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Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 11
Yup. I feel really good that I picked the Cougs to play a tight game with Arizona State. I didn't expect them to win, though. That freshman quarterback had quite the night.
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 11
Thanks TnerB. Let's hope for a slate of good games tomorrow. The weather will be ugly everywhere except central California. Stanford - Oregon should be fine but I'd sure hate to be in Boulder, Salt Lake or Pullman.
Posted Friday November 04, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 10
I confess to not paying too much attention to the SEC, but the bits I've seen lead me to feel that South Carolina is currently challenged offensively. Arkansas may not be on the same plane as Alabama and LSU, but despite the blowout loss to Bama I think this week they'll be really on. This is their chance to get noticed amidst the hype of "#1 vs #2" and start building their own hype machine for their showdown with LSU in a few weeks. Arkansas can still win the SEC West after all.

I never look at the betting lines for games before making my picks, but I still think Arky wins by at least 10.
Posted Tuesday November 01, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 9
Loving the comments guys! USC is clearly a better team than when they played ASU, which was really the basis for the outrageous score I chose for that one. In the end it was an incredible game. And from my perspective, the right team won. ;-) But overall my picks really sucked. I'll have more time for research this week so hopefully better picks are on the way.
Posted Friday October 28, 2011, About: The SEC and the next best 3
Nice job! I hope you keep this up. We don't hear a lot from the SEC out west here.

Oh yeah, Stanford dropped 65 on Washington last week, not 55. No question, I think the Stanford - USC game is the game of the week this time. But I'm intrigued by Georgia - Florida. I'll definitely check it out.
Posted Friday October 28, 2011, About: Big Ten and the Next Best 3, Week 9
I hate to say it, but I think Stanford will crush USC. The Trojans have played two good teams this year and got a split. Actually, I'm not convinced Notre Dame is all that good this year. And Arizona State just smacked them around. I think Stanford will keep the 25 point margin of victory streak alive.
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: The Big Ten and the Next Best 408, Week 8
Few people get to have such a positive effect on the lives of so many. It's about more than just football, or at least it used to be. It seems to me the folks at Penn State should be very proud of what Joe Paterno has done. I hope that when he does inevitably step down you guys find a way to appropriately honor him.

In my opinion all of college football should find a way to honor him as well. It's not just the longevity. It's about the example he set. Whether Penn State was up or down you could always count on Paterno to go about things the right way. If he does retire after this year I hope those honors come while he's still here with us so that he can see what a difference he's made to the sport.

Yeah, I have no affiliation with Penn State. But I'm definitely a fan of Joe Paterno.
Posted Friday October 21, 2011, About: The Big Ten and the Next Best 408, Week 8
That's how it's done. No offense to RudeDog, as I enjoy his blog too.

The JoePa piece was very good and very moving. And a little sad, which I know wasn't your intention. It just felt a bit like an obituary or a retirement speech. No question, there will never be another JoePa.
Posted Thursday October 13, 2011, About: Big Ten and the Next Best 3, Week 7
Excellent point. Not to mention the fact that Texas is about to go on a losing streak that will lower the BCS rankings of the top Big 12 schools.

An SEC - Wisconsin championship would be great. Not so much if it's Michigan. And yes, I'd be peeved if an undefeated Stanford were left out but I have to be honest. Wisconsin would be the better matchup.
Posted Friday October 07, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 6
I agree UI. But I probably won't be able to see the Wazzu game, as much as I'd like to see it. I really do think RRR is going to be an Oklahoma blowout though.
Posted Sunday October 02, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 5 Results
That's easy, Rabbit. I wrote the results as the later games were being played. I also had that 45 minute hole that TnerB had such trouble filling... ;-)

Anyway, the Game of the Week gets the most coverage. Everything else takes much less time. As for that missing comma, I'm going to have to hunt that puppy down and put a leash on it.
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 5
Malcolm Agnew is out for Oregon State tomorrow. Whatever hope the Beavers may have had just got a bit dimmer.
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 5
I really feel for the Beavers because they'd be a completely different team if they were healthy. But one thing you'll notice about the predicted scores is that there aren't very many close games. I'm not sure I believe there will be quite that many mismatches in most weeks but the match ups aren't very kind to the underdogs this week. I'm picking against the odds on a couple of games-- UW - Utah and I think WSU - Colorado. Buffs - Cougs will probably be closer than I initially said. But I think the Beavers are in trouble this week.

