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I'm not aware of any coach who has a system that would work w/ this team. Lakers may as well hire a Zen Buddhist monk from Tibet. He would encourage the team to become ONE w/ EVERYTHING. This totally new approach might work. Throw out the 'system' coach and go with
the mental approach. The NBA would become a truly international league.
Posted Thursday January 23, 2014, About: Kobe on today's game: 'Makes me nauseous'
NBA took away the hand check now they need to enforce the OFFENSIVE foul. An offensive foul is only called if the player driving knocks the defensive player 10 rows back into the crowd. The NFL had to adjust the rough play due to the veterans who turn 50 not being able to tie their shoelaces or remember where they left their shoes. The return of muggings ,hand checking and Bill Laimbeer style will result in more flagrants, more fisticuffs, and more fights spilling into the seats. You can't have everything. The players of today want to remember who they are when they turn 50.
Same thing w/ the NHL goon players.
Posted Saturday December 07, 2013, About: Notre Dame NG Louis Nix III signs with agent
Comparing Nix to Reggie Bush ? Those two players not even in the same stadium. Bush is the ONLY player in the history of the Heisman Trophy FORCED to return the trophy. Bush received so many gifts, cars, girls, its a wonder he made it thru his junior season.
Posted Friday December 06, 2013, About: USC's QB race wide open for 2014
USC trouble recruiting ? Even on limited schlorships they still ranked in the top 15 classes every year if i'm not mistaken. USC is in the most fertile recruiting ground in the nation. Notre Dame has to convince southern kids to come to snowy,cold South Bend. USC almost always picks off a few kids from Florida, Texas, etc. They've gone through a bit of troubled times but so have many schools. I don't know what the immediate issues are but, recruiting is not one of them.
Posted Wednesday December 04, 2013, About: Defection complicates bowl prep for Irish
Kelly leaving Cincy in that way is normal college coaching behavior. Saban left LSU under similar outcry. The coaching carousel begins in November and doesn't end until well into
the following year. Coaches who are in minor bowls only hope that their players get through finals w/o cheating, don't get drunk and start a bar fight, or hit their girlfriends in a fit of rage. How many times have we seen players suspended for the bowl game ? Bowl prep means coaches talking to his players and reiterating the schools and teams code of conduct policy.
Posted Tuesday October 15, 2013, About: Much-needed help on the way for USC
Cool photo of Beyonce'.....i knew she wasn't all that. Well..well.....USC is having a few down years and the natives are getting restless. Remember, this all started w/ Carroll. He is the coach who ran his pro style training camp on the USC campus. He took off when he realized his magic had run its course and his school was going to get hammered for numerous NCAA violations. All you need to know about is Reggie Bush. The ONLY player in college football history who was forced to return the Heisman Trophy. Nice goin Reg....plus his parents stayed in a luxury apartment paid for by boosters. Carroll is a great coach..Why isn't he being mentioned as the next USC coach ? Me thinks he has WAY TOO MUCH baggage and might be forced to come before the NCAA rules committee to explain more of his misdeeds.
Posted Wednesday July 10, 2013, About: Crossroads for Golson
Lets be real here......all 19 -20 yr olds are at a crossroads. Its a road everyone has to take and figure out a pathway for themselves. Not to sound philosophical, but its the overbearing expectations that all of us put on these young people. We see these young athletes and automatically decide if they are NFL, NBA or MLB ready or not ? Was JaMarcus Russell NFL
material ? EVERYONE said he was. He took the Raiders for 5-6 million and now he doesn't have to do much of anything. Hopefully, Golson will graduate from ND and not have to see the
NFL as a do or die proposition.
Posted Friday March 29, 2013, About: Has UCLA already met with Stevens?
BISP: You sound like you're describing USC football....just sayin! In truth, nothing is as it used to be. UCLA needs excitement and Howlands' brand of basketball was too old school. Stevens would bring youthful exuberance and an up tempo style that will appeal to more SoCal players.
Posted Wednesday March 06, 2013, About: Alabama stocking up on 300-pounders
Saban is going the way of Pete Carroll @USC. Build a pro style training camp on a university campus. A few years ago 300lb lineman were the norm...now its up to 340-350 lb lineman.
I read this past week that Saban had to toss 3 players off the team for conduct detrimental.
Saban will face even more pressure to win at any cost. If he is not careful he may bring players w/ questionable histories, runs in w/ the law, incomplete grade transcripts. The NCAA caught up to Carroll and eventually he was run out of SoCal.
Posted Tuesday February 12, 2013, About: JaMarcus Russell would 'play for nothing' to return to NFL
What position would he play? At a reported 308 lbs he may be suited to either D -line or O-Line.
Sure he would play for "nothing". He's already taken the Raiders for 39 million dollars. He may have already tore through all that money and might need a job. His odds of making any more money off of an NFL team though are zilch, none, and zero.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: Kiffin loses another recruit
The cupboard was loaded with talent this past season. Evidence the pre season No. 1 ranking.
