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Posted Thursday March 31, 2011, About: Yep, Greinke out longer than first thought
Why dont you see the 2010 White Sox
Posted Thursday November 25, 2010, About: Boozer may return to face Lakers
Boozer in the playoffs: 38 min/game, 20.3 pts, 12.5 rebounds, 3 assists and %50 shooting. **** you moron!
Posted Saturday November 06, 2010, About: Why Red Sox covet Gonzalez
Why the Red Sox covet Gonzalez....

Ummmmm, because he is **** awesome?
Posted Saturday October 30, 2010, About: White Sox target Cardinals' Rasmus
Are you kidding me? Danks and Beckham? Yeah maybe if you throw in Jaime Garcia! There is no way Rasmus is worth that. Maybe Quentin and some garbage... Hell we will even throw in PV!
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Derrick Rose's new secret weapon
hahaha! Keep talking about how the dude cant spell correctly. I had to stop and have a cigarette half way through, er...ummm...reading?, Your post. Got them some good book learning clearly at that there Ohio State!
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: Rays fans bid farewell to Crawford
The Rays remind me of the Cardinals in Football. They are usually bad and had a few good years. Now, just like the Cardinals, they are going to lose some important pieces and be bad again...
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: White Sox may not want Jenks return
JJ Putz will more than likely be the closer if they do make a change. They are not going to waste Sale, a number one draft pick, as a closer. They definetly want this kid to be a starter someday, maybe next year that is what he will be doing in the minors.
Posted Saturday September 11, 2010, About: Sources: Bulls won't trade Noah
I love reading posts about Noah from people outside of Chicago. No one understands that he has actually developed into a really good player. Funny how they all assume that they know more than NBA execs who both WANT Noah and the Bulls Execs who have labeled him untouchable. If you are sought after as a key piece in trades for superstars and you current team has been unwilling to part ways, then, NEWSFLASH: That player is no longer a scrub!
Posted Saturday September 04, 2010, About: Should Yankees drop Jeter?
Hell Yeah im serious. The cheating Bum. People freaking idolize this cheater? Call him the greatest Yankee ever my ass.
Posted Saturday September 04, 2010, About: Should Yankees drop Jeter?
I think Jeter was clearly a Roider and that is why he is sucking so bad this years 'suddenly'. They should just kick him off the team.
Posted Saturday August 28, 2010, About: Media questions frustrate Coughlin
hahahaha! Thats fcking hilarious!

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