Still, if OSU can generate some offense I'll be one of the folks cheering for them. Having Agnew back will help as their running game has been anemic so far. But yeah, I think I'm pretty close on this one. The loss to Illinois seems to have pissed off and motivated ASU.
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Pac-12 and the Next Best 3, Week 5
I'm on record saying I respect USC. But I'm not going to stand by and be insulted in my own blog. ;-)

I think USC will hang half a hundred on Arizona. Last week's loss will be hugely motivating for them. And while Arizona has a very dangerous quarterback in Nick Foles, his receivers really haven't stood out. Take away Juron Criner and they're done.

Definitely, losing Skov is a big deal. But if Stanford wants to be seen as a top program going forward they have to overcome setbacks like this. The loss to run defense will hurt some this week because UCLA has decent backs. But it will really hurt come the Oregon and Washington games. Still, their biggest problem is in pass defense. Hopefully they worked on that during the bye week.

You could be right about Clemson. Then again, this is pretty much it for them in terms of difficult games. Win this one and they're pretty much home free in their half of the ACC. They may have been playing over their heads, but at least they've been playing serious competition. This will be Virginia Tech's first real test of the season. To be honest I half expect people to question my choice of this game over TAMU - Arkansas. Let's just say that those two are now in the loser's bracket.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Big Ten and Next Best 3, Week 1
Nice job Rude. You know you've got big shoes to fill. Best thing is to make it your own and do it your way. Keep up the good work.

You're flat wrong on Oregon - LSU though.

I'm with Gator on the Boise - UGA game. GA ain't all that.

You've definitely spotted why I'm interested in the Michigan game. I think Robinson has it in him to become a pro-style quarterback. Maybe not quickly, but he'll get there.
Posted Monday January 17, 2011, About: Pac-10 Season Recap, 2010
Very nice summary OM. If I have one quibble it's with your assessment of USC. They went 8-5 when they had absolutely nothing to play for but pride. They took Stanford to the wire before losing. True, the OSU loss was kind of inexcusable. But I wouldn't say their season was a failure.

No one would call me a USC fan by any stretch of the imagination, but given everything the Trojans have been through this past year I'd have to judge their season a success.
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: Pac-10 and the Next Best 3, Week 14
Nice job OM. Now, about that Nebraska - Oklahoma game. I want the Huskers to take the Big 12 trophy with them when they leave the conference. There's just something... poetic... about that possibility after the way they got screwed in the championship game last year.
Posted Friday November 26, 2010, About: Pac-10 and the Next Best 3, Week 13
Nice job OM! You do know we expect you to keep writing this after you go off to college next year, right? Oh, and go Card!
Posted Friday November 26, 2010, About: The Big Ten and the Next Best Three, Week 13
Very well done Grue.

Now about this: "The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me."

I suddenly had a vision of Monty Python, with a giant cartoon foot descending from the clouds to squash Greg Robinson. "And there was much rejoicing..."
Posted Sunday November 21, 2010, About: The Big Ten and the Next Best Three, Week 12
It's actually the color, not the bird.

In 1972 the Stanford administrators decided to change the nickname from "Indians" to something else. (note how long ago this was--way before it became the "politically correct" thing to do) Unfortunately they decided to put it to a vote of the student body. :-)

The students voted to change the name to the "Robber Barons" in honor of the University's founder, railroad magnate Leland Stanford. Needless to say the administration didn't like this, and in a fit of Harvard envy changed the mascot name to "Cardinal". A different shade of red from Harvard's "Crimson". And that's been the nickname ever since.

Note that the Stanford Tree is actually the mascot of the Stanford Band and not the university as a whole. When your mascot is a color it's kind of hard to have a physical representation of it.

And now you know "the rest of the story"...

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