At the end the team devolved into an all out brawl after the bowl game. Just another day in the life of SoCal. Guys battling for spots even after the season ended. The problems is they were battling off the field and not on the field. I guess Lane 'Violation" gets one more season. The recruitment trail does not look that promising, altho KiFF will promise these new guys a spot on an NFL roster after 3 yrs of school. Why graduate when you can train for the NFL in USC's system developed by Pete Carroll many years ago.
Posted Friday January 11, 2013, About: LSU loses 10 underclassmen to NFL Draft
Anyone here think LSU is a just a training ground for the NFL ? USC ran a similar program under Pete Carroll. Not sure of these schools graduation rates among football players. I would think they are rather low. 10 underclassmen declaring for the NFL draft ? Looks like a full bailout out of the classroom.
Posted Friday January 11, 2013, About: Anzalone bolts, Irish recruiting takes a hit
The recruiting nonsense....the coaching carousel....all these 18 yr old kids trying to figure out what to do, where to go, what coach to play for, how do i get to the NFL, how am i ever going to pass this Basket Weaving class ? Plenty of minds,hearts , status, rankings, coaches, playing time, classes needed, will change before, during and after signing day.
Posted Thursday January 10, 2013, About: 4-star ditches Notre Dame for Florida
This recruiting nonsense happens every year after the BCS. He;s just a kid and sure....his father wants to help him and , he should listen to his father. He got spooked by a wacko in Columbus. One cannot be TOO CAREFUL...there are too many felons, ex-offenders, parolees wandering around. Fathers keep special track of your daughters. There will be numerous changes between now and first fall practice. College kids will come and go ,change their mind,,,,get homesick, de-committ, change schools, change majors, smoke some weed, drink a beer.....argue w/ a girlfriend....Didn't you in college?
Posted Wednesday September 05, 2012, About: McHale takes shot at 'clowns' in the NBA
All of the clowns that i know DO NOT make that much money. Plus its not easy driving around in a clown car that burns oil and can't find second gear.
Posted Tuesday September 04, 2012, About: Honey Badger hoping to play again for LSU?
Who at SI.com cherry picks these comments ? My comments are not offensive, demeaning ,derogatory, or contain profanity ? Yet they seem to be deleted because of criticism ? This is why we have freedom of speech and freedom of the press here. Sure its nice to paint a positive outlook all the time but, life is not that way. You have players on college scholarship getting free tuition, books, room and board, practice facilities, etc, Positive criticism is a way to tell a kid for all that is given, much is also expected. Same with pro players who make millions of dollars yet wind up on the police blotter.
Posted Monday September 03, 2012, About: Kiffin OK with Barkley-Lee spat
Hmmmm....B12......your first sentence states that Lee is a doooooshbag.....then you state that
Lee is one of the great ones who is rarely satisfied ? so the moral of the story is....a player can be a total doooshbag but, still be a perfectionist and one of the great ones of all time? HUH ?
Reminds me of Ochocinco....errr........Johnson......a great player but still a doooosh. In this new world of pot smokers, weed tokers, domestic batterers , and driving under the influence i guess
todays players can be both at the same time.
Posted Monday May 28, 2012, About: DeSoto's Wilson on spurning Texas: 'Business decision'
DeSoto high school kid makes a 'business decision' ??? The only level this kid knows is high school. And now he's ready to make a business decision to better his chances in the NFL.??...oh and ummmm....on the plus side he also likes the school a little bit. Lets hope this kid stays away from the weed or he may end up like Masoli did.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: Is 17th at Sawgrass keeping Players from 'major' status?
Its not a major...But it occurs on Tim's turf. Its considered the amorphous "fifth' major. Thats fine. Let it be the "fifth" major. Its just Tim's way of giving the home tourney some cache.....give the Dye course some more love from the Commish. Sawgrass is Tim's turf and he wants the Players to feel important. What does Pete Dye do in his off time / This guy has more designs than Versace or De La Renta.
Posted Monday May 07, 2012, About: Concussion problems could doom football
Wonder what Peyton Manning is thinking after 4 neck surgeries? He must be a bit concerned about taking hits to the head area. Then i see the hockey playoffs and all the elbows and forearms to a players head....along w/ some vicious fights. The NBA players are complaining about all the hard fouls, Artest throwing a roundhouse elbow to a guys head. ESPN should reconsider their 'plays of the day' which consists of athletes getting battered and beaten about the head and body. A concussion play should NOT be part of a highlight reel.
Posted Monday May 07, 2012, About: Cowboys' Claiborne: 'Nobody ever said I was dumb'
Answered only 4 questions? An earlier post said he graduated from LSU. Why did he bolt from taking the test? I wonder what Jmarc Russell scored on this test? I don't think Jmarc graduated bu,t they must of tested his IQ at the combine? His on the field decision making and,
his instincts for the pro game were severely lacking throughout. Morris will need to elevate his game if he is going to be a successful NFL player.
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