for the filmmaker for exposing this. Anyone who says otherwise is a disgrace to this game. Integrity over coverup every day of the week.
Posted Sunday April 08, 2012, About: Players growing tired of Griffin's act
I thought this was about the other thug, Robert Griffin III. Oh well, both are garbage.
Posted Friday March 30, 2012, About: Colts 'up in the air' on first pick
Andrew Luck is definitely the real deal. He plays the same intellectual game Manning played, its an easy sell to the fans. If Irsay goes RG3, he will face a huge fanbase that will be upset in taking the gamble run-first athletic QB... and speaking of athleticism, Luck is right up there with RG3 anyways. So its Luck, a no-brainer of a choice. I'm just hoping Irsays acid trip days aren't catching up to him and affecting his brain.
Posted Wednesday March 28, 2012, About: Colts 'up in the air' on first pick
Irsay, as a colts fan you better not take Robert Griffin the Turd. Up in the air will be your franchise!!! The fans want Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the only choice after purging Peyton Manning. If you were thinking about RG3, the fans would have rather you traded the pick and kept Manning for 3 more years than gamble on RG3... he's a bust!
Posted Saturday March 24, 2012, About: RGIII's arm stronger than Luck's?
RG3 also has stronger bust probability; there are still many questions about his adaptation to the NFL and whether his one-year-wonder statistics can hold up to the pressure and smarter defenses of the NFL.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: RG3 deserves first-pick consideration
Funny that some say RG3 is a pocket-passer. Laughable. He doesn't even understand a pro-style offense. He is a run-first QB who will get injured in the NFL because he has a small frame. He is a one-year-wonder.. a shiny object that is getting his 15 minutes of fame. He is not a good bet. He is still a gamble. Luck is more proven, just like Peyton was when he came out in 1998. And just like Peyton, Luck will undeniably work hard to want to fill that void of missing out on the Heisman by destroying teams in the NFL. This is why we the colts want Luck.
Posted Sunday March 18, 2012, About: Colts might keep Freeney
I say trade him and see if Jerry Hughes can live up to his expectations. Colts already wasted the #1 pick on him, see if he can turn the page.
Posted Friday March 16, 2012, About: Eagles' Jackson aimed at Super Bowl, Hall of Fame
I think he meant to say he wants 'to shoot at the hall of fame'
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