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Posted Tuesday March 04, 2014, About: Why Trout should turn down $150M
i love how some shlub in a cubicle can confidently declare that mike trout should turn down 150 mil because if everything breaks right maybe he will make more. nothing like playing with other people's money.
Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Hiring Brown began the end for Cavs GM
i think that to some extent lbj was just so good that he created the illusion that cleveland had it's entire act together. if you go back and look at the rosters he had surrounding him in cleveland they were consistently terrible and poorly constructed.
Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Hiring Brown began the end for Cavs GM
as a timberwolves fan let me just say that when an organization is as totally dysfunctional as the cavs appear to be there is generally ample blame to go around. and it always starts at the very top. this is why many organizations have an independent board that can vote out a ceo. sometimes wholesale change is needed.
Posted Friday February 07, 2014, About: Gay noncommittal on Kings future
i get opting out of a big year for several years at a lower annual rate with idea that it's more total money. but turning down 19 mil? i would think he would need at mininum 3/30 in order to make it worth opting out. if i'm a gm i don't give rudy gay 3 yrs 30 mil, that's for sure.
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Rockets GM mocks Howard snub
exactly. that's the one that counts
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Rockets GM mocks Howard snub
I seriously doubt that anyone was making that mistake but thanks for the heads up anyway. ;)

i mean obviously i was exaggerating to make a point, but i think it's pretty clear that a lot of people feel like we "have to get this right." all i'm saying is that right is whatever the fans wanna see.
Posted Friday January 24, 2014, About: Rockets GM mocks Howard snub
i call bs. ASG is the fans' game. seems clear that fans have grown tired of howard's nonsense and don't wanna see him regardless of whether he's one of the best players. that's their right and it doesn't have to be justified by fact, logic or anything. reverse for kobe. i get where fans wanna see one of the all time greats in the ASG while they still can.

let us never forget that this is the NBA all star game, not a war crimes tribunal in the hague.
Posted Friday July 26, 2013, About: Emotional farewell for jettisoned Soriano
soriano is a good guy. unfortunately, he isn't a good baseball player.
Posted Wednesday July 24, 2013, About: Would Kobe accept minimum to build a superteam?
at some point i think kobe has a right to turn it back on the team. as in, you want me to leave money on the table so you don't have to pay as much luxury tax? why is it up to the player to make the financial compromise? as rich as these players are, it's nothing compared to how much the owners are making.
Posted Thursday July 18, 2013, About: Gardy a lock to stay, after all?
besides, i would take exception to the idea that reusse is "esteemed" in minnesota. he's been a fixture on the reporting scene there for 30 yrs, but he has always been overly cynical. i can't even stand to read his work.
Posted Monday July 15, 2013, About: Drummond, Monroe have Rio on their minds
well, that's what everyone is saying, that he has superstar potential but his own bs limits him to merely showing flashes of that potential. i think pistons made a mistake, but we'll see. maybe he was just in a bad situation and will be more dedicated in a better environment. it happens.
Posted Monday July 15, 2013, About: Drummond, Monroe have Rio on their minds
i'll say this. drummond's comments don't sound like the words of a dude with a slow motor/limited desire. wasn't that the concern about him before he was drafted?
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Rangers pitchers love A.J. Pierzynski
aj's teammates--and fans of his team-- always love him. it's the opposition that hates him. kinda like kevin garnett. he's chippy so opponents get sick of him. but he's all in with his teammates so he quickly earns their respect.
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Pirates plunk Jordany Valdespin after HR pose
not that i condone throwing at guys.....but the showboating in other sports gets real tiresome. i kinda like that you better watch your back if you're gonna act a fool and show up the other team.
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Joba kinda, sorta apologizes to Mo
a good rule of thumb if you are a member of the yankees bullpen is to do what ever mo tells you. that's what i'd be doing anyway.
Posted Friday April 26, 2013, About: Are the Timberwolves preparing to trade Kevin Love?
this is a misread of the simmons piece. simmons makes it clear that the wolves are likely to trade love but that it would be a mistake in an effort to rectify an earlier mistake (not giving love a max deal)
Posted Friday April 26, 2013, About: Cubs ready to sell, sell, sell?
but where will they hide his bat?
Posted Monday March 11, 2013, About: Positive spin on Ryan takes negative turn
strikes me that there's a positive correlation between ryan joining the team and the team becoming successful. not that anyone should pay attention to that.
Posted Thursday March 07, 2013, About: Twins grooming the next Torii Hunter
which is exactly how long hunter was with the twins.
Posted Thursday February 28, 2013, About: Gardenhire's days numbered in Minnesota?
it's a well run organization that kind of hit a perfect storm of set backs all at once. twins are going to get back on track. if a guy wants to win long term i would think twins would be one of the better managing jobs to have.
Posted Monday February 25, 2013, About: Alfonso Soriano unsure if he'd OK trade to Yankees
you'd think at this point in his career he'd welcome a trade to a contender. he turned down sf last year, cost himself a series ring---of course maybe they don't win with his sorry butt in left--and now turning down another trade to a contender. kind of confirms what we cub fans already know. fonzie is a nice guy but he aint no winner.
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